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Usgs ID
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Date Range
Min Date Max Date
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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392700095183401 Atchison07S 19E 09CCC 017101-JUN-1967 to 29-APR-1971 -95.30914939.449736TestUnused138
392745095151901 Atchison07S 19E 11AAA 011001-MAR-1967 to 22-JUN-1969 -95.25543739.461973Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply17.5
392747095330501 Atchison07S 17E 08BBB 011601-AUG-1966 to 29-APR-1971 -95.55164839.462141Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply25.1
392759095104501 Atchison07S 20E 03CCB 011701-SEP-1966 to 29-APR-1971 -95.1784739.465482Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply20.4
392852095053801 Atchison06S 21E 32DCB 012001-MAY-1948 to 13-APR-1957 -95.09428539.479398Withdrawal of WaterDomestic12.9
393036095094501 Atchison06S 20E 22DDA 011501-SEP-1966 to 29-APR-1971 -95.16197539.50903Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply20
393109095240001 Atchison06S 18E 22BBC 011501-MAY-1967 to 29-APR-1971 -95.40160539.519255TestUnused195
393115095214701 Atchison06S 18E 24BBB 01501-AUG-1966 to 14-SEP-1967 -95.36402239.520674Withdrawal of WaterStock98.6
393116095331101 Atchison06S 17E 19AAA 011501-MAY-1967 to 29-APR-1971 -95.55419739.520048UnusedUnused59.7
393450095201901 Atchison05S 19E 30CCC 011801-JUN-1967 to 29-APR-1971 -95.33863139.581054TestUnused57.5
393543095202701 Atchison05S 18E 24DDD 011001-AUG-1966 to 18-MAR-1969 -95.34087439.595565Withdrawal of WaterDomestic61.2
393544095050101 Atchison05S 21E 20DCD 011519-JUL-1963 to 29-APR-1971 -95.08372739.595684ObservationUnused22.4
393819095224501 Atchison05S 18E 03DDD 013001-JUL-1948 to 01-OCT-1963 -95.3785539.639191Withdrawal of WaterDomestic10.2
393826095265501 Atchison05S 18E 06CCA 011001-AUG-1966 to 18-MAR-1969 -95.44872739.640977Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply53.2
393832095134201 Atchison05S 19E 01DAD 011001-AUG-1966 to 20-MAR-1969 -95.22864539.642912Withdrawal of WaterStock31.2
393852095264001 Atchison05S 18E 06BDA 01201-AUG-1960 to 24-AUG-1966 -95.44416539.64824Withdrawal of WaterDomestic44
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