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Usgs ID
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Date Range
Min Date Max Date
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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372818098345501 Pratt29S 12W 36DCC 0115427-JAN-1983 to 11-OCT-2021 -98.58201437.47083UnusedUnusedUnknown
372818098345502 Pratt29S 12W 36DCC 0215427-JAN-1983 to 11-OCT-2021 -98.58202737.470803UnusedUnusedUnknown
372818098345503 Pratt29S 12W 36DCC 0315427-JAN-1983 to 11-OCT-2021 -98.58203337.470795UnusedUnusedUnknown
372838098470601 Pratt29S 13W 31CAA 014614-MAY-1964 to 05-JAN-2021 -98.78421537.477647Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation80
372845098282001 Pratt29S 11W 36ACC 0115701-MAR-1981 to 11-OCT-2021 -98.47349337.478487UnusedUnusedUnknown
372845098282002 Pratt29S 11W 36ACC 0215701-MAR-1981 to 11-OCT-2021 -98.47347137.478481UnusedUnusedUnknown
372845098282003 Pratt29S 11W 36ACC 0315701-MAR-1981 to 11-OCT-2021 -98.47345237.478493UnusedUnusedUnknown
372851098532201 Pratt29S 14W 31ACA 01605-JAN-2017 to 05-JAN-2021 -98.8895337.48093Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation173
372902098473801 Pratt29S 14W 36AAA 0115601-MAR-1981 to 11-OCT-2021 -98.79344937.483965UnusedUnusedUnknown
372902098473802 Pratt29S 14W 36AAA 0215601-MAR-1981 to 11-OCT-2021 -98.79344737.48398UnusedUnusedUnknown
372902098473803 Pratt29S 14W 36AAA 0315601-MAR-1981 to 11-OCT-2021 -98.79342737.483942UnusedUnusedUnknown
372904098423401 Pratt29S 13W 35ABB 0115227-JAN-1983 to 11-OCT-2021 -98.709937.4844UnusedUnusedUnknown
372904098423402 Pratt29S 13W 35ABB 0215227-JAN-1983 to 11-OCT-2021 -98.709937.4844UnusedUnusedUnknown
372904098423403 Pratt29S 13W 35ABB 0315227-JAN-1983 to 11-OCT-2021 -98.709937.4844UnusedUnusedUnknown
372904098423404 Pratt29S 13W 35ABB 049506-AUG-1984 to 11-OCT-2021 -98.709937.4844UnusedUnusedUnknown
372948098322001 Pratt29S 11W 29AAD 014631-JUL-1973 to 28-DEC-2020 -98.53838637.494894UnusedUnused80
372952098542102 Pratt29S 15W 25AAB 021915-JAN-1985 to 07-JAN-2003 -98.90620637.497796Withdrawal of WaterDomestic60
373000098394501 Pratt29S 12W 20CCD 0110715-SEP-1966 to 28-DEC-2020 -98.6606937.499795Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation215
373003098562301 Pratt29S 15W 22DDD 01802-JAN-2014 to 05-JAN-2021 -98.9395937.50089Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation80
373005098552601 Pratt29S 15W 23DDB 01227-JUN-1973 to 13-DEC-1973 -98.92473937.502248Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation146
373041098372501 Pratt29S 12W 22BAC 015901-JAN-1944 to 12-JAN-2021 -98.62428237.512113Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation109
373107098521801 Pratt29S 14W 17DBD 013810-OCT-1979 to 12-JAN-2016 -98.87095837.517862Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation233
373114098512001 Pratt29S 14W 16DBB 01327-JUN-1973 to 23-JAN-1978 -98.85590437.520725Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation233
373124098594001 Pratt29S 15W 18ADA 014101-DEC-1973 to 05-JAN-2017 -98.9952937.52391Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation174
