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Usgs ID
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Date Range
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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381102097291201 McPherson21S 02W 36ABD 017931-JAN-1980 to 14-JAN-2022 -97.48603438.184622Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
381109097395001 McPherson21S 03W 33BBC 015601-MAR-1970 to 28-DEC-2020 -97.66537238.186493Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation177
381114097395101 McPherson21S 03W 33BBB 028827-MAY-1993 to 14-JAN-2022 -97.66534838.186473UnknownUnknownUnknown
381115097272101 McPherson21S 01W 32BAB 011301-MAR-1970 to 31-JAN-1980 -97.45783638.187388Withdrawal of WaterStock19
381122097435901 McPherson21S 04W 26CDC 028301-MAY-1970 to 24-APR-1998 -97.73236238.188408DestroyedIrrigation133
381122097435903 McPherson21S 04W 26CDC 036524-JUL-1998 to 14-JAN-2022 -97.73210338.188432Withdrawal of WaterIrrigationUnknown
381141097330401 McPherson21S 02W 28CBA 014301-MAR-1970 to 06-JAN-2000 -97.55130638.194089Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation101
381210097395701 McPherson21S 03W 21CCC 018403-NOV-2004 to 05-JAN-2022 -97.66584338.202899ObservationUnused192
381247097350801 McPherson21S 02W 19BDB 015501-MAY-1970 to 14-JAN-2022 -97.58532638.212835Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation130
381256097295001 McPherson21S 02W 24BB 012221-JAN-2000 to 21-JAN-2021 -97.49671638.215788TestUnused65
381300097384401 McPherson21S 03W 22BBB 013905-MAR-1970 to 05-JAN-2006 -97.64507238.216626Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation130
381302097394901 McPherson21S 03W 16CCD 018403-NOV-2004 to 05-JAN-2022 -97.66364838.217336ObservationUnused161
381306097422101 McPherson21S 04W 13DDC 015601-DEC-1956 to 14-JAN-2022 -97.70649438.219275Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation205
381346097295401 McPherson21S 02W 13BBC 011301-MAR-1970 to 31-JAN-1980 -97.49938638.229303Withdrawal of WaterDomestic33
381354097395101 McPherson21S 03W 16BBB 028211-DEC-2004 to 05-JAN-2022 -97.66404938.231704ObservationUnused154
381359097264801 McPherson21S 01W 08DDC 011301-MAR-1970 to 31-JAN-1980 -97.44829838.232829Withdrawal of WaterStock40
381405097400801 McPherson21S 03W 08D 015501-MAR-1970 to 14-JAN-2022 -97.67060338.235542Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation200
381435097365301 McPherson21S 03W 11AAC 011509-JAN-2007 to 28-DEC-2020 -97.61388638.243136Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation132
381444097295401 McPherson21S 02W 12BBB 012124-FEB-1981 to 13-JAN-2003 -97.49920338.245676Withdrawal of WaterDomesticUnknown
381447097395801 McPherson21S 03W 08AAA 018414-DEC-2004 to 05-JAN-2022 -97.6660838.246297ObservationUnused155
381451097370501 McPherson21S 03W 02DCC 011201-DEC-1970 to 31-JAN-1980 -97.61877538.247644Withdrawal of WaterDomestic136
381504097415701 McPherson21S 03W 06CBD 015305-MAY-1970 to 28-DEC-2020 -97.69942338.251392Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation140
381530097443401 McPherson21S 04W 03AAC 015701-APR-1970 to 14-JAN-2022 -97.74451938.258543Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation190
381537097373101 McPherson21S 03W 02BA 014601-SEP-1964 to 14-JAN-2022 -97.62400438.257311UnknownUnknown105
381539097395901 McPherson20S 03W 33CCC 018503-NOV-2004 to 05-JAN-2022 -97.66657338.260756ObservationUnused165
381543097231001 McPherson20S 01W 36CCD 011201-APR-1971 to 31-JAN-1980 -97.38660538.261698Withdrawal of WaterDomestic50
381554097320101 McPherson20S 02W 34CBD 01511-JAN-2017 to 28-DEC-2020 -97.53368738.264879Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation58
381609097400301 McPherson20S 03W 32ADD 015701-MAR-1970 to 22-JAN-2021 -97.668838.271456Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation100
381610097324501 McPherson20S 02W 33ACC 011901-MAR-1970 to 20-JAN-1988 -97.54536238.268823Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation69
381620097324201 McPherson20S 02W 33ABC 011019-FEB-1982 to 06-JAN-1993 -97.545438.272419UnknownUnknownUnknown
381620097444101 McPherson20S 04W 34A 01105-DEC-1980 to 05-DEC-1980 -97.74530438.271509Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation91
381631097395901 McPherson20S 03W 28CCC 018403-NOV-2004 to 05-JAN-2022 -97.66657638.275285ObservationUnused164
381635097264701 McPherson20S 01W 29DDD 011324-FEB-1981 to 06-MAY-1993 -97.44626138.276184Withdrawal of WaterDomesticUnknown
381635097272101 McPherson20S 01W 29CDD 011301-MAR-1970 to 31-JAN-1980 -97.45543938.276178Withdrawal of WaterDomestic24
381649097443601 McPherson20S 04W 27DAC 014529-APR-1970 to 16-JAN-2005 -97.74452438.278792Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation129
381649097443602 McPherson20S 04W 27DBD 011605-JAN-2006 to 28-DEC-2020 -97.74648438.28057Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation126
381713097415901 McPherson20S 03W 30BBD 011104-JAN-2011 to 28-DEC-2020 -97.69992238.286908Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation210
381721097415901 McPherson20S 03W 30BBA 014904-MAY-1970 to 29-DEC-2009 -97.69924238.287523Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation99
381724097323401 McPherson20S 02W 21DCDD01106-JUN-1995 to 06-JUN-1995 -97.54247238.290083UnknownUnknown78
381724097400001 McPherson20S 03W 21CCC 018403-NOV-2004 to 05-JAN-2022 -97.66675738.28987ObservationUnused163
381734097433801 McPherson20S 04W 23DCA 01113-AUG-1984 to 13-AUG-1984 -97.72796938.292291Withdrawal of WaterDomestic108
381747097375101 McPherson20S 03W 22DAA 015905-MAY-1970 to 28-DEC-2020 -97.63238538.296137Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation76
381807097253201 McPherson20S 01W 22BBC 011215-MAY-1970 to 29-JAN-1980 -97.42565238.301477Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation65
381813097253201 McPherson20S 01W 22BBB 015401-MAY-1970 to 28-DEC-2020 -97.42654638.303909Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation66
381813097295901 McPherson20S 02W 24BBB 011201-MAR-1971 to 31-JAN-1980 -97.49964538.303247Withdrawal of WaterDomestic28
381818097415801 McPherson21S 03W 18CCD 0116415-MAY-1985 to 16-NOV-2018 -97.6977338.21863UnusedUnknown90
381836097265201 McPherson20S 01W 17DA 014120-JAN-1981 to 21-JAN-2021 -97.45258338.308027TestUnused75
381840097400301 McPherson20S 03W 17DAA 014513-DEC-2007 to 13-DEC-2021 -97.66751938.311031UnusedUnknown180
381846097395502 McPherson20S 03W 16BCC 021201-JAN-1971 to 31-JAN-1980 -97.66607738.312463Withdrawal of WaterDomestic90
381847097450101 McPherson20S 04W 15BDD 015713-SEP-1970 to 28-DEC-2020 -97.75157438.313326Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation91
View Records: | 1-50 | 51-100 | 101-150 | 151-152 |

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