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Usgs ID
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Date Range
Min Date Max Date
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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372352101046001 Haskell30S 34W 31BDB 011910-JAN-2003 to 06-JAN-2021 -101.08386437.398704Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation450
372356100521601 Haskell30S 32W 31BBC 01405-JAN-2018 to 06-JAN-2021 -100.87068237.398891Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation476
372404100432601 Haskell30S 31W 33BBB 011501-JAN-1971 to 12-JAN-1984 -100.7241937.401131UnknownUnknown340
372405100473901 Haskell30S 32W 35BBA 012106-JAN-2001 to 07-JAN-2021 -100.79438837.402053Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation577
372405100515601 Haskell30S 32W 31BAB 019702-OCT-1958 to 07-JAN-2002 -100.8658437.401994Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation380
372405100520501 Haskell30S 32W 31BBA 014201-FEB-1957 to 15-SEP-1977 -100.86768937.401376Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation380
372425100583501 Haskell30S 33W 30CBD 016001-JAN-1965 to 07-JAN-1987 -100.97674737.406869Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation415
372436101042001 Haskell30S 34W 30ADD 015401-SEP-1966 to 08-JAN-1980 -101.07226737.410516ObservationUnused83.8
372436101042002 Haskell30S 34W 30ADD 024925-APR-1978 to 05-JAN-1999 -101.07144437.410824ObservationStockUnknown
372454100404001 Haskell30S 31W 26ABB 012604-FEB-1985 to 05-JAN-2006 -100.67993437.415793Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
372456100435101 Haskell30S 31W 29ABA 011101-DEC-1964 to 14-APR-1969 -100.73096637.415718Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation340
372534100443501 Haskell30S 31W 20BCBC01124-JUL-1992 to 24-JUL-1992 -100.74297237.426194UnknownUnknown380
372539100484301 Haskell30S 32W 22BBB 02104-AUG-1992 to 04-AUG-1992 -100.81513937.430324Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
372540100400701 Haskell30S 31W 24BBC 013022-MAY-1985 to 06-JAN-1997 -100.66974637.428429Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
372547100400701 Haskell30S 31W 24BBB 011901-JAN-1965 to 12-JAN-1984 -100.66974637.43026Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation280
372549100485501 Haskell30S 32W 22BBB 015701-DEC-1964 to 07-JAN-2021 -100.81553937.431094Withdrawal of WaterUnknown400
372606100541001 Haskell30S 33W 14CBD 011805-JAN-2004 to 06-JAN-2021 -100.90414637.436067Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation590
372622100510701 Haskell30S 32W 17BCC 012101-DEC-1964 to 12-JAN-1984 -100.85168237.439508Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation185
372640100414601 Haskell30S 31W 15ABB 013601-OCT-1948 to 06-JAN-1981 -100.69701437.444696ObservationUnused348
372640100414602 Haskell30S 31W 15ABB 02328-APR-1983 to 01-NOV-1984 -100.69701437.444696Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation28
372640101030601 Haskell30S 34W 16BBB 012001-DEC-1964 to 11-JAN-1984 -101.05208137.445062Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation280
372642101013501 Haskell30S 34W 15BAA 011807-JAN-2000 to 06-JAN-2015 -101.02694537.445945Withdrawal of WaterOther400
372707100432601 Haskell30S 31W 09CBB 011605-JAN-2006 to 07-JAN-2021 -100.72417837.452591Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation623
372728101005901 Haskell30S 34W 11BBC 01605-JAN-2016 to 06-JAN-2021 -101.01645937.457791Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation654
372733100474901 Haskell30S 32W 11BBB 018201-SEP-1961 to 06-APR-1990 -100.79706937.459329Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation413
372754100580201 Haskell30S 33W 06DBD 012601-DEC-1964 to 23-FEB-1988 -100.96777537.465006Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation400
372816100441901 Haskell30S 31W 05BBB 01206-JAN-1999 to 06-JAN-2000 -100.74380737.474854Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation373
372819101003001 Haskell30S 34W 02BAD 011301-DEC-1964 to 22-JAN-1999 -101.00792637.472125Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation400
372825101041201 Haskell30S 34W 05BBB 0110315-FEB-1957 to 06-JAN-2021 -101.07054637.474944Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation410
372827100453801 Haskell30S 31W 06BBB 012101-JAN-1965 to 12-JAN-1984 -100.76069137.473962Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation400
372827100533301 Haskell30S 33W 02AAB 011501-DEC-1964 to 17-JAN-1978 -100.89265437.47413Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation412
372833100543001 Haskell29S 33W 34DDD 014004-FEB-1985 to 04-JAN-2010 -100.90864237.475055UnusedUnused412
372846100594901 Haskell29S 34W 36CBC 011101-JAN-1975 to 11-JAN-1984 -100.99731837.479609Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation230
372904100421101 Haskell29S 31W 34BCA 012915-OCT-1956 to 08-JAN-1992 -100.70385137.48475Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation417
372916100453401 Haskell29S 31W 31BCB 011212-JAN-2005 to 06-JAN-2016 -100.76162637.484684Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation682
372924101025801 Haskell29S 34W 28CCD 011601-JAN-1965 to 08-JAN-1980 -101.04980837.490473Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation376
372944100474901 Haskell29S 32W 26CBB 013701-SEP-1941 to 03-OCT-1961 -100.79731437.495783Withdrawal of WaterStock204
372944100474902 Haskell29S 32W 26CBB 0211001-OCT-1960 to 06-JAN-2001 -100.79603937.496555Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation384
372958100563301 Haskell29S 33W 28BCB 015001-JAN-1970 to 05-JAN-2004 -100.94374437.498955DestroyedIrrigation565
372959100563701 Haskell29S 33W 28BCB 021810-JAN-2005 to 08-JAN-2021 -100.94366737.499767Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
373015100453501 Haskell29S 31W 19CCC 01104-JAN-2018 to 04-JAN-2018 -100.75963837.504122Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation480
373018100521101 Haskell29S 32W 19CCC 016201-FEB-1929 to 08-JAN-2021 -100.87054137.504305Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation598
373022100453401 Haskell29S 31W 19CCB 01105-JAN-2004 to 05-JAN-2004 -100.76154837.507215Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation412
373026100463101 Haskell29S 32W 24CCA 01431-DEC-2018 to 09-MAR-2021 -100.7761237.507079Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation429
373043100594901 Haskell29S 34W 24BCC 012201-DEC-1964 to 12-JAN-1984 -100.99762337.512217Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation210
373103100485401 Haskell29S 32W 22BBB 01825-APR-1978 to 12-JAN-1984 -100.81524337.517542Withdrawal of WaterUnused410
373129100490301 Haskell29S 32W 16DAA 011701-DEC-1964 to 12-JAN-1984 -100.81757937.524851Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation213
373134101045301 Haskell29S 34W 18BDD 01202-JAN-2020 to 06-JAN-2021 -101.08148837.526147Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation669
373154100411301 Haskell29S 31W 14BBB 012001-OCT-1958 to 09-JAN-1980 -100.68775237.532098Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation258
373156100551901 Haskell29S 33W 15BBA 011901-DEC-1964 to 20-DEC-1972 -100.92207437.532099Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation565
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