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Usgs ID
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Date Range
Min Date Max Date
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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372408098243901 Kingman30S 10W 28DAC 013426-APR-1988 to 07-JAN-2021 -98.41463537.40227Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation124
372434098185701 Kingman30S 09W 28BCAB01109-MAY-1994 to 09-MAY-1994 -98.31572237.409472UnknownUnknown64
372622098213001 Kingman30S 10W 13AAC 012826-NOV-1991 to 07-JAN-2021 -98.35896737.439078Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation149
372659097491801 Kingman30S 05W 12CCA 0110229-SEP-1955 to 29-DEC-2011 -97.82169637.447864Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation63
372659097491802 Kingman30S 05W 12CCA 02910-JAN-2013 to 13-JAN-2021 -97.82099337.44838Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation68
372803098262201 Kingman30S 10W 05BBD 013426-APR-1988 to 07-JAN-2021 -98.44197937.467587Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation148
372821098010101 Kingman30S 06W 06BAA 01301-FEB-1964 to 14-DEC-1973 -98.01895437.471712Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation53
372951098195901 Kingman29S 09W 29BCD 01412-JAN-2006 to 08-JAN-2009 -98.33437237.494822Withdrawal of WaterStock65
373007098155501 Kingman29S 09W 23DDD 01715-JAN-2015 to 07-JAN-2021 -98.26494337.501275Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation54
373008098264801 Kingman29S 10W 19DDB 013624-MAY-1985 to 07-JAN-2021 -98.45120737.503804Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation125
373010097553601 Kingman29S 06W 24CDD 01520-DEC-2016 to 13-JAN-2021 -97.9266737.50285Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation91
373013098203601 Kingman29S 09W 19DBC 01201-AUG-1973 to 14-DEC-1973 -98.3448837.504825Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation108
373034098033201 Kingman29S 07W 23BCA 01218-FEB-1971 to 31-JUL-1973 -98.05946737.512087Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation96
373036097595401 Kingman29S 06W 20ACC 01606-JAN-2016 to 13-JAN-2021 -97.99823137.509952Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation56
373106098204301 Kingman29S 09W 18DCB 011111-JAN-2011 to 07-JAN-2021 -98.34527637.518333Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation143
373231098052701 Kingman29S 07W 09BAA 01301-OCT-1956 to 14-DEC-1973 -98.09114537.544954Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation132
373252098141901 Kingman29S 08W 06CAC 01117-JAN-2008 to 17-JAN-2008 -98.2386437.54791Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation83
373252098141902 Kingman29S 08W 06DBC 013017-AUG-1982 to 07-JAN-2021 -98.23613937.549334Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation75
373331098033301 Kingman28S 07W 35CCD 014611-MAY-1967 to 13-JAN-2021 -98.05799537.56096Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation73
373331098254201 Kingman28S 10W 32DDC 01201-AUG-1973 to 14-DEC-1973 -98.43187537.558871Withdrawal of WaterDomestic86
373409098070601 Kingman28S 07W 31AAD 01301-SEP-1966 to 15-DEC-1973 -98.11867337.572283Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation98
373417098170201 Kingman28S 09W 34AAB 014520-MAR-1968 to 07-JAN-2021 -98.28502537.572695Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation76
373422098063301 Kingman28S 07W 29CDD 0114001-JUL-1955 to 13-JAN-2021 -98.10962537.576689Withdrawal of WaterUnused76
373422098200201 Kingman28S 09W 29CCC 014524-APR-1974 to 07-JAN-2021 -98.33622637.572484ObservationUnused76
373503098094301 Kingman28S 08W 26ABC 013601-JUN-1971 to 14-JAN-2011 -98.16231837.586307Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation164
373601098175901 Kingman28S 09W 21AAA 014501-AUG-1974 to 07-JAN-2021 -98.3006337.601473ObservationUnused84
373602098123001 Kingman28S 08W 21BBB 015001-APR-1974 to 07-JAN-2021 -98.20767937.602919ObservationUnused43
373641098252501 Kingman28S 10W 16BCB 014601-AUG-1971 to 07-JAN-2021 -98.42852237.612585Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation150
373819098154001 Kingman28S 09W 01BCC 014501-DEC-1969 to 07-JAN-2021 -98.26195537.640191Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation65
373852098131901 Kingman27S 08W 32CDB 01330-JUL-1973 to 13-DEC-1973 -98.22139937.648424Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation93
373859098101701 Kingman27S 08W 35CBC 014601-SEP-1966 to 07-JAN-2021 -98.17142537.651285Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation57
373911098273501 Kingman27S 10W 31BCD 01601-AUG-1973 to 26-JAN-1982 -98.46159937.653491Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation109
373923098080401 Kingman27S 07W 31BBC 01230-JUL-1973 to 13-DEC-1973 -98.13435937.657929Withdrawal of WaterIndustrial38
373937098222301 Kingman27S 10W 25CCCC01116-DEC-1997 to 16-DEC-1997 -98.37277837.660333UnknownUnknown50
373951097521902 Kingman27S 05W 33ABB 024003-AUG-1973 to 14-JAN-2016 -97.87122837.660388Withdrawal of WaterIndustrial40
373951098082101 Kingman27S 08W 25DAD 011328-JAN-1964 to 12-JAN-1994 -98.13655637.664918Withdrawal of WaterUnused55
373958098113201 Kingman27S 08W 28DAA 015620-JUN-1988 to 13-DEC-2021 -98.19070237.665819UnusedUnused55
373958098153901 Kingman27S 09W 25CBB 01207-AUG-1973 to 13-DEC-1973 -98.26314937.666155Withdrawal of WaterStock30
374023098190401 Kingman27S 09W 29AAA 012530-SEP-1980 to 12-JAN-2004 -98.32001937.674147Withdrawal of WaterDomestic36
374024098134402 Kingman27S 08W 30AAA 02929-MAY-1985 to 11-MAR-1987 -98.22835737.67354Withdrawal of WaterStock59
374036098190401 Kingman27S 09W 20DDA 01202-AUG-1973 to 13-DEC-1973 -98.3202837.676958Withdrawal of WaterDomestic34
374045098211401 Kingman27S 10W 24DAD 012302-AUG-1973 to 16-JAN-2001 -98.35635437.678957Withdrawal of WaterDomestic42
374050097491601 Kingman27S 05W 24CDC 013009-SEP-1955 to 12-JAN-2004 -97.81986337.677046Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation42
374055098034401 Kingman27S 07W 23BCC 013402-OCT-1973 to 13-JAN-2010 -98.06323737.682838ObservationUnused14
374123098092701 Kingman27S 08W 14DDC 013706-DEC-1966 to 13-JAN-2021 -98.15852737.690176Withdrawal of WaterIndustrial35
374123098253201 Kingman27S 10W 17DDD 014501-AUG-1974 to 13-JAN-2021 -98.4292937.688843ObservationUnused84
374133098174601 Kingman27S 09W 15C 01613-JAN-2005 to 05-JAN-2010 -98.29655137.692577Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation195
374133098195801 Kingman27S 09W 17CAA 01523-JAN-2019 to 02-FEB-2021 -98.33288637.692566Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation137
374139097591601 Kingman27S 06W 16CCB 014901-DEC-1973 to 13-JAN-2021 -97.98888437.693547ObservationUnused30
374143098124601 Kingman27S 08W 17DAB 013730-JUL-1973 to 10-JAN-2013 -98.21317837.694932Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation113
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