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Usgs ID
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Date Range
Min Date Max Date
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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393922099253001 Phillips04S 19W 35DDD 0111426-FEB-1982 to 08-OCT-2021 -99.42378939.654539UnusedUnused41
393937099045801 Phillips04S 16W 36CB 019201-JUN-1956 to 08-JUN-1977 -99.08268639.660396ObservationUnused41.9
393947099040301 Phillips04S 16W 36ADD 0110201-JUL-1951 to 08-JUN-1977 -99.06750339.663158ObservationUnused38
393955099215401 Phillips04S 18W 33BCA 014201-SEP-2001 to 24-OCT-2018 -99.36548939.665281ObservationUnused30.5
394003099053101 Phillips04S 16W 35AB 018401-JUN-1956 to 19-OCT-1970 -99.09197939.667629ObservationUnused53.4
394007099253901 Phillips04S 19W 35AAB 016101-FEB-1946 to 20-OCT-1960 -99.42524539.66781Withdrawal of WaterDomestic35
394008099215501 Phillips04S 18W 28CCC 018601-SEP-2001 to 08-OCT-2021 -99.36552739.668901ObservationUnused56
394013099194801 Phillips04S 18W 27DDD 012001-JAN-1976 to 10-OCT-2017 -99.32810539.66901UnusedUnused47
394013099194803 Phillips04S 18W 27DDD 035603-JAN-2003 to 21-DEC-2020 -99.32877139.668821ObservationUnusedUnknown
394016099051401 Phillips04S 16W 26DD 0116715-MAY-1962 to 20-MAR-2007 -99.08493739.670711ObservationUnused49.4
394017099062401 Phillips04S 16W 27DDC 012311-MAR-2009 to 08-OCT-2021 -99.10655639.671444Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation60
394017099215401 Phillips04S 18W 28CCB 017801-SEP-2001 to 24-OCT-2018 -99.36548939.671419ObservationUnused31
394019099171401 Phillips04S 17W 30CCA 013701-MAY-2004 to 06-MAR-2014 -99.29062639.66894Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
394031099063901 Phillips04S 16W 27DB 013512-MAR-1997 to 11-MAR-2009 -99.11118339.675262ObservationUnusedUnknown
394048099075201 Phillips04S 16W 28BAD 015201-APR-2001 to 08-OCT-2021 -99.13157739.68006ObservationUnusedUnknown
394058099215401 Phillips04S 18W 28BBB 018001-SEP-2001 to 24-OCT-2018 -99.36535939.682848ObservationUnused55
394105099192201 Phillips04S 18W 23CDC 015512-APR-1977 to 07-JUN-1993 -99.32213739.684275Withdrawal of WaterStockUnknown
395103099345401 Phillips02S 20W 28BDD 011801-JAN-2004 to 21-DEC-2020 -99.58305639.850238Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation87
395359099283601 Phillips02S 19W 09BBB 011801-JAN-2004 to 21-DEC-2020 -99.47606139.900549Withdrawal of WaterStock180
395432099353601 Phillips02S 20W 05ADC 016701-JAN-1956 to 30-OCT-1978 -99.59364839.90873Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation89
395432099373301 Phillips02S 20W 06BCC 0111329-MAY-1956 to 15-DEC-1978 -99.62573839.908608ObservationUnused63
395445099240501 Phillips02S 18W 06BBC 011801-JAN-2004 to 21-DEC-2020 -99.40222739.91315Withdrawal of WaterStock123
395445099351101 Phillips02S 20W 04BBD 016911-JAN-1956 to 30-OCT-1978 -99.58656839.912332Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation47
395451099360101 Phillips02S 20W 05BAA 019001-MAR-1963 to 15-DEC-1978 -99.60054539.914086ObservationUnused79
395451099361801 Phillips02S 20W 05BBA 017601-JAN-1956 to 30-OCT-1978 -99.60522939.914086Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation82
395457099200201 Phillips01S 18W 34DCD 011801-JAN-2004 to 21-DEC-2020 -99.33330439.91548Withdrawal of WaterStock120
395458099364301 Phillips01S 20W 31DDC 015001-JAN-1956 to 24-OCT-1968 -99.61206639.915856Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation80
395501099342401 Phillips01S 20W 33DD 017101-JAN-1956 to 14-JUN-1978 -99.57361239.916864Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation80
395504099373301 Phillips01S 20W 31CCB 0117601-MAY-1956 to 08-OCT-2021 -99.62661639.918847ObservationUnused56.5
395511099341201 Phillips01S 20W 34CBC 0112201-MAY-1956 to 15-DEC-1978 -99.57001139.91958ObservationUnused80.1
395511099344501 Phillips01S 20W 33DBC 014801-JAN-1956 to 30-OCT-1978 -99.57934939.91958Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation82.5
395511099351901 Phillips01S 20W 33CBC 017207-FEB-1956 to 30-OCT-1978 -99.58876539.91958Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation45
395511099362601 Phillips01S 20W 32CBC 0114201-MAY-1956 to 04-OCT-2006 -99.6062939.920449UnknownUnknown44.5
395514099354801 Phillips01S 20W 32DB 015101-JAN-1956 to 24-OCT-1968 -99.59694439.920464Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation87.5
395517099373301 Phillips01S 20W 31CBB 0111229-MAY-1956 to 15-DEC-1978 -99.62549439.921288Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation73
395518099104001 Phillips01S 16W 31CBB 011401-JAN-2004 to 19-DEC-2016 -99.17872839.922081Withdrawal of WaterStock110
395518099104002 Phillips01S 16W 31CBB 02429-DEC-2017 to 21-DEC-2020 -99.1787439.922031Withdrawal of WaterStockUnknown
395530099355101 Phillips01S 20W 32ACB 014901-JAN-2004 to 08-OCT-2021 -99.59846639.925658Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation77
395537099362601 Phillips01S 20W 32BBC 0112301-MAY-1956 to 15-DEC-1978 -99.60732139.926827ObservationUnused49.7
395537099373301 Phillips01S 20W 31BBC 0112201-MAY-1956 to 15-DEC-1978 -99.62543339.926705ObservationUnused75.2
395540099345801 Phillips01S 20W 33BA 0111911-DEC-1956 to 15-DEC-1978 -99.58270639.927774ObservationUnused41.2
395542099162501 Phillips01S 17W 31AAA 011801-JAN-2004 to 21-DEC-2020 -99.27286239.929161Withdrawal of WaterStockUnknown
395544099331301 Phillips01S 20W 34AAA 017201-JAN-1956 to 28-OCT-1975 -99.55336339.928598Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation82
395544099342001 Phillips01S 20W 33AAA 0110501-MAY-1956 to 15-DEC-1975 -99.57220839.928613ObservationUnused41.2
395544099351901 Phillips01S 20W 33BBB 017507-FEB-1956 to 30-OCT-1978 -99.58852139.928705Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation41.2
395550099332101 Phillips01S 20W 27DDC 016911-JAN-1956 to 30-OCT-1978 -99.55562139.930429Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation75.5
395610099332101 Phillips01S 20W 27DAB 017601-JAN-1956 to 30-OCT-1978 -99.5555639.935846Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation80
395610099333801 Phillips01S 20W 27DBB 018201-MAY-1956 to 09-JUL-1970 -99.56024439.935846ObservationUnused75.5
395630099330501 Phillips01S 20W 26BBC 015911-JAN-1956 to 30-OCT-1978 -99.55072339.941324Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation80
395633099313601 Phillips01S 20W 25BA 016801-JAN-1956 to 30-OCT-1978 -99.52691839.94227Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation86
View Records: | 1-50 | 51-79 |

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