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Usgs ID
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Date Range
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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370738100553901 Finney22S 33W 22ACC 01503-JAN-2018 to 05-JAN-2021 -100.92757638.127197Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation180
374414100521601 Finney26S 33W 36DDD 014530-MAR-1962 to 15-DEC-1971 -100.87190237.737588TestUnused142
374417100451901 Finney26S 31W 31CDC 014801-FEB-1961 to 04-JAN-2006 -100.75493737.736654Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
374420100472201 Finney26S 32W 35CDA 012401-FEB-1961 to 06-FEB-1984 -100.79005137.739389Withdrawal of WaterUnused320
374426100395001 Finney26S 31W 36CAB 013804-OCT-1961 to 06-JAN-1997 -100.66486337.742685Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation160
374434100584401 Finney26S 33W 31CBB 011429-SEP-1961 to 16-JAN-1975 -100.97902337.743234ObservationUnused132
374519100480901 Finney26S 32W 27DAC 011511-JAN-2007 to 06-JAN-2021 -100.80249537.755361Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation500
374533101045801 Finney26S 34W 30BD 012729-SEP-1961 to 22-JAN-1988 -101.0830937.760413Withdrawal of WaterStock195
374534100554401 Finney26S 33W 28ADC 01415-JAN-1981 to 13-FEB-1984 -100.92921637.759469Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation340
374540100580101 Finney26S 33W 30ADC 011009-JAN-2013 to 06-JAN-2021 -100.96677237.761496Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation525
374543100441601 Finney26S 31W 29BDB 01114-JAN-2009 to 14-JAN-2009 -100.7379437.762525Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
374545100590201 Finney26S 34W 25AAC 01417-OCT-1979 to 13-FEB-1984 -100.98358537.763177Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation84
374553100534701 Finney26S 33W 26ABB 018801-FEB-1961 to 09-MAR-1995 -100.89723337.764993Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation340
374610100423901 Finney26S 31W 21C 01309-JAN-2003 to 11-JAN-2005 -100.72039637.769384Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation344
374624100570401 Finney26S 33W 20ACC 022130-JUN-2016 to 28-JUL-2021 -100.95103437.77311Withdrawal of WaterUnused532
374638101025601 Finney26S 34W 21BBD 014015-JAN-1981 to 21-FEB-2017 -101.04884737.776743Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation275
374645100481901 Finney26S 32W 22ABB 014614-FEB-1962 to 04-JAN-2006 -100.80683937.780424Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation378
374700101032601 Finney26S 34W 17DDB 01206-JAN-2020 to 06-JAN-2021 -101.05802137.783888Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation351
374701100565001 Finney26S 33W 17DBD 013017-OCT-1979 to 06-JAN-2011 -100.94864437.784174Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation305
374721100422101 Finney26S 31W 15BCC 011106-JAN-2011 to 05-JAN-2021 -100.70583337.78934Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation350
374721100570101 Finney26S 33W 17ACA 011608-JAN-1960 to 22-JAN-1970 -100.94954137.790399Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation200
374747100552101 Finney26S 33W 10CCD 013016-FEB-1996 to 06-JAN-2021 -100.92254337.794924Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation498
374757100524901 Finney26S 33W 12CAD 012627-SEP-1960 to 13-FEB-1984 -100.88098137.7996Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation355
374822101032401 Finney26S 34W 08AAC 01415-JAN-1981 to 13-FEB-1984 -101.0572137.806511Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation84
374840100391301 Finney26S 31W 01DDA 015830-APR-1959 to 06-JAN-2011 -100.65263337.812643UnusedIrrigation169
374842100511401 Finney26S 32W 06DDC 011129-SEP-1960 to 23-JAN-1969 -100.85609337.810861Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation378
374847100391201 Finney26S 31W 01DDA 021206-JAN-2011 to 05-JAN-2021 -100.65345537.813096Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation295
374905100545201 Finney26S 33W 03DBB 012314-FEB-1962 to 13-FEB-1984 -100.91505537.818292Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation265
374905101032801 Finney26S 34W 05ADC 013115-JAN-1981 to 09-JAN-2013 -101.06774737.825503Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
374924101014401 Finney26S 34W 03BBD 01505-JAN-2017 to 06-JAN-2021 -101.02889837.823244Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation420
374931100453501 Finney26S 31W 06BBBB 016001-FEB-1961 to 23-JAN-2015 -100.76063737.827053Withdrawal of WaterUnused180
374931100453502 Finney26S 31W 06BBB 02723-JAN-2015 to 06-JAN-2021 -100.76068737.827916Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation350
374931101005601 Finney26S 34W 02BBC 01729-SEP-1961 to 06-APR-1970 -101.01558337.825586Withdrawal of WaterStock84
374936100472501 Finney26S 32W 02BAB 011127-SEP-1960 to 18-JAN-1968 -100.79217137.828041Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation222
374937100513001 Finney26S 32W 06AABC01115-JAN-2008 to 15-JAN-2008 -100.85716637.828481Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation340
374948100445401 Finney25S 31W 32CD 01703-OCT-1961 to 25-JAN-1966 -100.74913937.83091UnusedUnused58.2
374948100515802 Finney25S 32W 31DDC 016113-JAN-1983 to 07-JAN-2021 -100.86874137.829694Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
374948100520601 Finney25S 32W 31DCC 01227-APR-1983 to 27-OCT-1983 -100.87348837.83056Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation70
374951100520201 Finney25S 32W 31DD 015809-DEC-1958 to 12-JAN-1982 -100.86781237.831445Withdrawal of WaterUnused140
374955100565401 Finney25S 33W 33CDA 011503-JAN-1985 to 22-JAN-1999 -100.95184437.833694Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
375002100542601 Finney25S 33W 35DBD 0113201-FEB-1974 to 01-JAN-2002 -100.90694237.833524UnusedUnused340
375002101020401 Finney25S 34W 34DBD 018801-JAN-1970 to 06-JAN-2011 -101.03484637.833173Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation440
375003100411701 Finney25S 31W 35DBA 012918-APR-1958 to 15-JAN-1991 -100.68897237.835228Withdrawal of WaterStockUnknown
375004101020501 Finney25S 34W 34DAC 01606-JAN-2011 to 07-JAN-2016 -101.03482737.834352Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation521
375006101043801 Finney25S 34W 32CAA 01206-JAN-2020 to 06-JAN-2021 -101.07726837.834939Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation450
375020100474201 Finney25S 32W 35ADB 0112817-SEP-1960 to 11-JAN-2007 -100.79583837.839753DestroyedIrrigation180
375024100475101 Finney25S 32W 35ACA 011611-JAN-2007 to 06-JAN-2021 -100.79721737.840167Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation380
375116101002201 Finney25S 34W 25BDB 01415-JAN-1981 to 13-FEB-1984 -101.0056837.853921Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation93.5
375121101000201 Finney25S 34W 25ABC 01501-JAN-1975 to 03-JAN-1979 -101.00116337.855752DestroyedUnknown151
375124101003101 Finney25S 34W 25BB 011204-SEP-1940 to 16-JAN-1974 -101.00911337.856622Withdrawal of WaterDomestic93.5
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