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Usgs ID
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Date Range
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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370001094502801 Cherokee35S 23E 13BAC 011301-JAN-1936 to 01-OCT-1971 -94.84402537.001471Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply1210
370012094591501 Cherokee35S 22E 10CDD 01128-APR-2004 to 28-APR-2004 -94.98770737.003347UnknownUnknown306
370103094511301 Cherokee35S 23E 02DCD 01413-AUG-1981 to 18-MAR-1982 -94.85533337.017676ObservationUnknown206
370108094390101 Cherokee35S 25E 02CC 01201-SEP-1964 to 31-JUL-1981 -94.64687737.018176Withdrawal of WaterDomestic181
370109094510701 Cherokee35S 23E 02DCDA01413-AUG-1981 to 18-MAR-1982 -94.85300637.019511UnknownUnknown1050
370205094442301 Cherokee34S 24E 36CDB 01701-JAN-1926 to 10-NOV-1975 -94.73489237.033786ObservationUnused1020
370213094440701 Cherokee34S 24E 36DAB 015324-MAY-2004 to 10-DEC-2021 -94.73524637.036995Withdrawal of WaterPublic SupplyUnknown
370213094472501 Cherokee34S 24E 33CAC 01220-NOV-1981 to 16-MAR-1982 -94.78929137.035664UnknownUnknown1050
370215094440301 Cherokee34S 24E 36DB 012401-MAR-1956 to 13-MAY-1965 -94.7291737.036502Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply1090
370244094443001 Cherokee34S 24E 36BBA 0111207-OCT-1987 to 22-JAN-2021 -94.73686937.045757Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply190
370337094403801 Cherokee34S 25E 28BAA 015225-MAY-2004 to 10-DEC-2021 -94.6771737.060194Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply1080
370340094431502 Cherokee34S 25E 19C 02105-AUG-1993 to 05-AUG-1993 -94.71992537.063353UnknownUnknownUnknown
370349094400701 Cherokee34S 25E 21DDA 015625-MAY-2004 to 10-DEC-2021 -94.66878337.063736Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply1100
370423094380301 Cherokee34S 25E 23AAD 015624-MAY-2004 to 10-DEC-2021 -94.6318137.071595Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply1160
370426094415801 Cherokee34S 25E 20BAB 015425-MAY-2004 to 10-DEC-2021 -94.69853737.074154Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply1204
370437094375601 Cherokee34S 25E 13CCC 014624-MAY-2004 to 30-JAN-2018 -94.6313237.075302Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply1260
370437094481001 Cherokee34S 24E 17DCC 015901-JAN-1974 to 10-DEC-2021 -94.8040837.075431Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply1050
370514094373901 Cherokee34S 25E 13BAC 0135724-DEC-1932 to 08-SEP-1987 -94.62728737.08667ObservationUnused1150
370520094382101 Cherokee34S 25E 14ABB 025624-MAY-2004 to 10-DEC-2021 -94.63910537.088934Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply1240
370537094421401 Cherokee34S 25E 08CBC 015324-MAY-2004 to 10-DEC-2021 -94.70397437.09367Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply910
370653094402701 Cherokee34S 25E 04ADB 01201-FEB-1942 to 27-SEP-1979 -94.67137237.114563UnknownUnknown901
370659094403601 Cherokee34S 25E 04ABD 015026-MAY-2004 to 13-DEC-2021 -94.67493137.117084Withdrawal of WaterIndustrial901
370701094402901 Cherokee34S 25E 04ABA 015126-MAY-2004 to 13-DEC-2021 -94.67469337.119008Withdrawal of WaterIndustrial901
370708094511201 Cherokee34S 23E 02ABA 0111701-AUG-1942 to 27-OCT-1965 -94.85558137.118563Withdrawal of WaterDomestic26
371016094423102 Cherokee33S 25E 18DAA 025401-APR-1964 to 10-DEC-2021 -94.70566437.170343Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply900
371029094503701 Cherokee33S 23E 13BAB 015526-MAY-2004 to 13-DEC-2021 -94.84356737.177178Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply1783
371055094401701 Cherokee33S 25E 09DAD 017611-SEP-1964 to 10-DEC-2021 -94.66929737.181632Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply1020
371408094484301 Cherokee32S 24E 29BBB 015425-MAY-2004 to 10-DEC-2021 -94.81353137.236791Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply1100
371428094493801 Cherokee32S 24E 19CBD 018903-FEB-1943 to 27-OCT-1965 -94.82846937.241681ObservationUnused850
371704094422601 Cherokee32S 25E 06DAD 018101-JAN-1951 to 09-JUN-1964 -94.70659537.285242ObservationUnused25
371713094552101 Cherokee32S 23E 06DAA 01301-SEP-1935 to 12-MAY-1980 -94.92393237.288159UnknownUnknown1280
371846094461701 Cherokee31S 24E 27CDA 015525-MAY-2004 to 02-DEC-2021 -94.77154137.313097Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply920
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