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Usgs ID
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Date Range
Min Date Max Date
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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370254097030001 Cowley34S 03E 36CAA 01126-MAR-1986 to 26-MAR-1986 -97.04973937.048247Withdrawal of WaterUnusedUnknown
370300097030002 Cowley34S 03E 36BDD 02126-MAR-1986 to 26-MAR-1986 -97.04973937.050078Withdrawal of WaterUnusedUnknown
370300097030801 Cowley34S 03E 36BDC 01205-DEC-1985 to 26-MAR-1986 -97.05201337.050078ObservationUnusedUnknown
370300097030802 Cowley34S 03E 36BDC 02205-DEC-1985 to 26-MAR-1986 -97.05201337.050078Withdrawal of WaterUnusedUnknown
370307097031601 Cowley34S 03E 36BCA 01104-DEC-1985 to 04-DEC-1985 -97.05431737.051909ObservationUnusedUnknown
370307097031602 Cowley34S 03E 36BCA 02205-DEC-1985 to 26-MAR-1986 -97.05431737.051909ObservationUnusedUnknown
370307097032401 Cowley34S 03E 36BCB 01104-DEC-1985 to 04-DEC-1985 -97.05651437.051909ObservationUnusedUnknown
370307097032402 Cowley34S 03E 36BCB 02204-DEC-1985 to 26-MAR-1986 -97.05651437.051909ObservationUnusedUnknown
370318097031801 Cowley34S 03E 36BBAC01113-MAR-1986 to 13-MAR-1986 -97.05531637.055029ObservationUnusedUnknown
370320097031601 Cowley34S 03E 36BBA 01113-MAR-1986 to 13-MAR-1986 -97.05437837.05551ObservationUnknownUnknown
370757097063401 Cowley33S 03E 33CCA 011619-OCT-2015 to 14-DEC-2021 -97.10952337.132374Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation55
371153097051001 Cowley33S 03E 10ACB 012616-FEB-2004 to 14-DEC-2021 -97.08597237.198061Withdrawal of WaterUnknown35
371206097045701 Cowley33S 03E 10ABB 012708-MAR-1993 to 14-DEC-2021 -96.83745837.237649Withdrawal of WaterUnknown45
371903097082001 Cowley31S 03E 31ABA 016711-DEC-2001 to 14-DEC-2021 -97.1389637.317498Withdrawal of WaterStock23
372010097031001 Cowley31S 03E 24CDB 017809-JUL-1996 to 14-DEC-2021 -97.05282737.336026Withdrawal of WaterStockUnknown
372518097023101 Cowley30S 03E 24DDA 017809-JUL-1996 to 14-DEC-2021 -97.04196837.421594Withdrawal of WaterStock34
395822097534301 Cowley01S 05W 08DDD 011207-OCT-2015 to 14-OCT-2021 -97.89525939.972659Withdrawal of WaterUnknownUnknown
View Records: | 1-17 |

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