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KGS OFR 2005-30: Water Information Management and Analysis System (WIMAS), Version 5, for the Web. User Manual.

Brownie Wilson, Jeremy Bartley, Kelly Emmons, Jim Bagley, Jim Wason, Steve Stankiwicz
The Water Information Management and Analysis System (WIMAS) is a user interface allowing access, analysis, and mapping of Kansas Waters Right data maintained by the Kansas Department of Agriculture, Division of Water Resources. This Open-file report is the user manual to this latest iteration of the WIMAS program. WIMAS version 5 for the web was funded by the State Water Plan Fund of the Kansas Water Office and the Kansas GIS Policy Board.

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The Kansas Geological Survey made a conscientious effort to ensure the accuracy of this report. However, the Kansas Geological Survey does not guarantee this document to be completely free from errors or inaccuracies and disclaims any responsibility or liability for interpretations based on data used in the production of this document or decisions based thereon. This report is intended to make results of research available at the earliest possible date, but is not intended to constitute final or formal publication.