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Usgs ID
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Date Range
Min Date Max Date
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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391825097475701 Cloud08S 04W 31DDD 017106-AUG-1958 to 10-SEP-1975 -97.79894739.307588UnknownUnknown30
391905097484301 Cloud08S 04W 31BBD 011313-OCT-2015 to 07-OCT-2021 -97.81200539.317996Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation51
391910097440301 Cloud08S 04W 35BADB01713-JAN-2016 to 27-JAN-2021 -97.73458839.319364Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation231
391929097225801 Cloud08S 01W 25CAC 01210-JAN-2018 to 30-JAN-2019 -97.38279439.324829Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
391930097485601 Cloud08S 04W 30CBC 0111811-JUL-1958 to 08-JAN-2009 -97.81593139.325808ObservationUnused30
391938097325401 Cloud08S 02W 28CAB 01613-JAN-2016 to 20-JAN-2021 -97.54824539.327308Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation220
392000097490801 Cloud08S 05W 25AA 017711-JUL-1958 to 12-OCT-1978 -97.8194139.333956ObservationUnused31
392000097514201 Cloud08S 05W 27AB 017614-AUG-1958 to 12-OCT-1978 -97.86169339.333773ObservationUnused40
392026097485201 Cloud08S 04W 19CB 017606-AUG-1958 to 12-OCT-1978 -97.81457339.34125ObservationUnused30
392043097515501 Cloud08S 05W 22BDA 017414-AUG-1958 to 12-OCT-1978 -97.86511139.345614ObservationUnused29
392056097520301 Cloud08S 05W 22BAB 015801-JUL-1958 to 12-OCT-1978 -97.86749139.34923ObservationUnused22
392114097340201 Cloud08S 02W 17CAC 01610-NOV-2016 to 27-JAN-2021 -97.56759139.353798Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
392126097422901 Cloud08S 04W 13DAB 01610-NOV-2016 to 20-JAN-2021 -97.70837539.35732Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation300
392128097490401 Cloud08S 05W 13ADD 014411-JUL-1958 to 10-SEP-1975 -97.81823539.358538ObservationUnused31
392201097503801 Cloud08S 05W 11DCB 015106-AUG-1958 to 10-SEP-1975 -97.84406939.36751ObservationUnused30.9
392201097522901 Cloud08S 05W 09DDA 017009-JUL-1958 to 12-OCT-1978 -97.87446639.367328ObservationUnused31
392227097522101 Cloud08S 05W 10BCB 015309-JUL-1958 to 06-OCT-1972 -97.87213139.374576ObservationUnused34
392325097290301 Cloud08S 02W 01ACC 01613-JAN-2016 to 21-JAN-2021 -97.48424339.390342Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation283
392520097230101 Cloud07S 01W 24CCD 01627-OCT-2016 to 21-JAN-2021 -97.3839739.42223Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation153
392536097301201 Cloud07S 02W 23DCA 01527-OCT-2016 to 14-FEB-2020 -97.5034439.42653Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation280
392738097274501 Cloud07S 01W 07ADD 01627-OCT-2016 to 21-JAN-2021 -97.46290139.460628ObservationUnusedUnknown
392934097341101 Cloud06S 02W 33B 014523-APR-1997 to 21-JAN-2021 -97.55000239.492152Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation193
392951097330801 Cloud06S 02W 28CC 014124-APR-1997 to 20-DEC-2016 -97.55247639.497508UnknownUnknownUnknown
393032097243401 Cloud06S 01W 27A 014424-APR-1997 to 21-JAN-2021 -97.41096839.506115Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
393155097351201 Cloud06S 02W 18BDC 01227-OCT-2016 to 20-DEC-2016 -97.5869939.53195ObservationUnusedUnknown
393218097265001 Cloud06S 01W 17A 014424-APR-1997 to 21-JAN-2021 -97.44886939.535447Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
393221097340001 Cloud06S 02W 18BAA 01627-OCT-2016 to 21-JAN-2021 -97.58353539.53911ObservationUnusedUnknown
393304097242001 Cloud06S 01W 11BB 014424-APR-1997 to 21-JAN-2021 -97.4057339.551139UnknownUnknownUnknown
393328097455201 Cloud06S 04W 04DAC 01610-NOV-2016 to 21-JAN-2021 -97.76481939.557733Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation186
393358097372501 Cloud05S 03W 35DCC 01205-AUG-1996 to 09-DEC-1996 -97.62392839.566667Withdrawal of WaterPublic SupplyUnknown
393411097240901 Cloud05S 01W 35DCD 025010-MAR-1994 to 14-MAR-2018 -97.40270139.569598UnknownUnknownUnknown
393411097273601 Cloud05S 01W 32CC 01221-SEP-1955 to 01-JUN-1963 -97.46033539.568328Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation98
393428097335401 Cloud05S 02W 32DBB 01226-OCT-1955 to 12-SEP-1962 -97.56385339.572755Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation54
393428097342801 Cloud05S 02W 32CBB 01226-OCT-1955 to 01-JUN-1963 -97.57329939.572755Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation50
393428097410901 Cloud05S 03W 32BCC 011607-NOV-1995 to 03-OCT-2000 -97.68615539.574446Withdrawal of WaterDomesticUnknown
393433097295401 Cloud05S 02W 36BCC 01226-OCT-1955 to 12-SEP-1962 -97.49793439.574677Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation40
393437097282601 Cloud05S 01W 31BD 01326-OCT-1955 to 12-SEP-1962 -97.4735839.575576Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation78
393440097240501 Cloud05S 01W 35DCD 014701-OCT-1992 to 08-OCT-2015 -97.40162339.577731UnknownUnknownUnknown
393440097240502 Cloud05S 01W 35BCA 011212-MAR-2015 to 14-OCT-2021 -97.40176139.577694Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation62
393452097401401 Cloud05S 03W 32AAA 01205-AUG-1996 to 09-DEC-1996 -97.66975939.576391Withdrawal of WaterPublic SupplyUnknown
393453097312001 Cloud05S 02W 34AAB 01326-OCT-1955 to 12-SEP-1962 -97.52141839.580063Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation81
393457097375402 Cloud05S 03W 27DDB 023319-APR-1996 to 06-OCT-2009 -97.63198539.582502Withdrawal of WaterDomesticUnknown
393458097385601 Cloud05S 03W 27CCC 01205-AUG-1996 to 09-DEC-1996 -97.6489339.583334Withdrawal of WaterPublic SupplyUnknown
393500097295401 Cloud05S 02W 25CCC 01211-OCT-1955 to 12-SEP-1962 -97.49799539.581909Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation72
393504097380701 Cloud05S 03W 27D 01119-APR-1996 to 19-APR-1996 -97.63559439.584448Withdrawal of WaterIndustrialUnknown
393506097241501 Cloud05S 01W 26CCB 014101-JUN-1963 to 10-MAR-1978 -97.40514339.584014ObservationUnused25.2
393506097281301 Cloud05S 01W 30DCB 01226-OCT-1955 to 01-JUN-1963 -97.47034539.583725Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation71
393512097290301 Cloud05S 02W 25DAC 01227-OCT-1954 to 01-JUN-1963 -97.48395739.585556Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation68
393518097375101 Cloud05S 03W 26CBB 013520-JUN-1963 to 15-MAR-1978 -97.62995639.587191UnknownUnknown14
393519097245601 Cloud05S 01W 27 018926-SEP-1995 to 08-OCT-2015 -97.41582439.5886UnknownUnknownUnknown
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