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WIZARD Water Well Listing

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Usgs ID
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Date Range
Min Date Max Date
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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383150098211001 Ellsworth17S 09W 31ADC 0115606-MAY-1966 to 14-JUN-1990 -98.35335538.530009ObservationUnused245
383210098211001 Ellsworth17S 09W 31AAB 0118701-OCT-1966 to 08-DEC-2014 -98.35328538.53614ObservationUnused162
383210098211002 Ellsworth17S 09W 31AAB 0212301-OCT-1966 to 08-JUN-1984 -98.35335538.535441ObservationUnused89.4
383236098194701 Ellsworth17S 09W 28CBB 0112301-OCT-1966 to 08-JUN-1984 -98.32993138.542735ObservationUnused207
383236098194702 Ellsworth17S 09W 28CBB 0219301-OCT-1966 to 13-DEC-2021 -98.33075138.543071ObservationUnused76.6
383334098194701 Ellsworth17S 09W 21BCC 0119201-OCT-1966 to 13-DEC-2021 -98.33102238.558283ObservationUnused200
383334098194702 Ellsworth17S 09W 21BCC 0211901-OCT-1966 to 08-JUN-1984 -98.32999238.559031ObservationUnused65.4
383335098204601 Ellsworth17S 09W 20BCD 0117915-MAR-1961 to 11-MAR-1996 -98.34633538.558909Withdrawal of WaterDomestic63
383705097571301 Ellsworth16S 06W 35BDD 0113501-OCT-1950 to 10-OCT-2013 -97.95278738.616978ObservationUnused26
384318098133001 Ellsworth15S 08W 29AA 013518-OCT-2002 to 11-MAR-2020 -98.22526538.721719ObservationUnusedUnknown
384440098211701 Ellsworth15S 09W 18DAD 011529-AUG-2002 to 16-OCT-2008 -98.35812838.745951Withdrawal of WaterStock60
384702098254801 Ellsworth14S 10W 33DD 013718-OCT-2002 to 11-OCT-2021 -98.43041938.783831ObservationUnusedUnknown
394412098163601 Ellsworth15S 09W 24BBD 011718-OCT-2002 to 05-OCT-2011 -98.27763738.737479Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
394412098163602 Ellsworth15S 09W 24BBD 021616-OCT-2012 to 11-OCT-2021 -98.2770238.736478Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation55
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