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WIZARD Water Well Listing

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Usgs ID
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Date Range
Min Date Max Date
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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393400095572702 Nemaha05S 13E 33DDC 022301-JUL-1963 to 28-OCT-1971 -95.96133139.56692ObservationUnused21
393538095581401 Nemaha05S 13E 28BBB 012401-JUL-1963 to 28-OCT-1971 -95.97543139.594189ObservationUnused22.6
393729095574201 Nemaha05S 13E 09DCC 012301-JUL-1963 to 28-OCT-1971 -95.96632139.625042ObservationUnused29.4
393803096100101 Nemaha05S 11E 10ADB 015521-MAY-1980 to 17-SEP-1999 -96.16725739.634091ObservationUnused284
394046096062001 Nemaha04S 12E 29BBC 01801-OCT-1968 to 29-APR-1971 -96.1068339.679517Withdrawal of WaterStock112
394058095560601 Nemaha04S 13E 23CCC 01901-OCT-1968 to 28-OCT-1971 -95.93800139.682965Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply40.4
394239095565501 Nemaha04S 13E 15ABBB01508-AUG-2018 to 29-NOV-2021 -96.18805639.878333ObservationUnused69
394752095544501 Nemaha03S 13E 13BAAA01408-AUG-2018 to 29-NOV-2021 -95.91258339.79785ObservationUnused23
394754096023301 Nemaha03S 12E 11CDDD01508-AUG-2018 to 29-NOV-2021 -96.042639.79835ObservationUnused34
395203095560201 Nemaha02S 13E 23BBC 01901-OCT-1968 to 28-OCT-1971 -95.9384939.867629Withdrawal of WaterPublic Supply31.5
395302096084301 Nemaha02S 11E 14AAA 01901-OCT-1968 to 28-OCT-1971 -96.14626439.884582Withdrawal of WaterStock19.3
395545096012801 Nemaha01S 12E 25CDC 01801-OCT-1968 to 28-OCT-1971 -96.02725639.929183Withdrawal of WaterStock19.9
395631096030201 Nemaha01S 12E 27AAA 01901-OCT-1968 to 28-OCT-1971 -96.0533839.942092Withdrawal of WaterStock24.5
395722095595601 Nemaha01S 13E 19ABB 01901-OCT-1968 to 28-OCT-1971 -96.00422939.956283ObservationUnused147
395915096012701 Nemaha01S 12E 01CDDD01402-JUL-2019 to 29-NOV-2021 -96.02413339.987483ObservationUnused18.5
View Records: | 1-15 |

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