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WIZARD Water Well Listing

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Usgs ID
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Date Range
Min Date Max Date
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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385841094553401 Johnson12S 22E 25BCCB0115401-MAY-1961 to 22-DEC-1999 -94.92613238.979085TestUnused33
385841095011201 Johnson12S 21E 25ADD 01801-JUN-1967 to 29-JUL-1969 -95.0205138.979359TestUnused48
385846094562201 Johnson12S 22E 26BDB 01301-SEP-1957 to 14-MAR-1967 -94.9401738.980961Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation58
385853094553203 Johnson12S 22E 25BBC 03301-OCT-1966 to 14-MAR-1967 -94.92613238.982701ObservationUnused52
385853094594901 Johnson12S 22E 29BBD 0141901-MAY-1967 to 08-MAR-2004 -94.99817138.983113TestUnused46
385906094585101 Johnson12S 22E 21CCC 018401-JUN-1967 to 07-DEC-1983 -94.98217938.986485TestUnused41
385906094593201 Johnson12S 22E 20CDD 01301-OCT-1942 to 14-MAR-1967 -94.99363938.986668Withdrawal of WaterIndustrial51
385912094553201 Johnson12S 22E 24CCB 014701-MAR-1967 to 12-MAR-1975 -94.92613238.988133ObservationUnused52
385913095005501 Johnson12S 22E 19CCA 01401-OCT-1942 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.01597838.988499Withdrawal of WaterIndustrial60
385919094554901 Johnson12S 22E 23DAC 01301-SEP-1957 to 14-MAR-1967 -94.93078638.989979Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation46
385925094561401 Johnson12S 22E 23CAA 01801-JUL-1968 to 08-MAR-1983 -94.9377938.991856TestUnused45
385926094593201 Johnson12S 22E 20CAA 01301-APR-1942 to 14-MAR-1967 -94.99351738.992054Withdrawal of WaterIndustrial54
385945094553201 Johnson12S 22E 24BBC 011701-JUL-1968 to 31-JUL-1970 -94.92613238.997227TestUnused51
390122094525601 Johnson12S 23E 08BDB 01301-SEP-1957 to 14-MAR-1967 -94.88482539.02451Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation56
390208094524801 Johnson12S 23E 05BDD 01601-AUG-1968 to 27-OCT-1969 -94.88255139.03722TestUnused55
390227094520801 Johnson12S 23E 04BBB 01701-JUL-1968 to 27-OCT-1969 -94.87090939.042683TestUnused43
390253094494101 Johnson11S 23E 35CAB 01401-MAR-1967 to 05-DEC-1967 -94.82896139.049992Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation42
390300094514301 Johnson11S 23E 33BDD 0111301-MAY-1961 to 07-JUN-1983 -94.86407339.051777TestUnused39
390300094523201 Johnson11S 23E 32ACD 012801-FEB-1967 to 28-JAN-1970 -94.8780539.051747ObservationUnused60
390313094515101 Johnson11S 23E 33BAC 018201-MAY-1961 to 12-MAR-1975 -94.86645339.055424TestUnused37.3
390319094515901 Johnson11S 23E 33BBA 018201-MAY-1961 to 12-MAR-1975 -94.86875739.057255TestUnused38.4
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