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Usgs ID
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Date Range
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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382551099174801 Rush19S 18W 03ACA 01801-MAY-1960 to 28-JAN-1970 -99.295938.432142Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation140
382617099153601 Rush18S 18W 36DCA 01901-MAY-1960 to 28-JAN-1970 -99.25915638.438841Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation54
382643099175601 Rush18S 18W 34ACB 01601-JUN-1960 to 28-JAN-1970 -99.2985438.446485Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation105
382643099212301 Rush18S 18W 31BDA 013101-MAY-1960 to 15-JUN-1971 -99.35609838.447112Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation63
382650099183001 Rush18S 18W 34BBC 013901-MAY-1960 to 15-JUN-1971 -99.30774138.448408Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation54
382650099212201 Rush18S 18W 31BDA 013001-FEB-1993 to 01-SEP-2003 -99.35607538.447124UnknownUnknownUnknown
382654099173001 Rush18S 18W 34AAD 013001-FEB-1993 to 01-SEP-2003 -99.2910638.447934UnknownUnknownUnknown
382656099183001 Rush18S 18W 34BBB 013801-MAY-1960 to 15-JUN-1971 -99.30774138.450239Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation59
382656099190301 Rush18S 18W 33ABB 01701-JUN-1960 to 28-JAN-1970 -99.31701938.450361Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation56
382656099200101 Rush18S 18W 32ABA 011001-MAY-1960 to 26-MAR-1970 -99.33314838.45053Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation57
382656099210801 Rush18S 18W 31ABC 012416-SEP-1969 to 15-JUN-1971 -99.35377938.448882Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation66
382656099223801 Rush18S 19W 36BAB 013017-SEP-1969 to 15-JUN-1971 -99.37672938.450774Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation55
382702099223001 Rush18S 19W 25CDD 01301-AUG-1969 to 17-FEB-1970 -99.37439438.452605UnusedUnused65.7
382703099174001 Rush18S 18W 27DDC 01801-MAY-1960 to 28-JAN-1970 -99.29388638.451887Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation68
382703099183801 Rush18S 18W 28DDD 011001-MAY-1960 to 17-FEB-1970 -99.30999938.45207Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation59
382703099192801 Rush18S 18W 28CCD 01701-MAY-1960 to 28-JAN-1970 -99.32391638.452254Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation64
382703099205901 Rush18S 18W 30DDC 013701-MAY-1960 to 15-JUN-1971 -99.34926238.452468Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation70
382704099183101 Rush18S 18W 34BBB 016801-FEB-1993 to 02-NOV-2021 -99.30862338.451013UnknownUnknownUnknown
382706099223401 Rush18S 19W 36BAA 016801-FEB-1993 to 02-NOV-2021 -99.37617638.451554UnknownUnknownUnknown
382709099222201 Rush18S 19W 25DCB 013101-AUG-1969 to 15-JUN-1971 -99.37207538.454421UnusedUnused72
382709099223001 Rush18S 19W 25CDA 011301-SEP-1969 to 16-JUN-1971 -99.37439438.45439Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation54
382709099224601 Rush18S 19W 25CCA 011101-SEP-1969 to 16-JUN-1971 -99.37903338.454375Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation54
382710099165001 Rush18S 18W 26DCB 01601-MAY-1960 to 28-JAN-1970 -99.27996938.45355Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation56
382710099183001 Rush18S 18W 27CCB 0112301-MAY-1960 to 02-NOV-2021 -99.30853338.454423Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation67
382710099204201 Rush18S 18W 29CCB 012816-AUG-1969 to 15-JUN-1971 -99.34466938.454238Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation64
382710099213201 Rush18S 18W 30CDB 01801-MAY-1960 to 28-JAN-1970 -99.35834138.454421Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation72
382710099213202 Rush18S 18W 30CDB 021401-AUG-1969 to 20-MAY-1971 -99.35834138.454421Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation79
382710099213203 Rush18S 18W 30CDB 03218-SEP-1969 to 15-OCT-1969 -99.35834138.454421ObservationUnused48
382716099174001 Rush18S 18W 27DAC 01701-JUN-1960 to 28-JAN-1970 -99.29388638.455549Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation81
382716099213201 Rush18S 18W 30CAC 01601-MAY-1960 to 15-JAN-1968 -99.35834138.456206Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation85
382716099213202 Rush18S 18W 30CAC 02330-JUN-1970 to 18-MAR-1971 -99.35834138.456206UnknownUnknown85
382716099213801 Rush18S 18W 30CCA 013001-FEB-1993 to 01-SEP-2003 -99.35954438.454172UnknownUnknownUnknown
382716099224701 Rush18S 19W 25CBD 01901-MAY-1960 to 27-JAN-1970 -99.37903338.456191Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation54
382723099125001 Rush18S 17W 28CBA 01801-MAY-1960 to 28-JAN-1970 -99.21327138.456663Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation63
382723099165001 Rush18S 18W 26DBB 01701-MAY-1960 to 28-JAN-1970 -99.27996938.457197Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation54
382723099190301 Rush18S 18W 28DBB 011327-MAY-1946 to 28-JAN-1970 -99.31689638.457624Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation65
382725099145001 Rush18S 17W 30CAB 013402-DEC-1990 to 21-DEC-2020 -99.24887738.457704Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation78
382729099205901 Rush18S 18W 30ADC 01801-MAY-1960 to 28-JAN-1970 -99.34920138.459731Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation69
382729099230301 Rush18S 19W 26ADD 014001-MAY-1960 to 15-JUN-1971 -99.38368738.459746Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation84
382730099125801 Rush18S 17W 28BCC 014419-MAY-1960 to 15-JUL-1971 -99.21552938.45854Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation63
382732099244710 Rush18S 19W 27BD 102301-NOV-1968 to 15-JUL-1971 -99.41427438.458346ObservationUnused55
382735099222201 Rush18S 19W 25ACB 013101-MAY-1960 to 15-JUN-1971 -99.37201438.461669Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation60
382736099121701 Rush18S 17W 28ACA 01801-MAY-1960 to 28-JAN-1970 -99.20403838.460264Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation62
382736099161701 Rush18S 18W 25BCB 01327-MAY-1946 to 24-MAY-1960 -99.27076838.460737Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation67
382736099163401 Rush18S 18W 26ADB 01701-MAY-1960 to 28-JAN-1970 -99.27539138.460798Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation72
382736099183001 Rush18S 18W 27BCB 017601-MAY-1962 to 16-JUN-1969 -99.30774138.461164Withdrawal of WaterDomestic61
382736099183801 Rush18S 18W 28ADA 015201-APR-1957 to 20-MAR-1962 -99.30999938.46121Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation83
382736099202601 Rush18S 18W 29BDB 012501-MAY-1960 to 15-JUN-1971 -99.34004538.461455Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation80
382736099204201 Rush18S 18W 29BCB 013628-JAN-1970 to 15-JUL-1971 -99.34466838.461501ObservationUnused19.3
382742099174001 Rush18S 18W 27AAC 0116109-APR-1965 to 13-DEC-2018 -99.2950738.4621ObservationUnused53
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