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Usgs ID
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Date Range
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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371351097094001 Sumner32S 02E 36BAA 011519-OCT-2015 to 25-OCT-2021 -97.16111837.230725Withdrawal of WaterUnknownUnknown
372033097105401 Sumner31S 02E 23BDB 011106-MAY-1991 to 13-APR-2021 -97.18198337.342522UnusedUnused72
372033097105402 Sumner31S 02E 23BDB 022814-SEP-1993 to 25-OCT-2021 -97.18325237.343522Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation60
372036097134001 Sumner31S 02E 20ADB 014318-DEC-2007 to 25-OCT-2021 -97.22768837.343236Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation57
372227097130901 Sumner31S 02E 09BBD 011106-MAY-1991 to 14-DEC-2020 -97.2194937.37419UnusedUnused60
372227097130902 Sumner31S 02E 09BBD 022814-SEP-1993 to 22-OCT-2021 -97.21833637.373184Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation66
372244097415201 Sumner31S 04W 01DAC 011006-MAR-1986 to 26-FEB-1996 -97.69727437.377141ObservationUnused70
372244097415202 Sumner31S 04W 01DAC 021412-DEC-2001 to 15-DEC-2020 -97.69835937.37625Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation60
372317097424201 Sumner31S 04W 01BBB 014406-MAR-1986 to 25-OCT-2021 -97.71184437.386847ObservationUnused51
372317097434801 Sumner31S 04W 02BBB 012106-MAR-1986 to 18-DEC-2017 -97.7301437.386712ObservationUnused50
372409097443201 Sumner30S 04W 34BAA 012717-MAR-1981 to 21-DEC-2016 -97.74282337.400243ObservationUnused89
372459097203401 Sumner30S 01E 29BDB 011615-OCT-2015 to 14-DEC-2021 -97.3427137.41693Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation50
372514097124301 Sumner30S 02E 21DCC 013001-SEP-1954 to 28-JAN-1970 -97.21221937.421301ObservationUnused21.9
372522097170701 Sumner30S 01E 23DCC 011615-OCT-2015 to 14-DEC-2021 -97.28531637.422761Withdrawal of WaterUnknown35
372528097455901 Sumner30S 04W 21CBB 012118-FEB-1988 to 15-DEC-2020 -97.76931737.421033Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation82
372601097461401 Sumner30S 04W 17DDAA01112-NOV-1998 to 12-NOV-1998 -97.77072237.43375UnknownUnknown70
372607097145301 Sumner30S 02E 18DCC 013301-SEP-1954 to 28-JAN-1970 -97.24871937.436574ObservationUnused26
372626097134801 Sumner30S 02E 17DBB 013201-SEP-1954 to 28-JAN-1970 -97.23115637.441396ObservationUnused28.1
372639097152601 Sumner30S 02E 18BCB 01414-DEC-2020 to 14-DEC-2021 -97.25719237.44603Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation49.2
372648097151401 Sumner30S 02E 18BCA 014018-DEC-2007 to 17-APR-2019 -97.25400737.446713Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation55
372649097143301 Sumner30S 02E 18AA 013004-SEP-1954 to 06-MAR-1968 -97.24311937.447896ObservationUnused29.7
372659097142901 Sumner30S 02E 07DDD 013201-SEP-1954 to 28-JAN-1970 -97.24206637.450505ObservationUnused27
372659097142902 Sumner30S 02E 07DDD 022901-SEP-1954 to 28-JAN-1970 -97.24206637.450505ObservationUnused26.5
372742097194201 Sumner30S 01E 09BBD 01707-MAY-1991 to 10-SEP-1992 -97.32865437.461686UnusedUnused50
372742097194202 Sumner30S 01E 09BBD 023914-SEP-1993 to 14-DEC-2021 -97.32896537.460835Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation48
372748097165701 Sumner30S 01E 11ABA 013301-SEP-1954 to 28-JAN-1970 -97.28279337.46404ObservationUnused31.3
372751097140501 Sumner30S 02E 05CDC 013301-SEP-1954 to 28-JAN-1970 -97.23516937.464513ObservationUnused28.9
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