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Usgs ID
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Date Range
Min Date Max Date
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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384204101410601 Wallace15S 39W 32CCD 01104-JAN-2020 to 04-JAN-2020 -101.68387338.699013Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation226
384205101401601 Wallace15S 39W 32DDD 01106-JAN-2021 to 06-JAN-2021 -101.6720238.699052Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation226
384206101562901 Wallace15S 42W 36CDC 013903-APR-1951 to 23-JAN-2004 -101.94129838.69819UnusedUnused270
384212101491702 Wallace15S 41W 36DDB 0210827-SEP-1966 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.82206838.701479Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation265
384224101300601 Wallace15S 38W 36CBB 012819-JUN-1958 to 27-JAN-1998 -101.50247338.707183Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation153
384231101401601 Wallace15S 39W 32ADD 01103-FEB-2021 to 03-FEB-2021 -101.67000538.706494Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
384238102004501 Wallace15S 42W 32BDA 014723-JAN-1969 to 03-JAN-2016 -102.01213938.707528Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
384243101482701 Wallace15S 40W 31ABC 01411-FEB-2018 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.80872738.710385Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation230
384250101415501 Wallace15S 39W 31BAA 01108-JAN-2014 to 08-JAN-2014 -101.69759138.712847Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation220
384257101450701 Wallace15S 40W 27DCC 011511-OCT-1960 to 15-SEP-1970 -101.75197538.713742Withdrawal of WaterStock88
384301101354201 Wallace15S 38W 30CCB 011819-JAN-1966 to 10-JAN-1984 -101.59419538.716627Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation232
384310101521901 Wallace15S 41W 27CBC 015611-AUG-1969 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.87265238.717229Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
384310101541501 Wallace15S 41W 29CDA 01917-JAN-1977 to 29-JAN-2008 -101.905338.71598Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation254
384315101325301 Wallace15S 38W 28DBB 018807-OCT-1960 to 10-OCT-1989 -101.54742638.720579Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation202
384316101441601 Wallace15S 40W 26CAB 017124-JAN-1969 to 05-JAN-1999 -101.73799738.71922Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation245
384316101482601 Wallace15S 40W 30DBB 011607-OCT-1960 to 20-JAN-1981 -101.80733538.718869Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation265
384323101372101 Wallace15S 39W 26ACC 0111907-OCT-1960 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.62296338.721246Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation239
384336101395801 Wallace15S 39W 28BBD 012118-JUN-1958 to 10-JAN-1984 -101.66583738.725126Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation200
384342101375401 Wallace15S 39W 26BBB 011015-MAR-1966 to 14-JAN-1975 -101.63092438.727232Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation227
384347101332601 Wallace15S 38W 21CCC 014921-SEP-1988 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.55741438.729143Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation187
384400101332601 Wallace15S 38W 21CBC 012207-OCT-1957 to 10-JAN-1984 -101.55658138.73332DestroyedIrrigation180
384408101444801 Wallace15S 40W 22ADC 012515-JAN-1998 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.74889238.734818Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation255
384427101474301 Wallace15S 40W 20BBD 01901-AUG-1969 to 10-JAN-1984 -101.79572338.73898Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation273
384438101354001 Wallace15S 38W 18CCC 01901-AUG-1969 to 10-JAN-1984 -101.59376838.743863Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation180
384441101310301 Wallace15S 38W 14CCD 015814-JUN-1958 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.51722738.743646Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation150
384441101443201 Wallace15S 40W 14CCC 01818-JAN-1977 to 09-JAN-1984 -101.74219338.742932DestroyedIrrigation260
384500101381701 Wallace15S 39W 15DBA 011301-FEB-1970 to 10-JAN-1984 -101.63753138.749051Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation205
384507101591201 Wallace15S 42W 16ADC 011012-JUL-1951 to 19-JAN-1976 -101.9868938.749842ObservationUnused163
384526101425901 Wallace15S 40W 13BAA 011718-JUN-1958 to 19-JAN-1982 -101.71649738.755673Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation242
384539101461101 Wallace15S 40W 09DCB 015710-MAR-1967 to 06-JAN-2021 -101.76968238.759762Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation261
384549101525501 Wallace15S 41W 09BDD 012010-JAN-2006 to 03-FEB-2021 -101.8816638.76341Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation209
384552101490501 Wallace15S 41W 12DAA 01817-JUL-1951 to 19-JAN-1970 -101.81783338.762386ObservationUnused120
384558101403701 Wallace15S 39W 08ACC 0116310-MAY-1948 to 20-OCT-2021 -101.6779338.765095Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation222
384559101593601 Wallace15S 42W 09BDD 011201-JAN-1970 to 18-JAN-1982 -101.99360438.764277DestroyedIrrigation225
384616101353801 Wallace15S 38W 07BBB 012225-SEP-1957 to 10-JAN-1984 -101.59326438.771054DestroyedIrrigation178
384617101485701 Wallace15S 40W 07BBB 012112-JUN-1958 to 09-JAN-1984 -101.81537638.76971Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation260
384618101515901 Wallace15S 41W 10BAB 017811-JUN-1958 to 11-OCT-1989 -101.8664838.76971Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation264
384624101411001 Wallace15S 39W 05CCC 011302-OCT-1957 to 14-JAN-1975 -101.68599438.772336Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation227
384630101343101 Wallace15S 38W 05CCB 014301-SEP-1969 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.57552838.775329UnusedUnused152
384631101314302 Wallace15S 38W 03DCB 021123-JUN-1958 to 14-JAN-1975 -101.52809338.775006Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation120
384631101374301 Wallace15S 39W 02CCA 01323-JUN-1958 to 03-MAR-1970 -101.62799438.774533Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation204
384644101420801 Wallace15S 39W 06CBC 015628-JAN-1965 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.70391538.775045Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation227
384651101374201 Wallace15S 39W 02BCA 0111923-JUN-1958 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.62690738.782612Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation195
384653101484401 Wallace15S 40W 06BDB 01804-JAN-2014 to 05-JAN-2021 -101.81204338.78151Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation251
384657101535501 Wallace15S 41W 05ACB 013911-JUN-1958 to 14-JAN-2003 -101.89875238.780772DestroyedIrrigation235
384710101442901 Wallace15S 40W 02BBB 012625-JUN-1958 to 27-SEP-1965 -101.74153738.784694Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation256
384710101451901 Wallace15S 40W 03BAB 0113909-OCT-1957 to 06-JAN-2021 -101.75521638.784878Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation254
384710101501101 Wallace15S 41W 02AAA 011820-SEP-1988 to 08-JAN-2001 -101.83715138.785011Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation297
384710101525701 Wallace15S 41W 04BAA 01801-JAN-1963 to 28-FEB-1968 -101.88251738.784373Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation260
384711101574701 Wallace15S 42W 02BBB 013624-JAN-1969 to 09-JAN-2005 -101.96465738.784941DestroyedUnused225
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