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WIZARD Water Well Listing

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Usgs ID
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Date Range
Min Date Max Date
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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370107099375501 Clark35S 21W 07AAA 0112001-OCT-1940 to 29-JUN-1973 -99.63321337.016707UnknownUnknown33.1
370822099452801 Clark33S 22W 30CBC 0111501-OCT-1961 to 15-DEC-2021 -99.7590137.137063Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation168
370829099532501 Clark33S 24W 26DAA 017908-JUL-1996 to 15-DEC-2021 -99.89022737.14125Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation240
371202099471101 Clark30S 23W 13BDB 016819-DEC-1997 to 22-OCT-2018 -99.78650237.433801Withdrawal of WaterDomestic14.2
371319099464601 Clark32S 23W 26DDD 014001-JUL-1964 to 17-SEP-1975 -99.78048137.222728Withdrawal of WaterStock55
371414099454601 Clark32S 23W 24DD 018615-OCT-1940 to 24-MAR-1965 -99.76302537.238155UnusedUnused24
371733099385801 Clark32S 21W 06BAA 017912-DEC-1996 to 15-DEC-2021 -99.64956137.292552Withdrawal of WaterStock65
371802099383301 Clark31S 21W 31DBB 014908-JUL-1996 to 15-DEC-2021 -99.64239837.30044Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation135
372325099352501 Clark30S 21W 35BCB 015916-SEP-2004 to 15-DEC-2021 -99.5903937.390333UnusedUnknown9.1
372451099583301 Clark30S 24W 20CCD 018108-JUL-1996 to 15-DEC-2021 -99.97579437.414126Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation152
372551099522301 Clark30S 23W 18D 01605-JAN-2016 to 07-JAN-2021 -99.8730837.430878Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation169
372700099575801 Clark30S 24W 08DBA 01705-JAN-2016 to 07-JAN-2021 -99.96591937.450081Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation152
372758099520401 Clark30S 23W 06AAA 0115028-JUN-1939 to 15-DEC-2021 -99.87036237.469129Withdrawal of WaterDomestic160
372997099642901 Clark31S 21W 31DBB 02314-APR-2021 to 15-DEC-2021 -99.64292137.299673UnknownUnknownUnknown
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