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Usgs ID
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Date Range
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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381026097584201 Rice21S 06W 33DDD 0111624-JAN-1997 to 20-JAN-2022 -97.97749838.173131ObservationUnusedUnknown
381026097584202 Rice21S 06W 33DDD 0211624-JAN-1997 to 20-JAN-2022 -97.97749138.173117ObservationUnusedUnknown
381048098133501 Rice21S 08W 32DBB 013617-JAN-1985 to 30-DEC-2020 -98.22358238.180067Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
381107098210301 Rice21S 09W 31AAC 015401-JAN-1944 to 11-JAN-2021 -98.3475638.18558Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation100
381114098030501 Rice21S 07W 35AAA 0111324-JAN-1997 to 20-JAN-2022 -98.05055838.188016ObservationUnusedUnknown
381131098035101 Rice21S 07W 26CCA 013613-JAN-1986 to 30-DEC-2020 -98.06445238.19195Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation70
381134098040201 Rice21S 07W 26CBD 01716-NOV-1977 to 25-JAN-1983 -98.06528538.192508Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation50
381159098262101 Rice21S 10W 28BBC 01111-SEP-1986 to 11-SEP-1986 -98.4352138.199414Withdrawal of WaterStock33
381203098090501 Rice21S 08W 25ABB 0111016-NOV-1977 to 30-DEC-2020 -98.14930438.201161Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation40
381245098253101 Rice21S 10W 21ADB 01901-DEC-1973 to 17-JAN-1985 -98.4211138.212643UnusedUnused17
381258098005401 Rice21S 06W 19AAA 0111624-JAN-1997 to 20-JAN-2022 -98.01424138.216881ObservationUnusedUnknown
381305098260401 Rice21S 10W 16CDC 012919-AUG-1984 to 13-JAN-2014 -98.43141738.218295UnusedUnused80
381344098174701 Rice21S 09W 15AAC 01320-AUG-1984 to 12-JAN-1996 -98.29262538.228771Withdrawal of WaterOther34
381344098174702 Rice21S 09W 15AAC 021930-MAY-1985 to 08-JAN-2004 -98.29387238.227936Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation40
381355098204801 Rice21S 09W 18AAB 01110-JAN-2018 to 10-JAN-2018 -98.3467238.231847Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation32
381358098045301 Rice21S 07W 10CDD 01107-NOV-1980 to 07-NOV-1980 -98.07955838.232844Withdrawal of WaterDomestic42
381402098281201 Rice21S 10W 07CCA 01605-JAN-2016 to 30-DEC-2020 -98.46993438.233827Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation34
381411098125601 Rice21S 08W 09CBD 0110616-NOV-1977 to 30-DEC-2020 -98.21138938.235278Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation78
381412098272201 Rice21S 10W 07DAD 01105-JAN-2015 to 05-JAN-2015 -98.45621638.236674Withdrawal of WaterUnusedUnknown
381433098202001 Rice21S 09W 08BDB 01316-JAN-2019 to 30-DEC-2020 -98.33896338.242426Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation35
381453098163801 Rice21S 09W 02DDA 014416-NOV-1977 to 30-DEC-2020 -98.27499238.247911Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation60
381503098122301 Rice21S 08W 04DBCB01117-NOV-1992 to 17-NOV-1992 -98.206538.250889UnknownUnknown73
381529098271801 Rice21S 10W 06AAD 0115601-MAR-1982 to 07-OCT-2021 -98.45438338.257182UnusedUnusedUnknown
381529098271802 Rice21S 10W 06AAD 0215601-MAR-1982 to 07-OCT-2021 -98.45436638.257119UnusedUnusedUnknown
381529098271803 Rice21S 10W 06AAD 0315601-MAR-1982 to 07-OCT-2021 -98.45439138.257124UnusedUnusedUnknown
381530098053501 Rice21S 07W 04AAC 014016-NOV-1977 to 11-JAN-2017 -98.09235138.25721Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation50
381608098221001 Rice20S 10W 36ACD 012316-NOV-1977 to 10-JAN-2000 -98.37516438.26875Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation72
381701098190001 Rice20S 09W 28ACD 013309-SEP-1988 to 30-DEC-2020 -98.31697738.282578UnusedUnused75
381718098251501 Rice20S 10W 27BBB 018717-JAN-1985 to 12-OCT-2021 -98.42363238.288412Withdrawal of WaterOtherUnknown
381813098110101 Rice20S 08W 22AAA 0110827-MAR-1979 to 30-DEC-2020 -98.18473838.302761Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation59
381918098152601 Rice20S 09W 12DDA 0120423-AUG-1960 to 05-JAN-2015 -98.2577438.322778Withdrawal of WaterDomestic32
382052098225601 Rice19S 10W 36CDC 01705-JAN-2015 to 30-DEC-2020 -98.38230238.347869Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation46
382259098221301 Rice19S 10W 24DAA 013109-MAY-1996 to 12-APR-2021 -98.37062338.383067UnknownUnknown58
382314098264501 Rice19S 10W 20ADB 0110110-MAY-1959 to 16-SEP-1974 -98.44686738.386684UnknownUnknown68.8
382432098275201 Rice19S 10W 07DDB 011418-JAN-2008 to 30-DEC-2020 -98.46453838.408995Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation59
382840098230601 Rice18S 10W 24BBB 0117505-JUL-1945 to 13-DEC-2021 -98.38624438.47685Withdrawal of WaterStock144
383058098194601 Rice18S 09W 04BCC 0118014-OCT-1966 to 13-DEC-2021 -98.32953438.515122ObservationUnused194
383058098194602 Rice18S 09W 04BCC 0212214-OCT-1966 to 08-JUN-1984 -98.33005438.515528ObservationUnused97
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