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Usgs ID
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Date Range
Min Date Max Date
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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372042097382601 Sedgwick28S 01E 05CADC 012602-APR-2005 to 20-DEC-2019 -97.34537.6405ObservationUnused38.6
372712097271201 Sedgwick27S 01W 17DCC 014028-JUL-1990 to 21-JUN-2013 -97.4532937.69466ObservationUnused27
372926097170601 Sedgwick29S 01E 35ABB 011903-NOV-2009 to 20-DEC-2019 -97.2850337.49063Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation53
372926097173601 Sedgwick29S 01E 35BBA 014103-MAY-1991 to 14-DEC-2021 -97.29500637.490002Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation54
373016097221101 Sedgwick29S 01W 25AAA 013917-DEC-2007 to 14-DEC-2021 -97.3697937.50455Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation75
373018097341501 Sedgwick29S 02W 19DDD 013118-DEC-2007 to 24-OCT-2018 -97.57088237.50506UnusedUnknownUnknown
373019097221301 Sedgwick29S 01W 25AAA 023506-MAY-1991 to 17-DEC-2007 -97.369937.5047Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation72
373020097294901 Sedgwick29S 02W 23DDDA 012123-SEP-1999 to 20-DEC-2019 -97.4969537.50566ObservationUnused50
373110097175201 Sedgwick29S 01E 22AAA 011615-OCT-2015 to 14-DEC-2021 -97.2977637.519228Withdrawal of WaterUnknownUnknown
373122097185401 Sedgwick29S 01E 16DDD 014123-MAY-1985 to 12-MAR-1996 -97.31695837.521533UnusedDomesticUnknown
373232097232801 Sedgwick29S 01W 11DABA 0122321-DEC-1988 to 20-DEC-2019 -97.3910737.54209ObservationUnused70
373233097172001 Sedgwick29S 01E 11DBBB 012501-MAY-2002 to 20-DEC-2019 -97.2880837.54253ObservationUnused25
373237097174501 Sedgwick29S 01E 11BCC 011607-MAY-1991 to 12-MAR-1996 -97.29615237.543628Withdrawal of WaterDomesticUnknown
373238097174801 Sedgwick29S 01E 11BCC 01417-DEC-2007 to 13-DEC-2010 -97.29516837.540805UnknownUnknownUnknown
373257097260301 Sedgwick29S 01W 04CDDD 017626-JUN-1996 to 20-DEC-2019 -97.4342437.54923ObservationUnused110
373313097263001 Sedgwick29S 01W 04CBC 014517-JAN-1996 to 14-DEC-2021 -97.4429937.553536UnusedUnknown120
373426097222101 Sedgwick28S 01W 36ADC 016001-APR-1959 to 18-SEP-1979 -97.37390437.572405Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation58
373435097185501 Sedgwick28S 01E 34BBCC 012102-APR-2005 to 20-DEC-2019 -97.3153137.57626ObservationUnused25
373446097225401 Sedgwick28S 01W 36BAB 015101-SEP-1958 to 12-MAR-1996 -97.38319737.577776Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation55
373446097225402 Sedgwick28S 01W 36BAB 012217-DEC-2007 to 14-DEC-2021 -97.38315537.577939Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation55
373510097203601 Sedgwick28S 01E 29CAAA 012618-APR-2002 to 20-DEC-2019 -97.343237.58617ObservationUnused52.6
373523097284201 Sedgwick28S 01W 30BCB 011615-OCT-2015 to 14-DEC-2021 -97.4781937.589695Withdrawal of WaterUnknownUnknown
373532097320601 Sedgwick28S 02W 28AAA 01213-JUL-1979 to 24-DEC-1980 -97.53534437.590745ObservationUnused42
