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Usgs ID
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Date Range
Min Date Max Date
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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384501095164901 Douglas15S 19E 15AAD 015901-OCT-1972 to 11-MAR-1997 -95.28008338.750373Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply190
384520095093501 Douglas15S 20E 11CDA 014601-MAY-1956 to 09-APR-1970 -95.15930738.755791ObservationUnused182
384632095052501 Douglas15S 21E 04BCC 014801-MAY-1956 to 09-JUN-1970 -95.09227338.776008ObservationUnused144
385437095185301 Douglas13S 19E 21BB 013120-MAY-1952 to 07-NOV-1966 -95.31433938.91167Withdrawal of WaterDomestic99
385551095085601 Douglas13S 20E 12CBC 011101-MAY-1966 to 29-SEP-1972 -95.14758738.932362TestUnused57
385624095093701 Douglas13S 20E 11BAA 0164601-MAY-1966 to 26-JUL-1989 -95.15827138.942388TestUnused80
385624095093702 Douglas13S 20E 11BAA 021525-JUL-2018 to 04-MAR-2021 -95.15826238.942367ObservationUnused70
385624095094601 Douglas13S 20E 11BAB 011701-MAY-1948 to 21-FEB-1952 -95.16162638.94173Withdrawal of WaterStock38
385644095155301 Douglas13S 19E 02DAC 01701-FEB-1964 to 21-DEC-1966 -95.26398438.947101TestUnused250
385650095055901 Douglas13S 21E 05DBB 012501-FEB-1953 to 13-SEP-1979 -95.10167338.948719Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply64
385650095092901 Douglas13S 20E 02DBB 01701-NOV-1966 to 29-AUG-1968 -95.15697238.948825TestUnused60
385650095103601 Douglas13S 20E 03DBB 014901-JUN-1966 to 29-SEP-1972 -95.17558838.948917TestUnused46
385656095055101 Douglas13S 21E 05ACD 01301-MAY-1966 to 28-FEB-1967 -95.09941538.950566Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply49
385657095085601 Douglas13S 20E 01BCC 017501-SEP-1969 to 26-JUL-1989 -95.1477138.95058ObservationUnused60
385657095093702 Douglas13S 20E 02BDD 0213023-MAR-1964 to 26-JUL-1989 -95.15930738.950641TestUnused73
385657095094602 Douglas13S 20E 02BDC 025323-MAR-1964 to 04-JUN-1969 -95.16162638.950641TestUnused71
385657095100203 Douglas13S 20E 02BCC 03401-JUN-1966 to 02-JUN-1967 -95.16626538.950687TestUnused75
385703095061601 Douglas13S 21E 05BDB 011301-JUN-1966 to 30-MAR-1970 -95.10631238.952397TestUnused47
385717095114202 Douglas13S 20E 04ABB 02301-NOV-1964 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.19434138.956073Withdrawal of WaterIndustrial57
385722095075801 Douglas12S 20E 36DDD 011201-APR-1952 to 30-MAR-1970 -95.13135238.957889TestUnused39
385723095093801 Douglas12S 20E 35CDD 017501-SEP-1969 to 26-JUL-1989 -95.15924638.957782ObservationUnused65
385723095100201 Douglas12S 20E 35CCC 017723-MAR-1964 to 29-SEP-1972 -95.16614338.957782TestUnused78
385730095115901 Douglas12S 20E 33CDB 015723-MAR-1964 to 30-MAR-1970 -95.19904138.959674TestUnused48
385742095101902 Douglas12S 20E 34DAB 021001-MAY-1966 to 10-APR-1968 -95.17088838.963214TestUnused37
385748095074902 Douglas12S 21E 31BCC 021201-MAY-1966 to 30-MAR-1970 -95.12913938.965091TestUnused38
385749095100301 Douglas12S 20E 35BCC 01601-SEP-1969 to 29-SEP-1972 -95.16614338.96503ObservationUnused65
385802095130501 Douglas12S 20E 32BAC 01401-MAY-1968 to 30-MAR-1970 -95.21782538.968844TestUnused46
385802095130502 Douglas12S 20E 32BAC 02301-JUN-1968 to 30-MAR-1970 -95.21782538.968844TestUnused28
385809095130601 Douglas12S 20E 32BAB 01301-JUN-1968 to 30-MAR-1970 -95.21782538.97069TestUnused39
385809095130602 Douglas12S 20E 32BAB 02301-JUN-1968 to 30-MAR-1970 -95.21782538.97069TestUnused22
385815095034801 Douglas12S 21E 27DCC 01901-JUN-1967 to 29-JUL-1969 -95.06450238.972462TestUnused46
385815095123201 Douglas12S 20E 29DDC 01201-OCT-1957 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.20856338.97246Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation50
385841095124101 Douglas12S 20E 29ACD 01201-JAN-1967 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.21092838.979708UnusedUnused50
385848095142902 Douglas12S 20E 30BCB 02601-FEB-1967 to 29-AUG-1968 -95.24059138.981463TestUnused48
385901095131401 Douglas12S 20E 29BBA 012401-MAY-1957 to 30-MAR-1970 -95.22028238.98514ObservationUnused27.9
385927095122401 Douglas12S 20E 20DAA 011401-MAY-1966 to 31-JUL-1970 -95.20642738.992388TestUnused47
385959095113401 Douglas12S 20E 16DCD 011401-MAY-1966 to 31-JUL-1970 -95.19269339.001406TestUnused51
390006095132301 Douglas12S 20E 17CCB 01337905-FEB-1952 to 20-MAY-2015 -95.22399639.002366ObservationUnused53
390006095143701 Douglas12S 19E 13DDA 014801-MAY-1966 to 12-MAR-1975 -95.24229539.006091TestUnused52
390022095143201 Douglas12S 19E 13DAA 01404-JUN-2021 to 03-AUG-2021 -95.24212539.006016ObservationUnused44
390024095224001 Douglas12S 20E 17CCBC 011715-AUG-2017 to 04-MAR-2021 -95.22399339.002397ObservationUnused66.5
390032095143801 Douglas12S 19E 13ADA 018301-JUN-1966 to 07-DEC-1983 -95.24323139.010545TestUnused42
390032095161902 Douglas12S 19E 14BDA 02301-MAR-1967 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.2711139.010591TestUnused50
390032095173401 Douglas12S 19E 15BDB 01401-OCT-1957 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.29204539.010591Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation43
390038095162701 Douglas12S 19E 14BAC 01301-MAR-1967 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.2734939.012422TestUnused41
390051095181701 Douglas12S 19E 09DCD 01301-OCT-1957 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.30377939.016038Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation54
390052095130601 Douglas12S 20E 08CDC 011301-MAY-1966 to 30-MAR-1970 -95.21832939.016038TestUnused62
390056095122101 Douglas12S 20E 08DDD 011605-NOV-2018 to 04-MAR-2021 -95.20585139.015556ObservationUnused71.6
390058095173501 Douglas12S 19E 10CDB 01301-OCT-1957 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.29210639.017839Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation53
390105095142901 Douglas12S 20E 07CBC 0114301-JUN-1966 to 08-MAR-2004 -95.24103439.019639TestUnused29
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