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Usgs ID
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Date Range
Min Date Max Date
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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370046098371901 Barber35S 12W 09DA 012801-OCT-1940 to 16-DEC-1944 -98.62430737.012205Withdrawal of WaterStock91
370047098552901 Barber35S 15W 11CB 0113301-OCT-1940 to 12-DEC-1983 -98.92650737.011351ObservationUnused152
370456098590801 Barber34S 15W 18DDB 0110622-OCT-1940 to 19-DEC-1975 -98.98609737.081174ObservationUnused5.8
370522098575401 Barber34S 15W 17ADA 0117701-OCT-1940 to 14-DEC-2010 -98.96637.088621ObservationUnused26
370728098240101 Barber33S 10W 34CC 015101-OCT-1940 to 17-DEC-1947 -98.40042237.125071Withdrawal of WaterStock25
370837098314201 Barber33S 11W 28CBB 0110115-MAY-1963 to 06-JUN-1984 -98.53012737.144541ObservationUnused28.7
370954098323201 Barber33S 11W 20BAB 014015-MAY-1963 to 27-JUN-1967 -98.543837.166361ObservationUnused31.3
371227098381201 Barber33S 12W 04BB 011101-OCT-1940 to 22-OCT-1942 -98.63897437.208856Withdrawal of WaterStock165
371231098344301 Barber33S 12W 01BAB 0111001-OCT-1940 to 16-JAN-1963 -98.58117137.209863ObservationUnused35
371240098372301 Barber32S 12W 33DD 013201-OCT-1940 to 18-JUN-1944 -98.6254737.212518Withdrawal of WaterStock30
371348098335501 Barber32S 11W 30CBB 017201-MAY-1963 to 24-MAR-1975 -98.5675637.231622ObservationUnused33
371414098334701 Barber32S 11W 30BBA 0110815-MAY-1963 to 06-JUN-1984 -98.56528637.238808ObservationUnused31.5
371456098263201 Barber32S 10W 19ADA 017509-DEC-1997 to 21-OCT-2021 -98.44216837.248911Withdrawal of WaterDomestic42
371513098253801 Barber32S 10W 17DCD 017001-OCT-1940 to 03-SEP-1952 -98.4278937.254447Withdrawal of WaterStock22
371635098342401 Barber32S 12W 12AC 015901-OCT-1940 to 13-JUN-1950 -98.5754837.277672Withdrawal of WaterDomestic27
371710098374501 Barber32S 12W 04DBC 0124321-OCT-1940 to 16-DEC-2020 -98.63035837.288091Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation66
371721098330501 Barber32S 11W 06DAA 017409-DEC-1997 to 21-OCT-2021 -98.55137537.289289UnusedUnused40
372003098594401 Barber31S 15W 19BDB 0112617-OCT-1940 to 12-DEC-1983 -98.99593337.33419ObservationUnused96.5
372023098490401 Barber31S 14W 14CCD 015001-OCT-1940 to 17-DEC-1947 -98.81816837.341698Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation46
372039098304901 Barber31S 11W 16DAD 011701-JAN-1941 to 17-JUL-1942 -98.51525237.345252ObservationUnused49
372123098285401 Barber31S 11W 11DDC 017509-DEC-1997 to 21-OCT-2021 -98.48169737.356378Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation146
372236098300901 Barber31S 11W 03ACC 01301-OCT-1940 to 26-NOV-1940 -98.50353237.377737Withdrawal of WaterStock128
372338098311401 Barber30S 11W 33ADA 012726-NOV-1991 to 07-JAN-2021 -98.51987437.394861Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation95
372459098583001 Barber30S 15W 21CBB 017709-DEC-1997 to 21-OCT-2021 -98.97489437.416339Withdrawal of WaterStock16.5
372555098410501 Barber30S 13W 13DAD 017809-DEC-1997 to 21-OCT-2021 -98.6849337.43202Withdrawal of WaterDomestic25
372621098322701 Barber30S 11W 17AAC 011826-NOV-1991 to 06-JAN-2011 -98.54246237.438402Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation182
372641098295101 Barber30S 11W 11CCA 012826-NOV-1991 to 07-JAN-2021 -98.49692637.445495Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation128
372726098384501 Barber30S 12W 04CCC 011611-JAN-2006 to 07-JAN-2021 -98.64052537.457698Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation164
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