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Usgs ID
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Date Range
Min Date Max Date
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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390913100274901 Sheridan10S 28W 29DAA 015210-OCT-1964 to 11-JAN-2003 -100.46161739.154637Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation62
390946100351602 Sheridan10S 29W 20CCC 021926-JUN-1952 to 03-JAN-1984 -100.59014239.163047Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation39
390959100220001 Sheridan10S 27W 20CBC 014317-JAN-1966 to 22-DEC-2015 -100.36641539.166686Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation50
390959100220002 Sheridan10S 27W 20CBC 02622-DEC-2015 to 04-JAN-2021 -100.36641939.166618Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation49
391005100190401 Sheridan10S 27W 22DBA 015915-SEP-1965 to 04-JAN-2021 -100.31741439.167826Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation65
391006100345201 Sheridan10S 29W 20CAA 013712-DEC-1984 to 07-JAN-2021 -100.58356439.16929Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
391038100310301 Sheridan10S 29W 14DDD 01701-SEP-1964 to 08-JAN-1970 -100.51810339.177421Withdrawal of WaterStock85
391052100410801 Sheridan10S 30W 17DAD 016120-SEP-1962 to 03-JAN-1984 -100.68548139.181312Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation167
391057100105101 Sheridan10S 26W 13CBB 01228-JUN-1984 to 12-DEC-1984 -100.18142539.181876Withdrawal of WaterUnused100
391131100410801 Sheridan10S 30W 08DDD 0115816-DEC-1964 to 07-JAN-2021 -100.68502339.191327TestUnused184
391204100364101 Sheridan10S 30W 12ADA 016525-JAN-1965 to 07-JAN-2021 -100.61002139.201057Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation187
391209100095401 Sheridan10S 26W 12AAD 013928-JUN-1984 to 04-JAN-2021 -100.16505739.20126Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation88
391216100144701 Sheridan10S 26W 08BAA 01628-JUN-1984 to 02-JAN-1991 -100.24917739.203786Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation100
391222100310301 Sheridan10S 29W 02DDD 014028-JUN-1984 to 07-JAN-2021 -100.51791939.205627Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation180
391229100275701 Sheridan10S 28W 05DDB 015625-JAN-1965 to 07-JAN-2021 -100.46421539.208289Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation173
391339100151101 Sheridan09S 26W 32BCD 011607-JAN-2006 to 08-JAN-2020 -100.25173339.227133Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation159
391339100151102 Sheridan09S 26W 32BDC 01104-JAN-2021 to 04-JAN-2021 -100.25243139.226409Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation160
391353100290301 Sheridan09S 28W 31AAC 012302-SEP-1964 to 03-JAN-1984 -100.48355739.231741Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation206
391400100223301 Sheridan09S 27W 31ABB 012429-JAN-1998 to 04-JAN-2021 -100.37611639.234256Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation148
391401100384601 Sheridan09S 30W 35BBB 0115405-SEP-1962 to 07-JAN-2021 -100.64702239.234106Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation220
391426100184601 Sheridan09S 27W 27DAA 012128-JUN-1984 to 06-JAN-2004 -100.31391539.240935Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation197
391452100313401 Sheridan09S 29W 26BAA 014501-SEP-1964 to 22-DEC-2009 -100.52638139.248101Withdrawal of WaterStock146
391459100220801 Sheridan09S 27W 19DDD 013308-SEP-1952 to 31-DEC-1996 -100.36967939.249822Withdrawal of WaterDomestic138
391512100245301 Sheridan09S 27W 20CBD 012323-JAN-1998 to 04-JAN-2021 -100.36351639.252405Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation217
391512100300401 Sheridan09S 29W 24DAC 01107-JAN-2020 to 07-JAN-2020 -100.50037239.253303Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation245
391544100130001 Sheridan09S 26W 22BBB 014628-JUN-1984 to 04-JAN-2021 -100.21921239.261825Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation214
391558100403501 Sheridan09S 30W 16CDA 011825-JAN-1965 to 03-JAN-1984 -100.67606739.26615Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation76
391612100261901 Sheridan09S 28W 15CBA 012923-JAN-1998 to 04-JAN-2021 -100.43821839.271236Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation227
391637100345901 Sheridan09S 29W 17BAB 016318-JAN-1966 to 07-JAN-2021 -100.58462139.277706Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation196
391643100173001 Sheridan09S 27W 12CCC 016903-FEB-1966 to 04-JAN-2021 -100.29221439.278155Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation199
391706100402901 Sheridan09S 30W 09CAA 01915-JAN-2013 to 07-JAN-2021 -100.67486139.285112Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation210
391742100294701 Sheridan09S 28W 06CCB 012101-SEP-1964 to 03-JAN-1984 -100.49657439.295111Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation89
391801100273801 Sheridan09S 28W 04BCC 0114201-SEP-1964 to 07-OCT-2021 -100.46001839.300885Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation100
391821100320601 Sheridan09S 29W 03AAA 014528-JUN-1984 to 07-JAN-2021 -100.5361239.306726Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation195
391822100390302 Sheridan09S 30W 03AAB 025401-SEP-1964 to 22-SEP-2005 -100.65092339.306086Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation225
391831100265901 Sheridan08S 28W 33DC 013107-AUG-1952 to 15-APR-1961 -100.4489539.308675ObservationUnused56
391847100183701 Sheridan08S 27W 35CBB 014717-DEC-1984 to 07-JAN-2021 -100.31165939.312101Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation163
391906100204301 Sheridan08S 27W 33BBD 018602-SEP-1964 to 07-OCT-2021 -100.345639.31771Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation50
391932100263801 Sheridan08S 28W 28DAD 012417-SEP-1952 to 16-JAN-1974 -100.44315239.325811Withdrawal of WaterStock106
392000100424001 Sheridan08S 30W 30ABC 014726-JAN-1965 to 22-SEP-2005 -100.71032439.332725Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation235
392006100345001 Sheridan08S 29W 29BAA 011925-JAN-1965 to 07-DEC-1982 -100.58225439.334844Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation229
392009100422301 Sheridan08S 30W 30AAB 012007-JAN-2004 to 07-JAN-2021 -100.70627439.336088Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation223
392104100133901 Sheridan08S 26W 16CDD 017926-JAN-1965 to 07-OCT-2021 -100.227739.34974Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation72
392123100105401 Sheridan08S 26W 14DAA 0114626-JAN-1965 to 07-OCT-2021 -100.18301139.355734Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation66
392123100150901 Sheridan08S 26W 17CBB 012412-AUG-1952 to 19-JAN-1971 -100.25467139.355946ObservationUnused55
392123100220601 Sheridan08S 27W 18DAA 017929-JAN-1998 to 07-OCT-2021 -100.36921739.356375Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation90
392124100364001 Sheridan08S 30W 13DAA 0116502-NOV-1964 to 04-JAN-2019 -100.60862239.356725TestUnused254
392124100364002 Sheridan08S 30W 13ADA 013719-AUG-2015 to 16-SEP-2021 -100.60866839.359424UnusedUnknown270
392143100264501 Sheridan08S 28W 16AAC 013123-JAN-1998 to 21-JAN-2021 -100.44521839.361625Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation205
392143100281901 Sheridan08S 28W 17BAD 012429-JAN-1998 to 21-DEC-2015 -100.47231939.362385Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation215
View Records: | 1-50 | 51-100 | 101-112 |

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