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Usgs ID
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Date Range
Min Date Max Date
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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374423101053601 Kearny26S 35W 36DDB 011605-JAN-2006 to 08-JAN-2021 -101.09423337.7402Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation440
374451101064201 Kearny26S 35W 35AAC 01115-JAN-2008 to 15-JAN-2008 -101.11239537.747406Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
374512101141601 Kearny26S 36W 27DDB 021401-SEP-1961 to 16-JAN-1973 -101.23859437.753483UnusedUnused218
374512101191501 Kearny26S 37W 25CDB 012001-SEP-1961 to 07-JAN-1983 -101.32161737.753374Withdrawal of WaterStock330
374527101071401 Kearny26S 35W 26CAB 01701-SEP-1961 to 24-JAN-1967 -101.12042837.757422Withdrawal of WaterStock153
374544101074601 Kearny26S 35W 27AAC 01705-JAN-1999 to 04-JAN-2004 -101.13074837.761921Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation575
374544101103701 Kearny26S 35W 29BBD 014413-JAN-1981 to 08-JAN-2021 -101.17694937.76175Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
374557101215101 Kearny26S 37W 21DDD 013901-SEP-1958 to 31-JAN-1984 -101.36501337.766161Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation330
374606101145401 Kearny26S 36W 22CCA 012812-JAN-1982 to 10-JAN-2006 -101.2484537.768889Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation254
374608101152801 Kearny26S 36W 21DDB 011616-JAN-2007 to 08-JAN-2021 -101.25814237.768927Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation350
374636101155401 Kearny26S 36W 21BAC 01901-FEB-1962 to 18-JAN-1968 -101.26612137.776996UnusedUnused254
374638101203801 Kearny26S 37W 23BBC 012305-JAN-1999 to 08-JAN-2021 -101.34074937.775867Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation395
374710101183401 Kearny26S 37W 13DAA 011101-SEP-1961 to 18-JAN-1968 -101.31012637.786136UnusedUnused86
374716101131901 Kearny26S 36W 14ACD 013101-SEP-1961 to 31-JAN-1984 -101.22290737.787983UnusedUnused179
374752101064201 Kearny26S 35W 11DDB 01131-JAN-2008 to 31-JAN-2008 -101.11161137.79842Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
374757101065801 Kearny26S 35W 11DBC 011101-SEP-1961 to 19-JAN-1968 -101.11592737.79917Withdrawal of WaterStock122
374757101080401 Kearny26S 35W 10DBC 011701-JAN-1967 to 22-JUN-1979 -101.13428337.799246DestroyedUnknown131
374815101202101 Kearny26S 37W 11BDB 011201-SEP-1961 to 18-JAN-1968 -101.33986637.80443Withdrawal of WaterStock171
374820101292901 Kearny26S 38W 08AAD 011501-MAY-1959 to 13-JAN-1977 -101.49262137.80632Withdrawal of WaterStock178
374821101074701 Kearny26S 35W 10AAC 01115-JAN-2008 to 15-JAN-2008 -101.1310937.804871Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
374902101122201 Kearny26S 36W 01DBB 013301-JAN-1975 to 26-JAN-1998 -101.20674937.81528Withdrawal of WaterStock140
374912101101601 Kearny26S 35W 05ACC 01701-JUN-1965 to 20-JAN-1969 -101.17084337.819997UnusedUnused94.6
374917101232101 Kearny26S 37W 05ACB 01801-FEB-1962 to 18-JAN-1968 -101.39008237.822237Withdrawal of WaterStock129
374917101242701 Kearny26S 37W 06ACB 016001-FEB-1962 to 08-JAN-2021 -101.40624937.819117Withdrawal of WaterStock47
374917101254101 Kearny26S 38W 01BDA 01801-FEB-1962 to 18-JAN-1968 -101.42822937.822236UnusedUnused121
374919101154601 Kearny26S 36W 04BDA 017401-DEC-1965 to 04-APR-1985 -101.26369437.822285ObservationUnused148
374920101105701 Kearny26S 35W 06ACC 017101-JUN-1965 to 06-JAN-1994 -101.18866537.819875Withdrawal of WaterStock141.6
374920101105801 Kearny26S 35W 06ADA 01415-JUN-1965 to 22-JUN-1979 -101.18208937.822347Withdrawal of WaterStock143
374929101084601 Kearny26S 35W 04AAD 011711-JAN-2005 to 14-JAN-2021 -101.14711937.824306Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation529
374929101120501 Kearny26S 36W 01AAC 011701-FEB-1962 to 16-JAN-1973 -101.20209337.824712UnusedUnused140
374937101151301 Kearny26S 36W 04AAA 01901-SEP-1961 to 09-SEP-1970 -101.25458437.827091Withdrawal of WaterStock60.2
374938101115701 Kearny26S 36W 01AAA 01701-JUN-1965 to 22-JAN-1969 -101.19978937.827184UnusedUnused187
374943101203201 Kearny25S 37W 35DDD 011101-SEP-1961 to 18-JAN-1968 -101.34206337.829013UnusedUnused32
374951101144601 Kearny25S 36W 35CCA 015511-MAY-1977 to 10-JAN-2017 -101.24504937.831889Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
374952101104801 Kearny25S 35W 32DDB 01130-SEP-1993 to 30-SEP-1993 -101.18044837.831132Withdrawal of WaterStockUnknown
374954101063101 Kearny25S 35W 36DCA 01310-MAR-1978 to 08-MAR-1979 -101.10986837.83158Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
375004101145301 Kearny25S 36W 35CBB 01514-FEB-2017 to 08-JAN-2021 -101.24804437.834569Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation450
375005101095701 Kearny25S 35W 33DBB 011414-FEB-1962 to 20-JAN-1969 -101.16658637.834982Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation97
375010101185301 Kearny25S 36W 31BDD 011601-JAN-1962 to 18-JAN-1973 -101.31465837.836337UnusedUnused106
375011101142201 Kearny25S 36W 35ACC 013001-JUN-1965 to 31-JAN-1984 -101.23946337.83646UnusedUnused109
375016101185301 Kearny25S 36W 31BDA 01121-JUN-1979 to 21-JUN-1979 -101.31465837.838138Withdrawal of WaterStockUnknown
375027101265801 Kearny25S 38W 36BBB 01409-FEB-1962 to 18-JAN-1968 -101.44904237.841569Withdrawal of WaterStock93.7
375049101165801 Kearny25S 36W 28CBD 011711-JAN-1994 to 05-JAN-2006 -101.28144937.846599Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation512
375056101121001 Kearny25S 35W 30DBB 011108-DEC-1965 to 22-JUN-1979 -101.20314637.849248Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation113
375057101095801 Kearny25S 36W 28DBB 012709-JUN-1965 to 13-JAN-1981 -101.2758437.849186UnusedUnused91.5
375059101273101 Kearny25S 38W 26ACC 013701-FEB-1962 to 10-JAN-1991 -101.45833537.850526Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation127
375102101185301 Kearny25S 36W 30BDD 011401-FEB-1962 to 17-JAN-1975 -101.31470437.850787UnusedUnused143
375107101242201 Kearny25S 37W 29BDA 01409-MAR-1978 to 21-JUN-1979 -101.40576837.852678Withdrawal of WaterStockUnknown
375115101165801 Kearny25S 36W 28BBD 017801-APR-1969 to 06-SEP-1994 -101.28267637.854542Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation362
375115101195901 Kearny25S 37W 25BAD 01701-SEP-1961 to 18-JAN-1968 -101.3330337.854297Withdrawal of WaterStock35
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