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Usgs ID
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Date Range
Min Date Max Date
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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375502100090801 Hodgeman24S 26W 35CBC 0116017-FEB-1954 to 22-DEC-2008 -100.15421537.91917Withdrawal of WaterStock86.5
375550099492601 Hodgeman24S 23W 26CCB 017014-APR-1968 to 19-OCT-2021 -99.82546437.930332Withdrawal of WaterStock117
375636099592101 Hodgeman24S 24W 20CCC 017601-DEC-1977 to 12-OCT-2021 -99.9912937.943439Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation73
375653099392401 Hodgeman24S 21W 20CBB 014001-DEC-1977 to 04-JAN-2017 -99.66117137.948468Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation169
375719100033001 Hodgeman24S 25W 22BAB 016817-JAN-1985 to 12-OCT-2021 -100.05781237.956699Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
375728099474701 Hodgeman24S 23W 13DCC 014601-APR-1968 to 21-DEC-2020 -99.79781437.957554Withdrawal of WaterDomestic187
375911099560301 Hodgeman24S 24W 02CCC 017701-DEC-1977 to 12-OCT-2021 -99.93183837.986199Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation90
375912099503201 Hodgeman24S 23W 03CCC 017701-DEC-1977 to 12-OCT-2021 -99.84465637.986669Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation90
375958099530101 Hodgeman24S 23W 06AAB 0113821-FEB-1973 to 12-OCT-2021 -99.88483738.000189Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation517
380005100130401 Hodgeman23S 26W 31CDD 014701-DEC-1977 to 11-JAN-2021 -100.21831638.00099Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation129
380105099430902 Hodgeman23S 22W 27D 026801-JAN-1987 to 22-APR-2021 -99.72171638.01572Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
380123099581401 Hodgeman23S 24W 28BCC 014124-OCT-1972 to 24-SEP-1981 -99.97164638.023304ObservationUnused570
380135100081001 Hodgeman23S 26W 26AAD 013720-JUL-1984 to 29-DEC-2016 -100.13531438.026599Withdrawal of WaterStock102
380148100115601 Hodgeman23S 26W 20DCC 013429-DEC-2010 to 12-OCT-2021 -100.19902838.03001Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
380149100122201 Hodgeman23S 26W 20CCC 013617-JAN-1985 to 11-JAN-2021 -100.20821638.030449Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation100
380157099423601 Hodgeman23S 22W 23C 017201-JAN-1987 to 18-OCT-2021 -99.7125338.030276Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
380207100031301 Hodgeman23S 25W 22DBB 017101-MAY-1973 to 07-OCT-2014 -100.05369538.036213Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation575
380331099424801 Hodgeman23S 22W 11CCC 016801-JAN-1981 to 18-OCT-2021 -99.71429238.058352Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation98.1
380335100132701 Hodgeman23S 26W 07CCC 0110909-OCT-1968 to 11-JAN-2021 -100.22561638.059249Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation500
380343099562301 Hodgeman23S 24W 10D 011201-SEP-1995 to 01-JAN-2000 -99.94372138.065257Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
380351099461501 Hodgeman23S 22W 07DAA 0115624-OCT-1972 to 18-OCT-2021 -99.77120338.063998ObservationUnused482
380352099550501 Hodgeman23S 24W 11DAA 0111222-OCT-1970 to 11-JAN-2021 -99.91750738.066088Withdrawal of WaterStock300
380408100022701 Hodgeman23S 25W 11ACC 015101-SEP-1995 to 19-OCT-2016 -100.03569738.066521Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation30
