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Usgs ID
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Date Range
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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393919097475801 Republic04S 04W 32CCC 013901-NOV-1962 to 18-OCT-1971 -97.79919539.654485ObservationUnused36
393951097463301 Republic04S 04W 33BAC 01310-JUL-1996 to 09-DEC-1996 -97.7767139.663892Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
393955097461701 Republic04S 04W 33ABC 01323-JUL-1996 to 09-DEC-1996 -97.77115639.665284Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation59
394008097475701 Republic04S 04W 29CCC 01322-JUL-1996 to 09-DEC-1996 -97.79893639.669451UnusedUnusedUnknown
394011097464201 Republic04S 04W 28CCD 019823-FEB-1950 to 08-OCT-1971 -97.77813739.669057ObservationUnused21
394011097490601 Republic04S 04W 30CCC 014101-NOV-1962 to 18-OCT-1971 -97.81805539.668997ObservationUnused30
394015097455501 Republic04S 04W 28DD 018409-FEB-1950 to 18-OCT-1971 -97.76521339.669927ObservationUnused35
394032097461001 Republic04S 04W 28ACD 01323-JUL-1996 to 09-DEC-1996 -97.76976739.675004Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation62
394046097470801 Republic04S 04W 29AAC 01310-JUL-1996 to 09-DEC-1996 -97.78643139.679171Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
394055097364101 Republic04S 04W 28BBA 01323-JUL-1996 to 09-DEC-1996 -97.778139.681952Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation69
394121097462401 Republic04S 04W 21CAA 022201-OCT-1992 to 18-OCT-2006 -97.77352239.689085UnknownUnknownUnknown
394121097462402 Republic04S 04W 21CAA 024718-MAR-1999 to 08-OCT-2019 -97.77352239.689085UnknownUnknownUnknown
394124097462201 Republic04S 04W 21CAA 01406-MAR-2020 to 14-OCT-2021 -97.77280839.689912Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation76
394125097454401 Republic04S 04W 22BCC 016401-OCT-1992 to 14-OCT-2021 -97.76281739.690283Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation52.8
394141097460001 Republic04S 04W 21AAC 01323-JUL-1996 to 09-DEC-1996 -97.76699139.694449Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation63
394149097455101 Republic04S 04W 21AAA 0110501-FEB-1950 to 18-OCT-1971 -97.76422239.696326ObservationUnused45
394149097475801 Republic04S 04W 20BBB 0115901-NOV-1962 to 14-OCT-2021 -97.8005339.69711ObservationUnused41
394149097502101 Republic04S 05W 23AAA 015829-MAR-1956 to 19-MAY-1966 -97.83941739.696174ObservationUnused23
394155097512801 Republic04S 05W 15DDD 015829-MAR-1956 to 19-MAY-1966 -97.85809539.698066ObservationUnused29
394155097522701 Republic04S 05W 15CCC 015829-MAR-1956 to 19-MAY-1966 -97.87439139.698097ObservationUnused17
394156097445201 Republic04S 04W 15DDC 013901-JUN-1963 to 18-OCT-1971 -97.74775739.698157ObservationUnused40
394156097451701 Republic04S 04W 15CDD 016611-DEC-1956 to 09-DEC-1996 -97.75477639.698157ObservationUnused42
394156097471601 Republic04S 04W 17DCD 0110323-FEB-1950 to 18-OCT-1971 -97.78773639.698157ObservationUnused21
394202097470701 Republic04S 04W 17DDB 01323-JUL-1996 to 09-DEC-1996 -97.78643139.700007Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation60
394209097463701 Republic04S 04W 16CBD 01323-JUL-1996 to 09-DEC-1996 -97.77671139.702784Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
394241097454301 Republic04S 04W 15BBB 012201-SEP-1962 to 18-OCT-1971 -97.7620439.710867Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation36
394241097522701 Republic04S 05W 15BBB 0110929-MAR-1956 to 08-JAN-2001 -97.87446839.710792ObservationUnused32
394241097544201 Republic04S 05W 17BBB 015929-MAR-1956 to 19-MAY-1966 -97.91192839.711037ObservationUnused22
394247097501301 Republic04S 05W 12CCC 0111329-MAR-1956 to 08-JAN-2001 -97.83711339.712501ObservationUnused33
394247097512001 Republic04S 05W 11CCC 015929-MAR-1956 to 19-MAY-1966 -97.85579139.712577ObservationUnused22
394247097533501 Republic04S 05W 09CCC 016929-MAR-1956 to 05-AUG-1972 -97.8931939.712776ObservationUnused22
394248097463301 Republic04S 04W 09CDC 015711-DEC-1956 to 04-MAR-1971 -97.77607839.712668ObservationUnused32
394250097470901 Republic04S 04W 08DDC 01323-JUL-1996 to 10-DEC-1996 -97.78643139.713896Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation56.5
394317097475401 Republic04S 04W 08BC 0110719-APR-1961 to 10-DEC-1978 -97.79841739.720679UnknownUnknown15
394333097462001 Republic04S 04W 09ABB 01310-JUL-1996 to 10-DEC-1996 -97.77254539.726393Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation64.3
394335097482601 Republic04S 04W 06DCDC013919-MAR-1986 to 08-JAN-2001 -97.80726239.72651ObservationUnusedUnknown
394339097491401 Republic04S 05W 01DDD 0111129-MAR-1956 to 11-MAR-1988 -97.82075639.726997ObservationUnused61
394339097502101 Republic04S 05W 02DDD 0110129-MAR-1956 to 08-JAN-2001 -97.83947939.727058ObservationUnused21
394339097512001 Republic04S 05W 02CCC 0111129-MAR-1956 to 08-JAN-2001 -97.85585239.727134ObservationUnused42
394339097523601 Republic04S 05W 04DDD 0114329-MAR-1956 to 08-JAN-2001 -97.87690939.727256ObservationUnused21
394339097534301 Republic04S 05W 05DDD 0110629-MAR-1956 to 08-JAN-2001 -97.89564739.727303ObservationUnused23
394339097545001 Republic04S 05W 06DDD 0110029-MAR-1956 to 08-JAN-2001 -97.91444639.727379ObservationUnused31
394340097464201 Republic04S 04W 04CCD 019123-FEB-1950 to 21-MAR-1968 -97.77856539.727072ObservationUnused20
394340097483201 Republic04S 04W 06DCC 0111029-MAR-1956 to 09-DEC-1996 -97.80903739.726951ObservationUnused53
394343097455501 Republic04S 04W 04DD 015311-DEC-1956 to 21-MAR-1968 -97.76570239.728064ObservationUnused42.7
394424097463701 Republic04S 04W 04ABB 01310-JUL-1996 to 10-DEC-1996 -97.77671139.740283Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation64.3
394425097491401 Republic04S 05W 01AAA 017629-MAR-1956 to 09-DEC-1996 -97.82075639.739677ObservationUnused46
394425097501301 Republic04S 05W 01BBB 01324-JUL-1996 to 09-DEC-1996 -97.83727239.739707ObservationUnused34
394425097522701 Republic04S 05W 03BBB 019829-MAR-1956 to 08-JAN-2001 -97.87471239.739739ObservationUnused26
394426097465901 Republic04S 04W 05AAA 019923-FEB-1950 to 18-OCT-1971 -97.78338739.739662ObservationUnused34
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