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WIZARD Water Well Listing

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Usgs ID
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Date Range
Min Date Max Date
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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372037095001501 Crawford31S 22E 16CDD 011514-NOV-2007 to 02-DEC-2021 -95.0041437.34035ObservationUnused872
372110094464101 Crawford31S 24E 16AAA 01501-SEP-2005 to 30-NOV-2006 -94.77813937.352694Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply970
372118095010601 Crawford31S 22E 08DCD 01301-MAY-1947 to 15-MAY-1980 -95.01910537.355526UnknownPublic Supply1310
372121095011001 Crawford31S 22E 08DC 01301-AUG-1963 to 09-JUN-1964 -95.02018837.356426UnknownUnknown1300
372353094401201 Crawford30S 25E 28DDD 012130-MAY-2004 to 25-JAN-2016 -94.66998537.397944Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply1050
372360094400701 Crawford30S 25E 28DDA 024108-DEC-2008 to 02-DEC-2021 -94.66884637.399943Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply1050
372430094401101 Crawford30S 25E 28DAD 011529-MAR-2006 to 02-DEC-2021 -94.6687137.40211ObservationUnused900
372430094401102 Crawford30S 25E 28DAD 021129-MAR-2006 to 02-DEC-2021 -94.6687637.40211ObservationUnused375
372436094464401 Crawford30S 24E 28AAA 01824-MAY-2004 to 30-NOV-2006 -94.77983537.411039Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply1140
372440094384301 Crawford30S 25E 23DCC 015401-SEP-2005 to 13-DEC-2021 -94.64520737.41113Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply1100
372442094405801 Crawford30S 25E 21CCD 01227-SEP-1979 to 16-MAY-1980 -94.68332737.411901UnknownUnknown49
372442094432801 Crawford30S 24E 24DDD 01302-MAR-1987 to 08-SEP-1987 -94.72434437.412191Withdrawal of WaterIndustrial109
372509094485501 Crawford30S 24E 19ADD 013912-DEC-1977 to 03-JUN-1986 -94.81573237.419683DestroyedUnused955
372518094464201 Crawford30S 24E 21ADA 013206-DEC-2004 to 09-MAR-2015 -94.77866337.421799Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply1165
372717094410301 Crawford30S 25E 09BBA 014402-SEP-2005 to 02-DEC-2021 -94.68415137.454603Withdrawal of WaterPublic SupplyUnknown
372724094443201 Crawford30S 24E 02DDD 013624-MAY-2004 to 10-MAR-2015 -94.74214237.456804Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply1116
373020094501801 Crawford29S 23E 24DBA 019012-DEC-1977 to 22-SEP-1999 -94.83921837.505588ObservationUnused1210
373026094501801 Crawford29S 23E 24ACD 01401-JAN-1945 to 14-MAY-1980 -94.83921837.507419Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply1190
373026094502602 Crawford29S 23E 24ACC 02401-JAN-1952 to 09-JUN-1964 -94.84155337.507419Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply1200
373209094443601 Crawford29S 24E 11ADD 015507-OCT-1987 to 10-SEP-2003 -94.74214137.536131Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
373240094414601 Crawford29S 25E 05CDD 015425-MAY-2004 to 02-DEC-2021 -94.69639137.544651Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply1165
373516095004401 Crawford28S 22E 21CCD 01301-JUN-1959 to 14-MAY-1980 -95.0120337.588183UnknownPublic Supply1020
373826094373101 Crawford28S 25E 01BAD 015024-MAY-2004 to 02-DEC-2021 -94.62501837.640052Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply962
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