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Usgs ID
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Date Range
Min Date Max Date
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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381819101404501 Greeley20S 40W 24AAA 014205-OCT-1954 to 20-JAN-1976 -101.67915838.305436Withdrawal of WaterStock220
382810101360701 Greeley18S 39W 23CCB 012510-MAR-1967 to 27-JAN-1998 -101.60187538.468636Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation185
382810101400801 Greeley18S 39W 19CDA 014701-FEB-1972 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.66941538.468249Withdrawal of WaterDomestic100
382843101341301 Greeley18S 39W 24AAC 014517-JAN-1977 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.57044438.478183Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation183
383028101402701 Greeley18S 39W 07BBD 015601-JAN-1969 to 06-JAN-2021 -101.67374838.506816Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation145
383055101372001 Greeley18S 39W 04DAD 011128-MAY-1951 to 13-JAN-1975 -101.62372238.513932Withdrawal of WaterStock112
383055101445401 Greeley18S 40W 04CBD 012019-SEP-1951 to 10-JAN-1984 -101.74890938.51387UnusedIrrigation161
383128101465101 Greeley18S 40W 06BAA 01701-FEB-1972 to 10-JAN-1984 -101.78180838.522888Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation192
383141101371201 Greeley17S 39W 34CCB 012918-JAN-1977 to 06-JAN-2006 -101.62186338.527866Withdrawal of WaterDomestic194
383152101395101 Greeley17S 39W 31DAB 01812-FEB-2015 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.66403138.531037Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation188
383220101470801 Greeley17S 40W 31BBA 0112128-SEP-1965 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.78708438.538215Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation250
383228101525901 Greeley17S 41W 30DDD 014801-AUG-1947 to 17-JAN-1977 -101.8840638.5392ObservationUnused112
383247101572001 Greeley17S 42W 27CBB 016218-JAN-1971 to 02-FEB-1993 -101.95533538.544601Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation50
383247101573601 Greeley17S 42W 28DAB 013504-APR-1993 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.95982338.544965Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
383339101395901 Greeley17S 39W 19DBB 011701-JAN-1969 to 10-JAN-1984 -101.66766838.559158Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation202
383405101363901 Greeley17S 39W 22ABB 0113128-JAN-1965 to 06-JAN-2021 -101.61296338.566165Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation194
383418101435701 Greeley17S 40W 15CCB 0114301-OCT-1962 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.73356638.569532Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation200
383438101350901 Greeley17S 39W 14ADD 01801-FEB-1961 to 11-JAN-1984 -101.58674938.575958Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation186
383458101460201 Greeley17S 40W 17BBA 014501-JAN-1972 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.76703338.581564Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation227
383557101402601 Greeley17S 39W 06CCD 011718-JAN-1971 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.67569738.596577Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation180
383604101443001 Greeley17S 40W 04DCB 011917-JAN-1965 to 10-JAN-1984 -101.7419538.598983Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation187
383637101472601 Greeley17S 41W 01AAD 011815-MAR-1966 to 11-JAN-1984 -101.79177238.60826ObservationUnused250
383643101354101 Greeley17S 39W 02BAA 019501-FEB-1972 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.59701238.611298Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation184
383650101381601 Greeley16S 39W 33CCC 018220-JUL-1948 to 10-MAR-1977 -101.63971338.612014ObservationUnused106
383736101424201 Greeley16S 40W 35BBA 011710-MAR-1967 to 10-JAN-1984 -101.71199638.624587Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation125
383736101505601 Greeley16S 41W 33AAB 012123-JAN-1969 to 09-JAN-1989 -101.8496838.624434UnusedIrrigation270
383736101523701 Greeley16S 41W 32BAA 01201-JAN-1972 to 07-JUN-1990 -101.87517338.624483Withdrawal of WaterUnused200
383802101350001 Greeley16S 39W 25CBB 011410-MAR-1967 to 16-JAN-1980 -101.58447538.632216Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation163
383815101415101 Greeley16S 40W 26ADA 014609-DEC-1976 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.69734838.635364Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation210
383829101540901 Greeley16S 42W 25AAA 013409-JAN-1989 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.90238638.63958Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
383841101363801 Greeley16S 39W 22DCB 0111001-NOV-1964 to 08-JAN-2004 -101.61301338.643464Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation163
383909101572301 Greeley16S 42W 22BCB 015815-MAR-1966 to 06-JAN-2021 -101.95692238.65028Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation237
383915101492501 Greeley16S 41W 23BBD 01901-FEB-1963 to 10-JAN-1984 -101.82442638.651853Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation200
383915101522101 Greeley16S 41W 20ABC 011816-JUN-1992 to 09-JAN-2002 -101.87305638.651762DestroyedIrrigationUnknown
383915101522901 Greeley16S 41W 20BAD 017030-MAR-1966 to 06-JAN-1992 -101.87533138.651731Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation250
383922101523701 Greeley16S 41W 20BAB 019005-AUG-1947 to 28-DEC-1965 -101.87769638.653562UnusedUnused150
383927101365401 Greeley16S 39W 15CDC 01804-JAN-2015 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.6177938.65498Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
383941101461201 Greeley16S 40W 17CBC 014909-OCT-1985 to 05-JAN-2012 -101.77086738.658563Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
383947101371101 Greeley16S 39W 15CBB 01818-JAN-1977 to 10-JAN-1984 -101.62129638.661162UnusedIrrigation187
383947101463701 Greeley16S 40W 18DBA 016929-JAN-1965 to 10-APR-1985 -101.77722938.660963Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation210
383954101432401 Greeley16S 40W 15ACC 015720-JAN-1965 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.72441538.662996Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation204
384007101403501 Greeley16S 39W 18BBC 011717-JAN-1968 to 10-JAN-1984 -101.67720538.666456Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation212
384027101493301 Greeley16S 41W 11CCB 011406-JAN-2009 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.827938.6714Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
384033101544101 Greeley16S 42W 12CAA 011204-JAN-2010 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.91147438.675759Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation258
384034101572401 Greeley16S 42W 10CBC 01718-JAN-1977 to 11-JAN-1984 -101.95588338.673413Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation213
384107101544401 Greeley16S 42W 12BAA 011731-JAN-2017 to 20-OCT-2021 -101.91184338.682722Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation287
384114101525501 Greeley16S 41W 05CCC 01810-MAR-1967 to 21-JAN-1974 -101.88239538.684445Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation305
384132101361301 Greeley16S 39W 03DAA 013001-MAY-1951 to 18-JAN-1971 -101.60504538.690626Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation100
384139101354901 Greeley16S 39W 02BDC 0110524-JAN-1970 to 04-JAN-2016 -101.59809538.691913Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation190
384159101380001 Greeley16S 39W 04BAB 01901-FEB-1972 to 10-JAN-1984 -101.63521238.698118Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation100
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