380410099594101 Hodgeman23S 24W 07A 016901-JAN-1980 to 12-OCT-2021 -99.99863938.071918Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
380412099473801 Hodgeman23S 23W 12ABD 015225-JAN-1970 to 27-DEC-2017 -99.79418438.069148Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation245
380418099552901 Hodgeman23S 24W 11ABB 015601-DEC-1977 to 25-APR-2012 -99.92521238.07265Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation42
380418099552902 Hodgeman23S 24W 11ABB 022317-OCT-2012 to 12-OCT-2021 -99.92462238.073279Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
380418099565201 Hodgeman23S 24W 10BAB 011101-SEP-1995 to 01-JAN-2000 -99.9480738.071628Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
380423099432001 Hodgeman23S 22W 03DCC 016901-JAN-1980 to 18-OCT-2021 -99.72275338.073127UnknownUnknownUnknown
380432099505701 Hodgeman23S 23W 04DCA 0110022-OCT-1970 to 22-APR-2021 -99.84953538.076898Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation264
380435099530501 Hodgeman23S 23W 06D 016001-JAN-1981 to 12-OCT-2021 -99.8840238.076327Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
380435099572902 Hodgeman23S 24W 04DCD 016901-JAN-1981 to 12-OCT-2021 -99.95928238.074345Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
380500099452101 Hodgeman23S 22W 05A 016501-JAN-1986 to 18-OCT-2021 -99.75483538.08723UnknownUnknownUnknown
380501099494601 Hodgeman23S 23W 03A 016301-JAN-1981 to 18-OCT-2021 -99.83172938.085501UnknownUnknownUnknown
380504099504001 Hodgeman23S 23W 04AAD 0115922-OCT-1970 to 18-OCT-2021 -99.84503538.085218Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation282
380510099475401 Hodgeman23S 23W 01BAA 017601-DEC-1977 to 18-OCT-2021 -99.79831638.08673Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation75
380517099472901 Hodgeman22S 23W 36DDC 016901-JAN-1986 to 18-OCT-2021 -99.79184638.087989UnknownUnknownUnknown
380517099565201 Hodgeman22S 24W 34CDC 014322-OCT-1970 to 17-MAR-1978 -99.9480438.08887Withdrawal of WaterDomestic416
380526099441502 Hodgeman22S 22W 33D 026301-JAN-1981 to 18-OCT-2021 -99.74019438.087447Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
380527099491301 Hodgeman22S 23W 35C 01501-JUN-1998 to 01-JAN-2000 -99.81931338.087619UnknownUnknownUnknown
380530099545601 Hodgeman22S 24W 36CBC 012025-NOV-1970 to 03-JAN-1977 -99.91555338.092715Withdrawal of WaterStock220
380530099551301 Hodgeman22S 24W 35DAC 018122-OCT-1970 to 14-JAN-2020 -99.92027738.093588Withdrawal of WaterStock282
380543099561101 Hodgeman22S 24W 34ADD 012422-OCT-1970 to 21-MAR-1973 -99.93654938.096194Withdrawal of WaterDomestic385
380544099525201 Hodgeman22S 23W 31ADD 018601-APR-1969 to 11-DEC-1987 -99.88169338.096255Withdrawal of WaterStock315
380604099583101 Hodgeman22S 24W 32AAB 012326-JAN-1971 to 06-JAN-1976 -99.97587238.101306Withdrawal of WaterDomestic340
380608099432101 Hodgeman22S 22W 27DCC 017801-DEC-1977 to 15-JAN-2019 -99.72493538.102488Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation58
380609099540701 Hodgeman22S 24W 25DDC 0112522-OCT-1970 to 21-DEC-2020 -99.90206638.103333Withdrawal of WaterStock330
380616099550401 Hodgeman22S 24W 26DDA 017822-OCT-1970 to 12-OCT-2021 -99.91737738.104768Withdrawal of WaterStock240
380700099414901 Hodgeman22S 22W 23DDD 018001-DEC-1977 to 18-OCT-2021 -99.6987538.117861Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation97
380701099535801 Hodgeman22S 24W 24DDD 014722-OCT-1970 to 08-JAN-2000 -99.90287638.118218Withdrawal of WaterDomestic410
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