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Usgs ID
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Date Range
Min Date Max Date
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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381635101313701 Wichita20S 38W 33BBA 013617-OCT-1963 to 31-DEC-2002 -101.5270438.276888ObservationUnused205
381636101253301 Wichita20S 37W 32ABA 01101-JAN-1971 to 01-JAN-1971 -101.42584338.277241Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation142
381643101254101 Wichita20S 37W 29DCC 013601-JAN-1970 to 31-DEC-2002 -101.42822338.279026UnusedUnused147
381656101255702 Wichita20S 37W 29CAC 01322-JAN-1969 to 17-JAN-1972 -101.43286238.282658Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation140
381702101305601 Wichita20S 38W 28DAB 01904-JAN-2013 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.51574738.284849Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation215
381804101144001 Wichita20S 36W 24ACC 012211-MAY-1990 to 04-JAN-2014 -101.24433938.301371Withdrawal of WaterDomestic115
381840101324401 Wichita20S 38W 17CBD 015001-JAN-1971 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.54494438.310697Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation200
381844101152101 Wichita20S 36W 14DAD 013212-DEC-1962 to 05-JAN-1987 -101.25585638.312231ObservationUnused108
381855101205302 Wichita20S 37W 13ADD 02622-JAN-1969 to 13-JAN-1975 -101.3479638.315526ObservationUnused24
381900101104901 Wichita20S 35W 15BCC 011801-APR-1951 to 20-JAN-1981 -101.17998838.315985ObservationUnused80.5
381920101104901 Wichita20S 35W 15BBB 012001-JUL-1947 to 03-JAN-2000 -101.18018738.321417Withdrawal of WaterDomestic88
382045101285101 Wichita20S 38W 02ACA 011410-JAN-2005 to 18-AUG-2016 -101.48421338.345423Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation170
382045101285102 Wichita20S 38W 02ACD 011304-JAN-2017 to 06-JAN-2021 -101.48214338.345432Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation170
382111101130101 Wichita19S 35W 32CCC 01201-JAN-1969 to 20-JAN-1969 -101.2178938.352179Withdrawal of WaterStock102
382118101335801 Wichita19S 38W 31CBC 015410-MAR-1969 to 06-JAN-2021 -101.56714538.353967Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation205
382150101291601 Wichita19S 38W 35BAB 01722-JAN-1969 to 13-JAN-1975 -101.48811438.363985Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation195
382204101293301 Wichita19S 38W 26CCB 012922-JAN-1969 to 02-JAN-2002 -101.49275338.367586Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
382236101130201 Wichita19S 35W 29BCB 011403-JUL-1948 to 20-JAN-1981 -101.21825638.375723Withdrawal of WaterStock53
382244101243501 Wichita19S 37W 28ABB 011301-SEP-1972 to 04-JAN-2000 -101.41100938.378772Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation136
382309101273701 Wichita19S 38W 24DAB 012010-JAN-2005 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.4618338.38634Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation171
382337101231301 Wichita19S 37W 22AAB 015222-JAN-1969 to 06-JAN-2021 -101.3890438.393729Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation138
382341101091101 Wichita19S 35W 23ABB 011103-JUL-1948 to 13-JAN-1975 -101.15404538.394018Withdrawal of WaterStock120
382342101332401 Wichita19S 38W 18DCC 011502-DEC-1968 to 10-JAN-1984 -101.55714638.394579Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation187
382428101284301 Wichita19S 38W 14AAB 011127-NOV-1968 to 10-JAN-1984 -101.47926338.407564DestroyedIrrigation175
382428101285901 Wichita19S 38W 14ABB 01827-NOV-1968 to 29-JAN-1979 -101.48382538.407564DestroyedIrrigation175
382431101170201 Wichita19S 36W 15BAA 015522-JAN-1969 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.28393738.40901Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation112
382526101130201 Wichita19S 35W 08BBB 014617-JAN-1977 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.21893538.423581Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation136
382539101140001 Wichita19S 35W 06CCA 01217-JAN-1983 to 10-JAN-1984 -101.23485738.42655Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation150
382551101283301 Wichita18S 38W 12CCB 021105-JAN-2012 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.47605838.497701Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation207
382618101074001 Wichita19S 35W 01AAA 012209-MAR-1967 to 04-JAN-1988 -101.12895838.437765UnusedIrrigation134
382618101080501 Wichita19S 35W 01ABB 013402-OCT-1989 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.13323438.438371UnusedIrrigation130
382620101272901 Wichita18S 38W 36DDD 013101-MAR-1951 to 06-JAN-1997 -101.45869338.438495Withdrawal of WaterStock148
382622101151501 Wichita18S 36W 36CCC 012001-APR-1951 to 20-JAN-1981 -101.25556338.439229Withdrawal of WaterStock100
382625101131101 Wichita18S 35W 31DDD 013601-SEP-1972 to 06-JAN-2021 -101.22033538.438591Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation142
382633101332401 Wichita18S 38W 31DBC 016110-AUG-1948 to 26-MAR-2021 -101.55662738.441867Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation148
382634101235501 Wichita18S 37W 34CBD 011301-MAR-1951 to 13-JAN-1975 -101.40057138.44234DestroyedIrrigation58
382707101211901 Wichita18S 37W 36ABB 012209-MAR-1967 to 04-JAN-1988 -101.35692938.451481Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation155
382707101240301 Wichita18S 37W 34BBB 012201-JUL-1951 to 10-JAN-1984 -101.40290638.451388DestroyedIrrigation135
382711101101701 Wichita18S 35W 34ABB 011913-AUG-1948 to 10-JAN-1984 -101.17284338.452184Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation143
382753101211901 Wichita18S 37W 25ABC 013310-AUG-1965 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.35773838.464249Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
382801101190701 Wichita18S 36W 29ABB 011528-JAN-1965 to 10-JAN-1984 -101.3204938.466114Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation171
382831101321702 Wichita18S 38W 20ACC 0211921-MAR-1951 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.53854438.474017Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation169
382845101262301 Wichita18S 37W 19AAD 012216-NOV-1950 to 09-JAN-1984 -101.44219838.478442Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation200
382851101291601 Wichita18S 38W 23BAB 014201-NOV-1971 to 05-JAN-2011 -101.48854238.480287ObservationUnused119
382852101250901 Wichita18S 37W 21BBB 0112901-FEB-1962 to 03-JAN-2018 -101.4228438.480738Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation195
382900101195601 Wichita18S 36W 18DDC 012201-APR-1951 to 10-JAN-1984 -101.33440638.482441Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation174
382902101090301 Wichita18S 35W 14DCD 0113411-APR-1951 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.15213338.48314Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation139
382902101122201 Wichita18S 35W 17DCD 01724-AUG-1948 to 19-JAN-1970 -101.2074538.482732Withdrawal of WaterDomestic164
382909101164601 Wichita18S 36W 15DBD 013310-JAN-1989 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.28003538.48575Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation175
382913101163001 Wichita18S 36W 15DAD 011801-JAN-1970 to 05-JAN-1987 -101.27643638.486257Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation165
View Records: | 1-50 | 51-100 | 101-150 | 151-153 |

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