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Usgs ID
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Date Range
Min Date Max Date
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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390229095220701 Jefferson12S 18E 01BBA 011201-OCT-1966 to 18-SEP-1969 -95.36913339.043153TestUnused76
390242095171801 Jefferson11S 19E 34DCB 01301-OCT-1966 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.28766639.046754Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation58
390249095205401 Jefferson11S 19E 31CAC 01401-OCT-1957 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.34819839.048524Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation58
390302095171001 Jefferson11S 19E 34ACD 01301-OCT-1957 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.28526939.052186Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation55
390311095231001 Jefferson11S 18E 35BCD 01410-JUN-2021 to 03-AUG-2021 -95.38606439.053047ObservationUnused60
390328095231401 Jefferson11S 18E 26CCD 011201-NOV-1966 to 18-SEP-1969 -95.38768839.059235TestUnused57
390334095195801 Jefferson11S 19E 29CCA 0113901-JUN-1966 to 15-DEC-2003 -95.33214539.061097TestUnused71
390341095291201 Jefferson11S 17E 26DAC 01801-JUN-1966 to 09-APR-1968 -95.48656739.062912TestUnused56
390347095352701 Jefferson11S 16E 25CBA 0114001-JUN-1966 to 08-MAR-2004 -95.5909439.065247TestUnused39.5
390354095175201 Jefferson11S 19E 27BCC 0110301-MAY-1961 to 07-DEC-1983 -95.29712639.066697ObservationUnused57
390407095285601 Jefferson11S 17E 25BBC 011701-JUN-1966 to 18-SEP-1969 -95.48206639.069931TestUnused52
390407095310901 Jefferson11S 17E 27BBC 0114001-JUN-1966 to 08-MAR-2004 -95.51887139.070801TestUnused42
390407095320701 Jefferson11S 17E 28BBD 01201-MAR-1967 to 09-MAR-1967 -95.5350339.07074Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation57
390413095230601 Jefferson11S 18E 26BAB 01401-OCT-1957 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.38544539.072159Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation81
390413095330501 Jefferson11S 17E 29BAB 01401-MAY-1966 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.55158739.072418ObservationUnused38
390418095310801 Jefferson11S 17E 27BBB 011627-JUL-2018 to 04-MAR-2021 -95.51879739.071666ObservationUnused43
390420095220801 Jefferson11S 18E 24CCD 011201-OCT-1966 to 18-SEP-1969 -95.3692139.073792TestUnused84
390426095301101 Jefferson11S 17E 22DDA 01301-DEC-1966 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.50274139.076157Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation62
390433095252801 Jefferson11S 18E 21CBD 0113401-JUN-1959 to 28-JAN-1970 -95.42487539.077271ObservationUnused20.8
390446095245401 Jefferson11S 18E 21ACD 011401-JUN-1966 to 18-SEP-1969 -95.41545939.080902TestUnused46
390446095260901 Jefferson11S 18E 20ACC 016501-JUN-1966 to 07-DEC-1982 -95.43657839.080811TestUnused49
390446095274901 Jefferson11S 18E 19BCC 011414-MAY-1966 to 18-SEP-1969 -95.4635139.080765TestUnused62
390453095260901 Jefferson11S 18E 20ACB 01301-OCT-1957 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.43657839.082596Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation44
390453095311701 Jefferson11S 17E 21ADA 018501-JUN-1966 to 07-DEC-1983 -95.52135839.08313TestUnused48
390459095331401 Jefferson11S 17E 20BBD 01301-MAY-1966 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.55419639.085007Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation78
390459095353501 Jefferson11S 16E 24BBC 01401-NOV-1957 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.5935839.085312ObservationUnused72
390519095264301 Jefferson11S 18E 17CCB 01301-MAR-1967 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.44611539.089783Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation51
390525095352701 Jefferson11S 16E 13CBD 01301-OCT-1957 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.59130639.09256Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation78
390558095253601 Jefferson11S 18E 16BBB 0129401-JUN-1966 to 19-SEP-1973 -95.42748439.100739TestUnused75
390617095255301 Jefferson11S 18E 08DAC 0114001-JUL-1966 to 08-MAR-2004 -95.43219939.10614TestUnused49
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