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Usgs ID
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Date Range
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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390315095315802 Shawnee11S 17E 33BAC 02201-NOV-1966 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.53278739.055954Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation52
390349095491001 Shawnee11S 14E 26DAB 015901-JUN-1966 to 20-DEC-1973 -95.82007239.063965TestUnused58
390400095392101 Shawnee11S 16E 29ACA 0113101-JUN-1966 to 01-SEP-1992 -95.65632639.068985TestUnused52
390420095401101 Shawnee11S 16E 19DDD 0115201-JUL-1962 to 05-DEC-1983 -95.67065439.074509ObservationUnused50
390421095490201 Shawnee11S 14E 23DDD 016401-JUN-1966 to 13-MAR-1975 -95.81776839.073044TestUnused48
390421095510601 Shawnee11S 14E 22CCC 0110601-DEC-1966 to 10-JUN-1988 -95.85243739.073517TestUnused66
390427095452601 Shawnee11S 15E 21CCA 01401-JAN-1958 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.75831939.075394Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation58
390433095413401 Shawnee11S 15E 24DBD 0119401-DEC-1958 to 05-DEC-1983 -95.6933639.078049ObservationUnused32
390433095424002 Shawnee11S 15E 23DBD 0223801-NOV-1957 to 09-MAR-2004 -95.7119339.077927UnusedUnused54
390433095441101 Shawnee11S 15E 22CAC 0113701-DEC-1957 to 26-JUN-1970 -95.73756639.077591Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation48
390440095374001 Shawnee11S 16E 22CBA 01301-OCT-1966 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.62768439.079758Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation55
390446095413401 Shawnee11S 15E 24ACD 0114801-OCT-1958 to 20-JUN-1972 -95.69323839.081558ObservationUnused45
390453095411801 Shawnee11S 15E 24ADA 0113401-NOV-1957 to 26-JUN-1970 -95.68859939.083313Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation77
390459095394601 Shawnee11S 16E 20BAC 014201-NOV-1957 to 05-JUN-1962 -95.66345239.085022UnusedUnused45
390459095394602 Shawnee11S 16E 20BAC 0211201-JUL-1962 to 20-JUN-1973 -95.66345239.085022ObservationUnused43
390459095414301 Shawnee11S 15E 24ABC 0114101-NOV-1957 to 26-JUN-1970 -95.69563439.085068Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation60
390500095500001 Shawnee11S 14E 23BBC 01401-JAN-1958 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.8340539.08403Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation89
390506095433001 Shawnee11S 15E 22AAA 0113601-NOV-1957 to 26-JUN-1970 -95.72607639.086777Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation50
390507095485301 Shawnee11S 14E 24BBB 019801-JUN-1966 to 05-DEC-1983 -95.8155139.085739TestUnused38
390512095421601 Shawnee11S 15E 13CCC 0113501-OCT-1958 to 26-JUN-1970 -95.70491139.088623Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation69
390519095384701 Shawnee11S 16E 16CCA 016101-JUN-1966 to 18-JUN-1974 -95.64672739.0905TestUnused31
390519095414301 Shawnee11S 15E 13DCB 017001-OCT-1958 to 01-SEP-1964 -95.69555739.090393ObservationUnused40
390519095432201 Shawnee11S 15E 14CCB 0114501-OCT-1958 to 18-JUN-1971 -95.72371139.090363ObservationUnused44
390519095445301 Shawnee11S 15E 16DCA 01206405-JUL-1950 to 17-FEB-2004 -95.74852439.08899ObservationUnused38
390519095445302 Shawnee11S 15E 16DCA 02918-OCT-2018 to 05-MAR-2020 -95.74845439.088976ObservationUnused64.2
390525095404401 Shawnee11S 16E 18CAD 0115710-OCT-1958 to 12-SEP-1975 -95.67956539.092209TestUnused40
390525095412601 Shawnee11S 15E 13DAC 0114101-DEC-1958 to 26-JUN-1970 -95.69093439.092209ObservationUnused68
390525095413401 Shawnee11S 15E 13DBD 0114101-DEC-1958 to 26-JUN-1970 -95.69323839.092209ObservationUnused76
390525095414301 Shawnee11S 15E 13DBC 0124301-DEC-1958 to 09-MAR-2004 -95.69555739.092209ObservationUnused77
390532095392901 Shawnee11S 16E 17DBB 01901-DEC-1966 to 18-SEP-1969 -95.65869139.094101TestUnused47
390532095424901 Shawnee11S 15E 14DBB 0114201-OCT-1958 to 26-JUN-1970 -95.71429539.093964ObservationUnused39
390532095432201 Shawnee11S 15E 14CBB 0114301-JAN-1958 to 26-JUN-1970 -95.7236539.093918Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation92
390533095505001 Shawnee11S 14E 15CAB 01301-NOV-1957 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.84802739.093368Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation62
390534095542901 Shawnee11S 14E 18CBB 0110701-OCT-1966 to 06-MAR-1992 -95.90857639.09352TestUnused44
390545095423201 Shawnee11S 15E 14ADB 0119316-DEC-1933 to 05-DEC-1983 -95.70961139.097564Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation58
390552095455901 Shawnee11S 15E 17ABD 01301-NOV-1957 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.76788639.098815Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation55
390559095485301 Shawnee11S 14E 13BBB 0114801-JUN-1966 to 09-MAR-2004 -95.81544939.100295TestUnused48
390559095503301 Shawnee11S 14E 15ABB 017824-FEB-1977 to 17-DEC-2003 -95.84340439.100524ObservationUnused56
390605095473001 Shawnee11S 15E 07CDC 015929-OCT-1965 to 26-JUN-1970 -95.79242339.102355Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation53
390605095473003 Shawnee11S 15E 07CDC 03901-JUN-1966 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.79242339.102355TestUnused45
390613095564301 Shawnee11S 13E 11CCB 01301-AUG-1956 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.94582439.104461Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation32
390626095554501 Shawnee11S 13E 11DAA 01301-SEP-1966 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.92951239.108016Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation49
390626095574101 Shawnee11S 13E 10CBA 01401-AUG-1956 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.96199939.108184UnusedUnused48
390632095530301 Shawnee11S 14E 08BDC 01214-OCT-1966 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.88539739.109786Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation70
390658095531902 Shawnee11S 14E 05CCC 02214-OCT-1966 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.8899639.117019Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation58
390718095575801 Shawnee11S 13E 04DAA 01301-SEP-1966 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.96663839.122222Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation39
390731095553601 Shawnee11S 13E 01BCB 01313-AUG-1956 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.92702539.125472Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation78
390731095575801 Shawnee11S 13E 04ADA 017602-JUN-1978 to 09-MAR-2004 -95.96663839.125518ObservationUnused57
390735095575601 Shawnee11S 13E 04AAD 01413-AUG-2018 to 11-MAR-2020 -95.96555639.126524ObservationUnused46.5
390737095565901 Shawnee11S 13E 03AAC 01301-SEP-1966 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.95032539.127212Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation71
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