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Usgs ID
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Date Range
Min Date Max Date
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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370023100550801 Seward35S 33W 16BCA 016201-DEC-1964 to 06-JAN-2021 -100.91764437.005856Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation383
370033100534202 Seward35S 33W 15ABC 025730-MAY-1999 to 25-MAY-2021 -100.8950537.009169UnusedUnknown441
370033100534204 Seward35S 33W 15ABC 044230-APR-1999 to 13-FEB-2020 -100.8950537.009169UnusedUnknown165
370039100441901 Seward35S 31W 18BBA 012601-JAN-1959 to 12-JAN-1991 -100.7381737.009272Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation328
370123100402401 Seward35S 31W 10AAC 013918-JUL-1984 to 07-JAN-2021 -100.67393537.020825Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation480
370128101004001 Seward35S 34W 10BBB 0111415-MAY-1954 to 06-JAN-2021 -101.01244637.024926Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation353
370147101004001 Seward35S 34W 03CBC 011430-MAR-1978 to 13-JAN-1994 -101.01141737.029567Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation383
370157100505901 Seward35S 32W 06CBB 012916-JAN-1985 to 07-JAN-2011 -100.84954137.032095Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
370301100454001 Seward34S 32W 35ADA 014212-JAN-1977 to 07-JAN-2021 -100.76003837.051004Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation216
370355100592301 Seward34S 34W 26BCA 012316-JAN-1985 to 07-JAN-2008 -100.98984537.065056Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
370407100442701 Seward34S 31W 30BBB 015101-JAN-1940 to 07-JAN-2021 -100.74123737.067804TestUnused705
370407100442702 Seward34S 31W 30BBB 02822-OCT-1974 to 25-JAN-1983 -100.74077837.067056TestUnused470
370407100442703 Seward34S 31W 30BBB 03123-JAN-1975 to 23-JAN-1975 -100.74077837.067056TestUnused250
370407100492901 Seward34S 32W 29BAA 013916-JAN-1985 to 06-JAN-2021 -100.8253437.068574Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
370434100405203 Seward34S 31W 22BDD 033019-MAY-1999 to 25-MAY-2021 -100.68114637.075661UnusedUnknown215
370503101015401 Seward34S 34W 17DDD 01916-OCT-1974 to 20-JAN-1983 -101.03186237.08398TestUnused546
370523101004901 Seward34S 34W 16DAA 015527-JAN-1965 to 05-JAN-2018 -101.01304537.089696Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation458
370602100572601 Seward34S 33W 07CCB 0112501-DEC-1964 to 06-JAN-2021 -100.95724437.099675Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation360
370658100550501 Seward34S 33W 04BCD 01822-JAN-1981 to 27-JAN-1988 -100.9192537.120524Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation605
370706100384201 Seward34S 31W 01CAA 012901-DEC-1995 to 07-JAN-2021 -100.64673337.117353UnusedUnused340
370710100530001 Seward34S 33W 02CBA 01705-JAN-2015 to 06-JAN-2021 -100.88342937.119434Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation622
370723101013401 Seward34S 34W 04BDD 01507-MAY-1979 to 12-JAN-1984 -101.02301237.120249Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation580
370832100553301 Seward33S 33W 29DDC 018401-JAN-1955 to 13-MAR-1972 -100.92626937.14216Withdrawal of WaterStock179
370833100482401 Seward33S 32W 28CDD 011101-JAN-1940 to 12-JAN-1984 -100.80645337.141869TestUnused465
370833100482402 Seward33S 32W 28CDD 024910-OCT-1974 to 06-JAN-2021 -100.80803837.140843TestUnused205
370842100413301 Seward33S 31W 28DDB 011116-JAN-1985 to 22-JAN-1999 -100.69416437.143593Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
370842100515101 Seward33S 33W 25DCC 012901-JAN-1967 to 04-APR-2007 -100.8591437.141603Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation485
370910100422701 Seward33S 31W 28BBC 011106-JAN-2013 to 07-JAN-2021 -100.70755637.152886Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation540
370918100453201 Seward33S 32W 25BBB 01701-OCT-1964 to 21-JAN-1970 -100.75910337.154334Withdrawal of WaterIndustrial147
370954100424701 Seward33S 31W 20ACA 011308-JAN-2000 to 07-JAN-2011 -100.71463437.164222Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation418
371000100561001 Seward33S 33W 20BCC 014322-JAN-1981 to 06-JAN-2021 -100.94084237.163404Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
371026101020701 Seward33S 34W 17DCC 014325-JAN-1983 to 06-JAN-2021 -101.04004337.170645Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation533
371148100510701 Seward33S 33W 12AAD 015401-DEC-1964 to 05-JAN-2019 -100.85083837.196222Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation140
371148100510702 Seward33S 33W 12AAD 02405-JAN-2019 to 06-JAN-2021 -100.85084937.19638Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
371154100412801 Seward33S 31W 09AAB 013630-SEP-1987 to 07-JAN-2021 -100.69403337.198691Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation448
371237100455301 Seward33S 32W 02AAC 012506-JAN-1999 to 07-JAN-2021 -100.76543537.209601Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation374
371303101010301 Seward32S 34W 33DDD 01401-JAN-1978 to 11-JAN-1984 -101.01446637.214411Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation488
371306100554201 Seward32S 33W 32DBD 015322-MAY-1985 to 07-JAN-2021 -100.92774137.217443Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
371319100435401 Seward32S 31W 31ACC 011401-DEC-1964 to 25-JAN-1983 -100.73351237.221318Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation386
371339101025301 Seward32S 34W 32BBB 014030-JAN-1958 to 09-JAN-2003 -101.04954137.227904Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation350
371339101025302 Seward32S 34W 29CCC 011205-JAN-2004 to 08-JAN-2014 -101.04943937.228035Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation482
371403100394301 Seward32S 31W 26CAA 014301-FEB-1979 to 07-JAN-2021 -100.66273237.235171Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation390
371410100394301 Seward32S 31W 26BDD 011401-DEC-1958 to 16-JAN-1978 -100.66374737.236136Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation341
371444100550101 Seward32S 33W 21CDB 0125401-JUL-1940 to 01-NOV-1984 -100.91747837.245293Withdrawal of WaterDomestic53
371516101022801 Seward32S 34W 20BAD 01805-JAN-2015 to 06-JAN-2021 -101.0410437.254546Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation505
371524100504201 Seward32S 32W 19BAB 015401-JAN-1958 to 05-JAN-2015 -100.84633837.256891Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation400
371524100504202 Seward32S 32W 19BAB 02605-JAN-2016 to 06-JAN-2021 -100.84566437.256963Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation492
371529101022001 Seward32S 34W 17DCC 012401-JAN-1958 to 27-JAN-1988 -101.0398137.257989Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation335
371606100553801 Seward32S 33W 17ABC 01221-JAN-1981 to 11-JAN-1984 -100.93098337.269066Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation430
371615100463701 Seward32S 32W 14BBB 019301-DEC-1964 to 08-JAN-1999 -100.77973537.27119Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation420
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