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Usgs ID
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Date Range
Min Date Max Date
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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393407100143101 Decatur05S 26W 33DCC 0114714-AUG-1962 to 09-MAR-2021 -100.24581539.568914Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation60
393440100395501 Decatur05S 30W 35BCB 016218-MAR-1966 to 28-DEC-2020 -100.66592439.578714Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation201
393505100115901 Decatur05S 26W 26DDA 0114913-AUG-1962 to 09-MAR-2021 -100.19941339.584164Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation74
393523100383301 Decatur05S 30W 25BBC 012208-JAN-2001 to 28-DEC-2020 -100.64577439.587434Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
393557100214701 Decatur05S 27W 21CCA 015612-OCT-1964 to 08-JAN-2021 -100.36491839.598674Withdrawal of WaterStock140
393610100341701 Decatur05S 29W 22CBB 0110918-JAN-1966 to 10-MAR-2021 -100.57292239.603154Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation46
393651100410001 Decatur05S 30W 15CCB 013710-DEC-1984 to 28-DEC-2020 -100.68482539.613424Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation150
393656100285601 Decatur05S 28W 17DAC 015030-AUG-1962 to 08-JAN-2021 -100.4820239.615264Withdrawal of WaterStock124
393709100252601 Decatur05S 28W 14ADD 015601-JUL-1962 to 28-DEC-2020 -100.42451939.620194ObservationUnused142
393730100405201 Decatur05S 30W 15BBA 011022-AUG-1962 to 21-JAN-1972 -100.68131839.625294Withdrawal of WaterDomestic110
393755100350701 Decatur05S 29W 09CAB 011607-JAN-2002 to 01-JAN-2016 -100.58687339.632694Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation110
393814100305401 Decatur05S 28W 07BBC 0112002-SEP-1964 to 10-MAR-2021 -100.51512139.637104Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation55
393820100273201 Decatur05S 28W 10BBB 0111202-SEP-1964 to 10-MAR-2021 -100.4605239.639364Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation50
393820100324401 Decatur05S 29W 11BAA 012309-OCT-1964 to 02-DEC-1987 -100.54581739.638951UnusedOther44
393853100150901 Decatur05S 26W 05ADD 016416-AUG-1962 to 28-DEC-2017 -100.25511639.648034ObservationUnused138
393954100405901 Decatur04S 30W 34BCB 021008-JAN-2002 to 05-JAN-2010 -100.68506739.665267Withdrawal of WaterStockUnknown
394005100114901 Decatur04S 26W 36BBB 011614-JAN-1953 to 13-JAN-1976 -100.19755839.6675Withdrawal of WaterStock138
394005100215501 Decatur04S 27W 33BBB 0112111-AUG-1962 to 10-MAR-2021 -100.3661939.668615Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation55
394006100442101 Decatur04S 30W 31BBB 01704-JAN-1999 to 30-DEC-2004 -100.73974739.668434DestroyedIrrigation37
394011100295401 Decatur04S 28W 30DDD 015030-JUL-1962 to 08-JAN-2021 -100.49942139.669455Withdrawal of WaterStock110
394012100381301 Decatur04S 30W 25DCC 012303-SEP-1964 to 05-JAN-1977 -100.63671639.670201Withdrawal of WaterStock92
394055100425601 Decatur04S 30W 29BAB 01306-FEB-2019 to 28-DEC-2020 -100.7205139.67955Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation37
394110100163301 Decatur04S 26W 19DCA 0111013-AUG-1962 to 10-MAR-2021 -100.28021739.685494Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation37
394155100350601 Decatur04S 29W 16CDC 014513-APR-1960 to 03-SEP-1970 -100.58495739.698994ObservationUnused181
394208100221101 Decatur04S 27W 17DAC 015411-AUG-1962 to 28-DEC-2020 -100.37181939.701954Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation165
394241100263201 Decatur04S 28W 15AAA 015105-JAN-1953 to 08-JAN-2021 -100.4425239.711565Withdrawal of WaterStock106
394248100150801 Decatur04S 26W 08DDD 0122315-JUL-1959 to 10-MAR-2021 -100.25521639.712174Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation70
394248100334001 Decatur04S 29W 10DCC 01307-JAN-2002 to 06-JAN-2004 -100.56166339.713305UnknownUnknownUnknown
394249100410601 Decatur04S 30W 09DDD 011415-JAN-1962 to 05-JAN-1977 -100.68597339.71378Withdrawal of WaterDomestic91
394316100112801 Decatur04S 26W 12BDA 015107-NOV-1996 to 10-MAR-2021 -100.19147639.721154Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
394335100441701 Decatur04S 30W 07BBB 014603-SEP-1964 to 11-MAR-2008 -100.73951739.727314Withdrawal of WaterStock21
394341100442001 Decatur04S 30W 06CCC 025012-MAR-2002 to 28-DEC-2020 -100.73946739.728067Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
394432100370401 Decatur03S 29W 31DCC 0110506-AUG-1962 to 10-MAR-2021 -100.61592439.741794Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation40
394504100293601 Decatur03S 28W 32BCA 016414-AUG-1962 to 28-DEC-2020 -100.49462239.750335Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation205
394517100221801 Decatur03S 27W 32ABA 012923-JAN-1967 to 07-JAN-1998 -100.37285639.754888Withdrawal of WaterStock93
394525100352401 Decatur03S 29W 28CC 014912-DEC-1996 to 10-MAR-2021 -100.59036739.757024Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
394544100172202 Decatur03S 26W 30CBB 025501-DEC-1965 to 30-DEC-2011 -100.29205739.761785UnusedUnused144
394545100350701 Decatur03S 29W 28CAB 014912-DEC-1996 to 10-MAR-2021 -100.58574339.762513Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
394610100395001 Decatur03S 30W 26BBB 0110106-AUG-1962 to 10-MAR-2021 -100.66322639.770004Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation51
394715100355501 Decatur03S 29W 17DCB 0110907-AUG-1962 to 10-MAR-2021 -100.59812439.787125Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation51
394846100314901 Decatur03S 29W 12BBA 0120015-JUL-1959 to 11-OCT-2016 -100.52972339.813445Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation60
394846100314902 Decatur03S 29W 12BBB 011716-JAN-2013 to 10-MAR-2021 -100.52972539.813433Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation61
394859100155901 Decatur03S 26W 05CAD 01629-DEC-2015 to 28-DEC-2020 -100.26658539.817269Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation220
394859100160201 Decatur03S 26W 05CCB 013722-AUG-1952 to 17-OCT-1961 -100.27226839.816213UnusedUnused147
394859100301701 Decatur03S 28W 06DCB 0110401-JAN-1967 to 10-MAR-2021 -100.50542339.815885Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation55
394913100404001 Decatur03S 30W 03CAB 012001-JAN-2004 to 28-DEC-2020 -100.67845739.819714Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
394913100404701 Decatur03S 30W 03CBA 014309-OCT-1964 to 08-JAN-2002 -100.68022739.820994ObservationUnused129
394938100351201 Decatur03S 29W 04BBA 01627-JUL-1962 to 24-JAN-1967 -100.58709539.827398Withdrawal of WaterStock95
395037100293401 Decatur02S 28W 29CCD 014912-DEC-1996 to 10-MAR-2021 -100.49374739.84345Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation69
395037100391501 Decatur02S 30W 26DCC 013501-MAR-1975 to 03-MAR-1987 -100.6545439.8438Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation228
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