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Usgs ID
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Date Range
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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383637097385701 Saline16S 03W 33DDD 0110102-JUL-1951 to 07-NOV-1972 -97.64971538.609839ObservationUnused40
383637097391401 Saline16S 03W 33DCD 018206-MAR-1986 to 01-APR-2021 -97.65356838.609038UnusedUnusedUnknown
383729097370201 Saline16S 03W 26DCD 0116609-APR-1946 to 08-OCT-2009 -97.61953238.623556ObservationUnused27.8
383821097364501 Saline16S 03W 23DDD 016524-MAY-1965 to 02-JUN-1981 -97.61286338.638952ObservationUnused41
383914097353101 Saline16S 02W 18CCC 0119521-MAR-1946 to 18-MAR-2009 -97.59205738.653325UnknownUnknown35.1
383914097361201 Saline16S 03W 13CDD 0112801-APR-1946 to 26-SEP-1968 -97.60364738.653402ObservationUnused46.2
383955097351901 Saline16S 02W 18BAB 014814-MAR-1997 to 07-OCT-2021 -97.58887638.665223UnknownUnknownUnknown
383959097353101 Saline16S 02W 18BBB 019415-MAR-1962 to 06-JUN-1984 -97.59217238.666219ObservationUnused40
384006097342401 Saline16S 02W 08CCC 019920-OCT-1950 to 15-JUN-1971 -97.57416638.667974ObservationUnused27.9
384038097363701 Saline16S 03W 12BCB 0110321-NOV-1950 to 07-NOV-1972 -97.6109138.677114ObservationUnused27.7
384052097360401 Saline16S 03W 12ABB 014415-MAR-1962 to 23-JUN-1970 -97.60149538.680761ObservationUnused44.5
384149097353301 Saline15S 02W 31CCC 0110219-OCT-1950 to 07-NOV-1972 -97.59339238.697285ObservationUnused26.4
384236097360601 Saline15S 03W 36ABB 0113926-MAR-1946 to 07-NOV-1972 -97.60273138.709965ObservationUnused46.8
384236097361501 Saline15S 03W 36BAA 01814-MAR-1997 to 18-MAR-2009 -97.6050838.709965UnknownUnknownUnknown
384242097345101 Saline15S 02W 30DCD 0113127-MAR-1946 to 04-DEC-1969 -97.58190238.711964ObservationUnused37
384335097354101 Saline15S 03W 24DDD 0114027-MAR-1946 to 07-NOV-1972 -97.59581838.726368ObservationUnused34.2
384426097340201 Saline15S 02W 17CDD 0114028-MAR-1946 to 07-NOV-1972 -97.56816838.740803ObservationUnused31
384426097350801 Saline15S 02W 18CDD 0116629-MAR-1946 to 07-NOV-1972 -97.58661738.740818ObservationUnused44.8
384427097364001 Saline15S 03W 13CCC 019424-JAN-1951 to 17-NOV-1971 -97.61211538.740971ObservationUnused29
384519097354201 Saline15S 03W 12DDD 0110317-JAN-1951 to 07-NOV-1972 -97.59587938.755314ObservationUnused30
384605097360701 Saline15S 03W 12ABB 017924-JAN-1951 to 18-JUL-1966 -97.6027338.768101ObservationUnused30
384621097352301 Saline15S 02W 06CAA 014714-MAR-1997 to 07-OCT-2021 -97.58990538.772453UnknownUnknownUnknown
384657097343501 Saline15S 02W 06AAA 019424-JAN-1951 to 07-NOV-1972 -97.57707938.78255ObservationUnused29
384703097353301 Saline14S 02W 31CCC 019217-OCT-1950 to 07-NOV-1972 -97.59333138.784366UnknownUnused60
384750097355101 Saline14S 03W 36AAB 013614-MAR-1997 to 08-OCT-2015 -97.59785438.797134UnknownUnknownUnknown
384750097360701 Saline14S 03W 36ABB 012913-OCT-1950 to 04-DEC-1969 -97.60248638.797122ObservationUnused44
384756097350901 Saline14S 02W 30CDD 0110124-JAN-1951 to 17-NOV-1971 -97.58631138.798984ObservationUnused28
385109097324001 Saline14S 2W 09ACA 014616-OCT-1997 to 07-OCT-2021 -97.54475938.852571UnknownUnknownUnknown
385217097232701 Saline13S 01W 35DDD 013503-JAN-1963 to 06-OCT-1972 -97.39202938.871553ObservationUnused26
385217097323101 Saline13S 02W 33DDC 014820-MAY-1985 to 03-DEC-1997 -97.54204338.871294UnusedUnused64
385435097242502 Saline13S 01W 23BCB 0211507-JUN-1982 to 07-OCT-2021 -97.40861538.908791UnknownUnknown49
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