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Usgs ID
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Date Range
Min Date Max Date
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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374354099202001 Edwards26S 18W 31CCC 015307-NOV-1973 to 21-APR-2014 -99.34086337.733747ObservationUnused82
374355099260401 Edwards26S 19W 31DDB 01325-JUN-1968 to 13-DEC-1973 -99.43551537.736972Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation105
374404099104601 Edwards26S 17W 33DDB 014713-JUN-1973 to 12-JAN-2021 -99.1835237.737784Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation120
374408099070401 Edwards26S 16W 31CCA 017201-JUN-1973 to 21-OCT-2021 -99.11871837.7371Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation173
374419099152501 Edwards26S 18W 35ACC 014601-JAN-1944 to 15-FEB-2018 -99.2593437.742285Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation92
374425099264201 Edwards26S 19W 31BAC 01401-AUG-1984 to 18-JAN-1989 -99.44454837.74631Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
374427099232901 Edwards26S 19W 34BBD 014701-DEC-1973 to 11-JAN-2021 -99.39099437.744917Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation80
374428099260501 Edwards26S 19W 31AAC 016523-JUN-1983 to 19-OCT-2021 -99.43661237.745585Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation96
374434099133401 Edwards26S 17W 31B 016301-NOV-1994 to 19-OCT-2021 -99.2280637.74431Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
374440099032401 Edwards26S 16W 34ABC 018010-NOV-1966 to 21-OCT-2021 -99.05759937.744267Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation100
374558099321601 Edwards26S 20W 20BBC 018601-AUG-1945 to 12-OCT-2021 -99.54078137.773918Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation30
374618099215101 Edwards26S 19W 23ABA 012601-JAN-1944 to 26-JAN-1993 -99.3649637.77677Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation165
374633099034401 Edwards26S 16W 22BAB 0133628-JAN-1993 to 03-JAN-2022 -99.0627737.7759UnknownUnknownUnknown
374637099163101 Edwards26S 18W 15DCB 018401-APR-1969 to 19-OCT-2021 -99.27752437.781116Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation158
374653099070201 Edwards26S 16W 18CAC 015807-MAY-1992 to 21-OCT-2021 -99.11843537.780649Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation100
374658099244301 Edwards26S 19W 16BCB 012605-JUL-1966 to 10-JAN-2002 -99.41299237.788027Withdrawal of WaterUnused82
374658099244302 Edwards26S 19W 16BCB 024908-JAN-2003 to 19-OCT-2021 -99.41391137.7902Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation116
374708099263501 Edwards26S 19W 18BA 01111-DEC-1986 to 11-DEC-1986 -99.44325137.790972Withdrawal of WaterStock60
374715099133901 Edwards26S 17W 18BBD 015501-JAN-1944 to 25-JAN-2022 -99.22757337.788213Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
374720099090001 Edwards26S 17W 14BAA 018213-JUN-1973 to 21-OCT-2021 -99.15056937.791716Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation90
374731099035701 Edwards26S 16W 10CCC 0141318-SEP-1973 to 03-JAN-2022 -99.0685537.791616ObservationUnused42
374745099040101 Edwards26S 16W 10CBC 0123908-JAN-2001 to 03-JAN-2022 -99.0673837.79597UnknownUnknownUnknown
374758099040101 Edwards26S 16W 10BCC 0123708-JAN-2001 to 03-JAN-2022 -99.06826837.800187UnknownUnknownUnknown
374803099205401 Edwards26S 19W 12ABB 014601-JUL-1960 to 19-MAR-1987 -99.3486637.805803Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation75
374803099205402 Edwards26S 19W 12ABB 028504-JAN-1979 to 16-OCT-2019 -99.3495137.805767Withdrawal of WaterDomestic100
374803099210201 Edwards26S 19W 12BAA 011001-NOV-1973 to 29-JUN-1976 -99.35097937.805849ObservationUnused86
374822099250001 Edwards26S 19W 05DDB 01207-JUN-1973 to 13-DEC-1973 -99.41737237.810503Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation92
374825099043401 Edwards26S 16W 04DCC 0124008-JAN-2001 to 03-JAN-2022 -99.07687737.805977ObservationUnused57
374834099042201 Edwards26S 16W 04DBD 015901-JAN-1995 to 21-OCT-2021 -99.0732937.80949Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
374844099183101 Edwards26S 18W 05DAB 013311-JAN-1994 to 28-APR-2010 -99.3091437.81237Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
374844099183102 Edwards26S 18W 05D 012901-APR-2010 to 19-OCT-2021 -99.30940137.810266Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation155
374856099090901 Edwards26S 17W 02BDC 01229-MAR-1963 to 14-DEC-1973 -99.15375237.816987Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation87
374914099104701 Edwards26S 17W 04AAC 011201-MAR-1972 to 14-JAN-1992 -99.18109737.821656Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation153
374920099020301 Edwards26S 16W 02AAB 01214-DEC-1973 to 15-JAN-1974 -99.03515637.824113Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation104
374926099050701 Edwards26S 16W 04BBB 0143028-JAN-1993 to 03-JAN-2022 -99.0856637.82408UnknownUnknownUnknown
374926099071601 Edwards25S 16W 31DCC 018410-MAR-1981 to 08-JAN-2002 -99.1221837.8259Withdrawal of WaterStock82
374931099182901 Edwards25S 18W 33CDC 019123-MAR-1972 to 11-JAN-2021 -99.30932437.825533Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation90
374934099060501 Edwards25S 16W 32DCD 0133528-JAN-1993 to 03-JAN-2022 -99.10115937.827187UnknownUnknownUnknown
374935099304801 Edwards25S 20W 34CCC 0111601-AUG-1945 to 11-JAN-2017 -99.51544737.826685Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation26
374940099065101 Edwards25S 16W 31DAD 0114207-FEB-1957 to 10-APR-1980 -99.11560337.829804ObservationUnused42
374940099065102 Edwards25S 16W 31DAD 02401-JAN-1974 to 26-JAN-1981 -99.11560337.829804DestroyedStock42
374954099270701 Edwards25S 19W 31CAB 017007-JUN-1973 to 08-APR-2015 -99.45492637.832537Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation49
375008099131601 Edwards25S 17W 32BBD 016301-NOV-1994 to 19-OCT-2021 -99.2194337.83608Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation143
375008099141501 Edwards25S 17W 31BBD 013713-AUG-1964 to 28-JAN-2013 -99.23752937.83677Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation73
375008099141502 Edwards25S 17W 31BBD 02814-JAN-2014 to 12-JAN-2021 -99.23721237.836363Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation160
375013099264201 Edwards25S 19W 31AAC 01901-MAY-2014 to 11-APR-2017 -99.44666237.836817Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation40.5
375032099222001 Edwards25S 19W 26DDB 017107-JUN-1973 to 19-OCT-2021 -99.37479337.84345Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation92
375037099211901 Edwards25S 19W 25DDB 01211-JAN-1994 to 01-JAN-1995 -99.3557237.84376Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
375055099255301 Edwards25S 19W 29ACC 019301-FEB-1992 to 07-OCT-2013 -99.43249537.846617Withdrawal of WaterStockUnknown
375059099034201 Edwards25S 16W 27AAC 017308-JUN-1973 to 21-OCT-2021 -99.06398237.850646Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation84
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