373131098531901 Pratt29S 14W 18A 01309-JAN-2020 to 05-JAN-2021 -98.88943237.524809Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation173
373140098410701 Pratt29S 13W 13AAA 0112228-AUG-1951 to 23-JUN-1980 -98.68516637.528126ObservationUnused125
373213098311301 Pratt29S 11W 09ADD 014212-JUN-1964 to 06-JAN-2016 -98.5221337.536189Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation97
373223098350201 Pratt29S 12W 12BAD 01503-JAN-2018 to 28-DEC-2020 -98.58377737.539836Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation168
373231098480401 Pratt29S 14W 12BAA 0424008-JUL-1981 to 11-OCT-2021 -98.80337.5428Withdrawal of WaterUnused120
373232098481401 Pratt29S 14W 12BAA 0120501-MAR-1982 to 11-OCT-2021 -98.80306737.543041UnusedUnusedUnknown
373232098481402 Pratt29S 14W 12BAA 0221001-MAR-1982 to 11-OCT-2021 -98.80302237.543032UnusedUnusedUnknown
373233098411501 Pratt29S 13W 12ABB 0118127-JAN-1983 to 12-OCT-2021 -98.6919537.54345Withdrawal of WaterUnused87
373234098413101 Pratt29S 13W 12ABB 0415327-JAN-1983 to 12-OCT-2021 -98.69213537.543578UnusedUnusedUnknown
373234098413102 Pratt29S 13W 12ABB 0215327-JAN-1983 to 12-OCT-2021 -98.69210337.54357UnusedUnusedUnknown
373235098433201 Pratt29S 13W 10AABA01115-SEP-1994 to 15-SEP-1994 -98.72558337.543111UnknownUnknown157
373243098560701 Pratt29S 15W 02CCA 012101-DEC-1973 to 11-JAN-1999 -98.93676437.545765Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation190
373252098275601 Pratt29S 11W 01DAD 0115527-JAN-1983 to 11-OCT-2021 -98.46508737.547917UnusedUnusedUnknown
373252098275602 Pratt29S 11W 01DAD 0215527-JAN-1983 to 11-OCT-2021 -98.46499937.547908UnusedUnusedUnknown
373252098275603 Pratt29S 11W 01DAD 0315527-JAN-1983 to 11-OCT-2021 -98.46502537.547883UnusedUnusedUnknown
373324098332601 Pratt29S 11W 06AAA 0120327-JAN-1983 to 06-JAN-2016 -98.55791737.5578Withdrawal of WaterUnused83
373325098332601 Pratt29S 11W 06AAA 0421027-JAN-1983 to 12-OCT-2021 -98.55798337.557741UnusedUnusedUnknown
373325098332602 Pratt29S 11W 06AAA 0221027-JAN-1983 to 12-OCT-2021 -98.55795237.557744UnusedUnusedUnknown
373328098470601 Pratt29S 13W 06BAA 01308-JUL-1964 to 14-DEC-1973 -98.78632137.556797Withdrawal of WaterDomestic140
373332098374101 Pratt28S 12W 34CCC 01727-SEP-1988 to 10-JAN-1994 -98.62829437.559193UnusedUnused140
373341098301901 Pratt28S 11W 34D 01503-JAN-2018 to 28-DEC-2020 -98.50602137.561593Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation180
373342098524701 Pratt28S 14W 32C 01104-JAN-2018 to 04-JAN-2018 -98.8809537.561314Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation240
373432098423701 Pratt28S 13W 26DCB 014513-MAY-1964 to 28-DEC-2020 -98.71187737.576369Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation190
373450098322701 Pratt28S 11W 29ADC 01101-JUL-1973 to 01-JUL-1973 -98.54168237.580677Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation196
373514098560801 Pratt28S 15W 23CCD 014727-JUN-1973 to 05-FEB-2021 -98.93838537.586404Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation217
373529098330001 Pratt28S 11W 20CAC 017910-OCT-1979 to 28-DEC-2020 -98.55194437.59077Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation170
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