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Usgs ID
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Date Range
Min Date Max Date
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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374923098420201 Stafford25S 13W 36DCC 0122908-JUL-1981 to 12-OCT-2021 -98.70133737.826017Withdrawal of WaterUnused48
374930098451901 Stafford25S 13W 33DCB 011501-OCT-1956 to 08-JAN-1990 -98.7550237.82775Withdrawal of WaterStock110
374930098470601 Stafford25S 13W 31DDA 0118408-JUL-1981 to 12-OCT-2021 -98.78446237.828668Withdrawal of WaterUnused51
374932098401501 Stafford25S 12W 32CCA 011901-JAN-1944 to 01-JAN-1985 -98.6706537.82717Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation58
374932098420001 Stafford25S 13W 36DCC 0459208-JUL-1981 to 12-OCT-2021 -98.70122737.82603UnusedUnusedUnknown
374932098420002 Stafford25S 13W 36DCC 0259208-JUL-1981 to 12-OCT-2021 -98.70127537.826023UnusedUnusedUnknown
374941098470501 Stafford25S 13W 31DDA 0415408-JUL-1981 to 12-OCT-2021 -98.78439637.82869UnusedUnusedUnknown
374941098470502 Stafford25S 13W 31DDA 0215408-JUL-1981 to 12-OCT-2021 -98.78443337.828687UnusedUnusedUnknown
374950098355701 Stafford25S 12W 36CBB 0115328-JAN-1983 to 13-OCT-2021 -98.60009737.831501UnusedUnusedUnknown
374950098355702 Stafford25S 12W 36CBB 0215328-JAN-1983 to 13-OCT-2021 -98.60009537.831506UnusedUnusedUnknown
374950098355703 Stafford25S 12W 36CBB 0315328-JAN-1983 to 13-OCT-2021 -98.60005737.831487UnusedUnusedUnknown
375000098570701 Stafford25S 15W 34ADB 01305-NOV-1971 to 14-DEC-1973 -98.95264837.835313Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation99
375023098475601 Stafford25S 13W 30CCA 015601-JAN-1944 to 15-JAN-2021 -98.79792337.843643Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation127
375025098542401 Stafford25S 14W 30CDB 014801-APR-1959 to 12-JAN-2021 -98.90805237.843417Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation105
375039098580501 Stafford25S 15W 28DAD 0112004-JAN-2002 to 16-OCT-2012 -98.96781437.843597UnknownUnknownUnknown
375046098580501 Stafford25S 15W 28DAA 0112004-JAN-2002 to 16-OCT-2012 -98.9686437.84616UnknownUnknownUnknown
375053098554601 Stafford25S 15W 25BCB 015801-APR-1995 to 21-OCT-2021 -98.9293837.84999Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation92
375059098595801 Stafford25S 15W 29BBD 017503-MAY-1973 to 21-OCT-2021 -98.99996337.850616Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation96
375105098575701 Stafford25S 15W 27BBC 0113504-JAN-2002 to 01-DEC-2021 -98.9663837.85158UnknownUnknownUnknown
375112098293101 Stafford25S 11W 23DDD 0111501-MAY-1974 to 13-JAN-2021 -98.49094737.853626TestUnused84
375117098350901 Stafford25S 12W 24DDB 014801-APR-1973 to 13-JAN-2021 -98.5867137.856958Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation60
375118098513901 Stafford25S 14W 21DDB 013101-JUL-1984 to 20-JAN-2010 -98.86220337.858186Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation98
375119098515401 Stafford25S 14W 21DCC 0123705-JAN-2001 to 01-DEC-2021 -98.8662537.854828UnknownUnknownUnknown
375129098503801 Stafford25S 14W 22DCA 01115-JAN-2015 to 15-JAN-2015 -98.84382537.858082Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation131