373545097314201 Sedgwick28S 02W 22CDB 01213-JUL-1979 to 24-DEC-1980 -97.52869137.594422ObservationUnused32
373710097244201 Sedgwick28S 01W 15ACA 017222-MAR-1964 to 26-SEP-1978 -97.41316637.617768Withdrawal of WaterStock38
373710097244202 Sedgwick28S 01W 15ACA 026428-JUN-1979 to 12-MAR-1996 -97.41316637.617768Withdrawal of WaterDomestic62
373717097262201 Sedgwick28S 01W 16BAB 011927-OCT-2009 to 20-DEC-2019 -97.439437.6213ObservationUnused151
373730097235301 Sedgwick28S 01W 11CCD 028220-OCT-1964 to 11-JUN-1984 -97.40393437.62326ObservationUnused83
373751097263901 Sedgwick28S 01W 08ADDA 012625-SEP-2002 to 20-DEC-2019 -97.4442837.63094ObservationUnused24
373802097241801 Sedgwick28S 01W 11BCB 0114720-OCT-1964 to 14-DEC-2021 -97.40720837.632541ObservationUnused82.7
373842097204901 Sedgwick28S 01E 05CDBB01625-MAR-2005 to 29-SEP-2010 -97.3470637.64049ObservationUnused39
373842097241801 Sedgwick28S 01W 02CBB 012201-APR-1959 to 14-SEP-1964 -97.40614737.643051Withdrawal of WaterDomestic30
374005097232701 Sedgwick27S 01W 26DDBA 012022-AUG-2007 to 20-DEC-2019 -97.3908737.668Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation48
374007097232201 Sedgwick27S 01W 26DDA 01116101-OCT-1959 to 04-SEP-2009 -97.3913937.668ObservationUnused87
374141097200101 Sedgwick27S 01E 16CCCA 012106-AUG-2004 to 21-DEC-2019 -97.333737.69478ObservationUnused21
374149097220501 Sedgwick27S 01E 18CC 01168205-SEP-1937 to 31-MAR-1967 -97.36902137.69641Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply47.4
374223097295401 Sedgwick27S 02W 13BBB 0314919-DEC-1988 to 04-OCT-2021 -97.49859937.70653ObservationUnused127
374223097295402 Sedgwick27S 02W 13BBB 0214719-DEC-1988 to 04-OCT-2021 -97.49859637.706534ObservationUnused94
374223097295403 Sedgwick27S 02W 13BBB 0114719-DEC-1988 to 04-OCT-2021 -97.49858937.706552ObservationUnused55
374228097214301 Sedgwick27S 01E 18ABBB 014503-OCT-1994 to 21-DEC-2019 -97.3618537.7078ObservationUnused29
374320097284101 Sedgwick27S 01W 07BBB 0315019-DEC-1988 to 04-OCT-2021 -97.4787737.722275ObservationUnused180
374320097284102 Sedgwick27S 01W 07BBB 0214719-DEC-1988 to 04-OCT-2021 -97.47876937.72229ObservationUnused128
374320097284103 Sedgwick27S 01W 07BBB 0115019-DEC-1988 to 04-OCT-2021 -97.47877237.722272ObservationUnused42
374329097213701 Sedgwick27S 01E 06DCC 0130801-NOV-1938 to 02-JUL-1975 -97.36060137.724735ObservationUnused24
374413097274401 Sedgwick27S 01W 05BBB 036214-DEC-1988 to 18-MAY-2000 -97.46105437.737115ObservationUnused176
374413097274402 Sedgwick27S 01W 05BBB 026214-DEC-1988 to 18-MAY-2000 -97.46106637.737113ObservationUnused125
374413097274403 Sedgwick27S 01W 05BBB 016214-DEC-1988 to 18-MAY-2000 -97.4610537.737108ObservationUnused60
374413097274404 Sedgwick27S 01W 05BBB 048110-DEC-2001 to 04-OCT-2021 -97.46105137.737045ObservationUnused63
374413097274405 Sedgwick27S 01W 05BBB 058110-DEC-2001 to 04-OCT-2021 -97.46104837.737054ObservationUnused128
374413097274406 Sedgwick27S 01W 05BBB 068114-JAN-2001 to 04-OCT-2021 -97.46104737.737064ObservationUnused177
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