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Usgs ID
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Date Range
Min Date Max Date
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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375958099032001 Pawnee23S 16W 35CCD 013103-MAY-1972 to 19-JUN-1979 -99.05543438.001068ObservationUnused50
375958099032002 Pawnee23S 16W 35CCD 0219726-JAN-1981 to 20-OCT-2021 -99.0563838.000182ObservationUnused87
380005099121101 Pawnee23S 17W 33CCCA011401-JAN-1963 to 25-JAN-1988 -99.2031638.002792UnusedUnusedUnknown
380005099121102 Pawnee23S 17W 33CCA 0211517-JAN-1989 to 26-OCT-2021 -99.20073638.003448Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
380013099143901 Pawnee23S 18W 36DAC 019501-APR-1961 to 26-OCT-2021 -99.24500538.003715Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation73
380037099021401 Pawnee23S 16W 36BBD 01218-DEC-1973 to 15-JAN-1974 -99.03698538.011978Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation85
380101098563901 Pawnee23S 15W 26C 015201-JAN-1994 to 21-OCT-2021 -98.9450738.01864Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
380104098561901 Pawnee23S 15W 26DBC 01301-FEB-1945 to 18-DEC-1973 -98.93940138.019485Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation70
380105099174801 Pawnee23S 18W 28DAD 0122201-NOV-1973 to 26-OCT-2021 -99.29580738.019566ObservationUnused50
380118099080901 Pawnee23S 17W 25ADC 011301-JUN-1973 to 17-JAN-1989 -99.13551538.022583Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation65
380131099080901 Pawnee23S 17W 25AAC 018407-SEP-1990 to 26-OCT-2021 -99.1370238.025102Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation68
380143098583001 Pawnee23S 15W 21DCC 015829-SEP-1988 to 21-OCT-2021 -98.9758838.03027Withdrawal of WaterUnused115
380229099142301 Pawnee23S 17W 19BBB 01205-JUN-1973 to 18-DEC-1973 -99.23952338.042618Withdrawal of WaterStock35
380240099142901 Pawnee23S 18W 13DDD 011403-JAN-2005 to 10-JAN-2018 -99.24096738.04395Withdrawal of WaterStock36
380242099002501 Pawnee23S 15W 18DDB 011101-DEC-1973 to 25-JAN-1988 -99.00750338.046524Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation86
380246099112401 Pawnee23S 17W 16DDB 016501-JAN-1998 to 26-OCT-2021 -99.19158538.047015Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation108
380321099052401 Pawnee23S 16W 16BAB 011325-MAY-1973 to 25-JAN-1988 -99.08985938.057144Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation42
380326098562001 Pawnee23S 15W 14ABB 0134807-OCT-1987 to 04-OCT-2021 -98.93903738.058145UnknownUnknownUnknown
380326098562002 Pawnee23S 15W 14ABB 0226107-OCT-1987 to 04-OCT-2021 -98.93906738.05813UnknownUnknownUnknown
380328099031201 Pawnee23S 16W 11CDC 014701-OCT-1970 to 08-JAN-2009 -99.05382938.058465Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation80
380328099031202 Pawnee23S 16W 11CDC 023428-APR-2009 to 20-OCT-2021 -99.05377938.058415Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation68
380335099105601 Pawnee23S 17W 10CDB 011825-MAR-1968 to 25-JAN-1993 -99.18127838.060684Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation59
380338098550101 Pawnee23S 15W 12DDB 016713-JAN-1986 to 21-OCT-2021 -98.91757338.061832Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
380348099135501 Pawnee23S 17W 07DBB 011519-JUN-1987 to 06-JAN-2004 -99.23256738.065245Withdrawal of WaterStockUnknown
380354099135501 Pawnee23S 17W 07ACC 01114-JAN-1985 to 14-JAN-1985 -99.23085638.066177Withdrawal of WaterDomesticUnknown
380412099085601 Pawnee23S 17W 12BBC 026501-JAN-1998 to 26-OCT-2021 -99.15028338.070415Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation122
380414098550501 Pawnee23S 15W 12ABA 01301-JUL-1963 to 18-DEC-1973 -98.91870838.071945Withdrawal of WaterIndustrial70
380414099091601 Pawnee23S 17W 11AAB 01109-AUG-1977 to 09-AUG-1977 -99.15374938.071716ObservationDomestic60
380500099010901 Pawnee23S 15W 06BBD 01326-JUL-1972 to 18-DEC-1973 -99.01874938.08461Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation88
380513098580601 Pawnee22S 15W 33DDD 018815-JAN-1985 to 20-OCT-2021 -98.9707938.087533Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
380513099062201 Pawnee22S 16W 32CDD 014015-JAN-1985 to 05-JAN-2006 -99.10677338.089282Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
380513099062202 Pawnee22S 16W 32CDD 024205-APR-2006 to 07-JAN-2021 -99.1067538.089525Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation81
380519099075301 Pawnee22S 16W 31CCB 01205-JUN-1973 to 14-JAN-1974 -99.13079938.089859ObservationUnused73
380523099084701 Pawnee22S 17W 36C 016001-SEP-1999 to 26-OCT-2021 -99.14578338.091015Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation72
380546098553801 Pawnee22S 15W 36BCA 01225-MAY-1973 to 18-DEC-1973 -98.92760438.097411Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation80
380556099083901 Pawnee22S 17W 36BAC 016201-SEP-1999 to 26-OCT-2021 -99.14568338.098114Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation73
380645099053301 Pawnee22S 16W 28BCD 0111601-MAR-1970 to 20-OCT-2021 -99.0927838.109114Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation164
380648099105801 Pawnee22S 17W 27BBD 016001-SEP-2001 to 20-OCT-2021 -99.18250138.114647UnusedUnusedUnknown
380652099105701 Pawnee22S 17W 27BAB 011601-NOV-1988 to 18-JAN-2002 -99.18038438.116144UnusedUnused120
380659098595301 Pawnee22S 15W 20CDC 011430-JUL-1969 to 25-JAN-1988 -98.99854538.117461Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation101
380712099090001 Pawnee22S 17W 24CBC 0113519-JUN-1971 to 20-OCT-2021 -99.14944338.119913Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation64
380744099023201 Pawnee22S 16W 23AAA 0119722-JUN-1970 to 20-OCT-2021 -99.04222738.130774UnusedUnused80
380758098550501 Pawnee22S 15W 13DCA 018027-OCT-1969 to 15-APR-2015 -98.91733638.134631Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation95
380758098550502 Pawnee22S 15W 13DCA 021815-APR-2015 to 14-OCT-2021 -98.91721438.134637Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation199
380811099054301 Pawnee22S 16W 16CBBC01120-SEP-1993 to 20-SEP-1993 -99.09522238.136444UnknownUnknown65
380815098575801 Pawnee22S 15W 15CBB 015601-SEP-1997 to 10-JAN-2018 -98.96747538.136014Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation85
380815098575802 Pawnee22S 15W 15CBC 01720-APR-2018 to 20-OCT-2021 -98.96748138.136069Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation90
380820099033401 Pawnee22S 16W 15ADD 0122326-OCT-1990 to 04-OCT-2021 -99.05940838.139082UnknownUnknownUnknown
380826099134501 Pawnee22S 17W 18AAD 0319021-JAN-1964 to 09-JAN-1998 -99.2235938.143278Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation122
380830099133401 Pawnee22S 17W 18AAD 016208-JAN-1999 to 19-OCT-2021 -99.22337538.143346Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation124
View Records: | 1-50 | 51-100 | 101-150 | 151-174 |

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