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Usgs ID
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Date Range
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Use of Site
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Use of Water
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Depth of Well
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385821095110101 Leavenworth12S 20E 27CCA 01201-OCT-1957 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.18285138.974109Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation59
385841095021801 Leavenworth12S 21E 26ADD 01501-AUG-1968 to 31-JUL-1970 -95.03917238.97942TestUnused54
385900094575301 Leavenworth12S 22E 28AAA 01701-JUN-1967 to 29-JUL-1969 -94.96586738.984654UnusedUnused62
385900095021801 Leavenworth12S 21E 26AAA 011101-JUN-1967 to 31-JUL-1970 -95.03911138.98473UnusedUnused48
385900095032301 Leavenworth12S 21E 27AAA 01601-JUL-1968 to 31-JUL-1970 -95.05760538.984622TestUnused59
385906094545901 Leavenworth12S 22E 24DCC 01301-SEP-1957 to 14-MAR-1967 -94.91697638.986271Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation58
385908094574001 Leavenworth12S 22E 27BBA 011625-JUL-2018 to 04-MAR-2021 -94.96111838.985578ObservationUnused65
385919094581001 Leavenworth12S 22E 21DBD 01301-AUG-1942 to 14-MAR-1967 -94.97052138.990086Withdrawal of WaterIndustrial58
385926094572001 Leavenworth12S 22E 22CAA 0111501-JUN-1967 to 08-MAR-2004 -94.95654438.991902UnusedUnused48
385926094575301 Leavenworth12S 22E 21DAA 01301-AUG-1942 to 14-MAR-1967 -94.96580638.991902Withdrawal of WaterIndustrial55
385926094580101 Leavenworth12S 22E 21DAB 01301-AUG-1942 to 14-MAR-1967 -94.96814138.991902Withdrawal of WaterIndustrial57
385932094584301 Leavenworth12S 22E 21BCD 0111101-JUN-1967 to 08-MAR-1993 -94.97978338.993748TestUnused48
385933095105301 Leavenworth12S 20E 22BDC 01301-SEP-1957 to 14-MAR-1967 -95.18089838.994097Withdrawal of WaterIrrigation51
385939094582601 Leavenworth12S 22E 21BDA 01301-AUG-1942 to 14-MAR-1967 -94.97509938.995564Withdrawal of WaterIndustrial48
385939094584301 Leavenworth12S 22E 21BCA 01301-AUG-1942 to 14-MAR-1967 -94.97978338.995579Withdrawal of WaterIndustrial55
385946095020101 Leavenworth12S 21E 24BBD 01501-AUG-1968 to 31-JUL-1970 -95.03430538.997577TestUnused47
392202095003101 Leavenworth08S 22E 07CB 013101-MAY-1948 to 04-FEB-1964 -95.00884939.36621ObservationUnused13.6
392210094544401 Leavenworth08S 22E 12BDC 01127-JUN-2000 to 27-JUN-2000 -94.91246339.369443UnknownUnknown105
392232094532701 Leavenworth08S 23E 06CDD 01116-JUL-2000 to 16-JUL-2000 -94.89118839.375554UnknownUnknown77
392232094532702 Leavenworth08S 23E 06CDD 02116-JUL-2000 to 16-JUL-2000 -94.89116939.375554UnknownUnknown40
392246094540001 Leavenworth08S 22E 01DAD 01123-JUN-2000 to 23-JUN-2000 -94.90029139.379468UnknownUnknown97
392246094540002 Leavenworth08S 22E 01DAD 02123-JUN-2000 to 23-JUN-2000 -94.90029939.379452UnknownUnknown38
392249094551001 Leavenworth08S 22E 02DAD 01111-JUL-2000 to 11-JUL-2000 -94.91968639.380276UnknownUnknown87
392249094551002 Leavenworth08S 22E 02DAD 02111-JUL-2000 to 11-JUL-2000 -94.91968639.380276UnknownUnknown35
392319094534001 Leavenworth08S 23E 06BAC 01126-JUL-2000 to 26-JUL-2000 -94.89471339.388654UnknownUnknown96.5
392319094534002 Leavenworth08S 23E 06BAC 02126-JUL-2000 to 26-JUL-2000 -94.89473339.38864UnknownUnknown35
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