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WIZARD Water Well Listing

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Usgs ID
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Date Range
Min Date Max Date
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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392256097105701 Clay08S 02E 02CCA 0119901-SEP-1954 to 05-OCT-2016 -97.18046939.383106Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation48
392312097091901 Clay08S 02E 01BBB 015619-SEP-2002 to 29-MAR-2013 -97.16509739.381349ObservationUnusedUnknown
392959097132401 Clay06S 02E 29DAC 026217-SEP-1999 to 05-OCT-2016 -97.22272239.49986Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation50
392959097133801 Clay06S 02E 29DAC 0114001-OCT-1955 to 17-DEC-1999 -97.22399439.499468UnusedIrrigation53.5
393009097134501 Clay06S 02E 29DAC 015119-SEP-2002 to 29-MAR-2013 -97.22935539.502446ObservationUnusedUnknown
393319097162801 Clay06S 01E 01DB 015719-SEP-2002 to 29-MAR-2013 -97.27483739.555269ObservationUnusedUnknown
393341097173201 Clay06S 01E 02BCD 0118301-OCT-1955 to 05-OCT-2016 -97.29016539.560881Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation56.5
View Records: | 1-7 |

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WIZARD Program updated March, 2020. Data added periodically.