375129098571301 Stafford25S 15W 22CCA 01201-JAN-1995 to 01-JAN-1999 -98.9538837.85813Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
375210098383501 Stafford25S 12W 16DCA 012305-OCT-1988 to 14-JAN-2010 -98.64153737.87165Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation90
375210098531801 Stafford25S 14W 17CDB 01205-FEB-1970 to 14-DEC-1973 -98.88843637.871705Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation90
375211098505601 Stafford25S 14W 16CDD 0123705-JAN-2001 to 01-DEC-2021 -98.86695137.869093UnknownUnknownUnknown
375217098522701 Stafford25S 14W 16CCB 0123805-JAN-2001 to 01-DEC-2021 -98.87584837.870596UnknownUnknownUnknown
375218098575701 Stafford25S 15W 15CCB 0122304-JAN-2002 to 01-DEC-2021 -98.96734737.872591UnknownUnknownUnknown
375223098395801 Stafford25S 12W 17CAA 01606-NOV-1968 to 27-JAN-1981 -98.6655137.87436Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation124
375224098522701 Stafford25S 14W 16CBC 0123705-JAN-2001 to 01-DEC-2021 -98.8746837.87348UnknownUnknownUnknown
375228098451901 Stafford25S 13W 16AAC 0110901-JUN-1977 to 13-JAN-2021 -98.75166837.879682Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation130
375229098483701 Stafford25S 14W 13ACC 01203-MAY-1973 to 14-DEC-1973 -98.8104937.877137UnusedUnused160
375231098561901 Stafford25S 15W 14ACC 01130-APR-1985 to 30-APR-1985 -98.93897537.877137Withdrawal of WaterStock60
375257098523601 Stafford25S 14W 17AAA 0122504-JAN-2002 to 01-DEC-2021 -98.87598137.883348UnknownUnknownUnknown
375307098451101 Stafford25S 13W 09DBD 01206-JUN-1968 to 14-DEC-1973 -98.75291637.887864Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation130
375327098414501 Stafford25S 13W 12ADB 013901-SEP-1967 to 14-JAN-2014 -98.6947537.89277Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation120
375330098475201 Stafford25S 13W 07BDB 01610-OCT-1979 to 10-JAN-1984 -98.79681837.893464Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation32.2
375330098565101 Stafford25S 15W 11BCB 0130403-MAY-1973 to 01-DEC-2021 -98.94870937.893176Withdrawal of WaterStock57
375335098380201 Stafford25S 12W 10BBD 01207-FEB-1972 to 14-DEC-1973 -98.63323637.894105Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation105
375337098533301 Stafford25S 14W 08BCB 0122604-JAN-2002 to 01-DEC-2021 -98.8931237.89366UnknownUnknownUnknown
375342098360701 Stafford25S 12W 11AAA 0119601-JUN-1979 to 13-OCT-2021 -98.60059337.895395Withdrawal of WaterUnused92
375345098360301 Stafford25S 12W 11AAA 0516401-OCT-1978 to 13-OCT-2021 -98.60050537.8954UnusedUnusedUnknown
375345098360302 Stafford25S 12W 11AAA 0216101-JUN-1979 to 13-OCT-2021 -98.60052137.89541UnusedUnusedUnknown
375345098360303 Stafford25S 12W 11AAA 0316101-JUN-1979 to 13-OCT-2021 -98.60054937.89541UnusedUnusedUnknown
375423098295601 Stafford25S 11W 02ACB 012527-APR-1973 to 05-JAN-2000 -98.49828137.906846Withdrawal of WaterDomestic65
375428098513101 Stafford25S 14W 04AAD 017501-DEC-1973 to 21-OCT-2021 -98.85939737.909058Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation68
375429098480401 Stafford25S 13W 06BCB 0116301-OCT-1978 to 12-OCT-2021 -98.80263737.907447UnusedUnusedUnknown
375429098480402 Stafford25S 13W 06BCB 0216201-OCT-1978 to 12-OCT-2021 -98.80265137.907495UnusedUnusedUnknown
View Records: | 1-50 | 51-100 | 101-150 | 151-186 |

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